Friday, March 29, 2013

1011.5872 (Luis B. Castro et al.)

Fermion localization on branes with generalized dynamics    [PDF]

Luis B. Castro, Luis E. Arroyo Meza

1303.6945 (G. Abbas)

Phantom energy accretion onto a black hole in Horava Lifshitz gravity    [PDF]

G. Abbas

1303.6772 (Sylvain Carrozza et al.)

Renormalization of an SU(2) Tensorial Group Field Theory in Three

Sylvain Carrozza, Daniele Oriti, Vincent Rivasseau

1303.6969 (J. Winicour)

The affine-null metric formulation of Einstein's equations    [PDF]

J. Winicour

1303.7016 (Deepali Lodhia et al.)

Phase effects due to beam misalignment on diffraction gratings    [PDF]

Deepali Lodhia, Daniel Brown, Frank Brueckner, Ludovico Carbone, Paul Fulda, Keiko Kokeyama, Andreas Freise

1303.7038 (Jorge Mastache et al.)

Extra relativistic degrees of freedom without extra particles using
Planck data

Jorge Mastache, Axel de la Macorra

1303.7062 (Boris E. Meierovich)

Galaxy rotation curves. The theory    [PDF]

Boris E. Meierovich

1303.7098 (Oscar Lorente-Espín)

Emission of fermions in little string theory    [PDF]

Oscar Lorente-Espín

1303.7139 (Sean Gryb et al.)

Symmetry and Evolution in Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Sean Gryb, Karim Thebault

1303.7162 (Stephen Boughn)

Fritz Hasenohrl and E = mc^2    [PDF]

Stephen Boughn

1303.7219 (F. R. Klinkhamer et al.)

Antigravity from a spacetime defect    [PDF]

F. R. Klinkhamer, C. Rahmede

Thursday, March 28, 2013

1106.4339 (Jeffrey L. Jauregui)

Fill-ins of nonnegative scalar curvature, static metrics, and
quasi-local mass

Jeffrey L. Jauregui

1303.6628 (Noemi Frusciante et al.)

Gradient expansion of superhorizon perturbations in Galileon inflation    [PDF]

Noemi Frusciante, Shuang-Yong Zhou, Thomas P. Sotiriou

1303.6630 (Mark Wyman et al.)

Simulations of Galileon modified gravity: Clustering statistics in real
and redshift space

Mark Wyman, Elise Jennings, Marcos Lima

1303.6685 (A. Sagnotti)

Brane SUSY Breaking and Inflation: Implications for Scalar Fields and
CMB Distorsion

A. Sagnotti

1303.6692 (Petr Tsatsin et al.)

Initial data for neutron star binaries with arbitrary spins    [PDF]

Petr Tsatsin, Pedro Marronetti

1303.6709 (Yuta Michimura et al.)

New Limit on Lorentz Violation Using a Double-Pass Optical Ring Cavity    [PDF]

Yuta Michimura, Nobuyuki Matsumoto, Noriaki Ohmae, Wataru Kokuyama, Yoichi Aso, Masaki Ando, Kimio Tsubono

1303.6718 (Wen Zhao et al.)

Constraints of relic gravitational waves by Pulsar Timing Array:
Forecasts for the FAST and SKA projects

Wen Zhao, Yang Zhang, Xiao-Peng You, Zong-Hong Zhu

1303.6756 (Michael R. R. Good et al.)

Time Dependence of Particle Creation from Accelerating Mirrors    [PDF]

Michael R. R. Good, Paul R. Anderson, Charles R. Evans

1303.6824 (Anshuman Dey et al.)

Scalar Radiation in the Background of a Naked Singularity    [PDF]

Anshuman Dey, Pratim Roy, Tapobrata Sarkar

1303.6828 (Jiro Matsumoto)

Cosmological perturbations in $F(R)$ gravity    [PDF]

Jiro Matsumoto

1303.6829 (Steven Hergt et al.)

Observables for the motion of a test-mass in a post-Newtonian
approximated Kerr spacetime field to leading order quadratic in spin for an
inclinated orbital plane

Steven Hergt, Abhay Shah, Gerhard Schäfer

1303.6863 (Saskia Grunau et al.)

Geodesic motion in the (rotating) black string spacetime    [PDF]

Saskia Grunau, Bhavesh Khamesra

1303.6878 (C. Wetterich)

A Universe without expansion    [PDF]

C. Wetterich

1303.6940 (S. F. Hassan et al.)

Higher Derivative Gravity and Conformal Gravity From Bimetric and
Partially Massless Bimetric Theory

S. F. Hassan, Angnis Schmidt-May, Mikael von Strauss

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1302.3544 (Rudnei O. Ramos et al.)

Power spectrum for inflation models with quantum and thermal noises    [PDF]

Rudnei O. Ramos, L. A. da Silva

1303.6479 (A. Nicolaidis)

The Neutrinos of the Neighboring Brane    [PDF]

A. Nicolaidis

1303.6292 (Arata Yamamoto et al.)

Lattice QCD in rotating frames    [PDF]

Arata Yamamoto, Yuji Hirono

1303.6298 (Benjamin D. Lackey et al.)

Extracting equation of state parameters from black hole-neutron star
mergers: aligned-spin black holes and a preliminary waveform model

Benjamin D. Lackey, Koutarou Kyutoku, Masaru Shibata, Patrick R. Brady, John L. Friedman

1303.6334 (Richard A. Davison et al.)

Hydrodynamics of cold holographic matter    [PDF]

Richard A. Davison, Andrei Parnachev

1303.6343 (Orchidea Maria Lecian)

Reflections on the hyperbolic plane    [PDF]

Orchidea Maria Lecian

1303.6402 (Hyeong-Chan Kim)

A new variable in scalar cosmology with exponential potential    [PDF]

Hyeong-Chan Kim

1303.6407 (Fabrizio De Marchi et al.)

A quasi-complete mechanical model for a double torsion pendulum    [PDF]

Fabrizio De Marchi, Giuseppe Pucacco, Massimo Bassan, Rosario De Rosa, Luciano Di Fiore, Fabio Garufi, Aniello Grado, Lorenzo Marconi, Ruggero Stanga, Francesco Stolzi, Massimo Visco

1303.6463 (Gilberto M. Kremer)

Diffusion of relativistic gas mixtures in gravitational fields    [PDF]

Gilberto M. Kremer

1303.6464 (Luciano Rezzolla)

Three little pieces for computer and relativity    [PDF]

Luciano Rezzolla

1303.6468 (Giandomenico Palumbo et al.)

Topological effective field theories for Dirac fermions from index

Giandomenico Palumbo, Roberto Catenacci, Annalisa Marzuoli

1303.6474 (J. Gariel et al.)

Unbound geodesics from the ergosphere and the M87 jet profile    [PDF]

J. Gariel, G. Marcilhacy, N. O. Santos

1303.6620 (C. Garcia-Recio et al.)

The perturbative scalar massless propagator in Schwarzschild spacetime    [PDF]

C. Garcia-Recio, L. L. Salcedo

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1010.1516 (Michel Vaugon et al.)

A mathematicians' view of geometrical unification of gravitation and
electromagnetism in five dimensional space-time

Michel Vaugon, Benoit Vaugon, Stephane Collion, Marie Dellinger, Zoé Faget

1110.6794 (Gustav Holzegel et al.)

Decay properties of Klein-Gordon fields on Kerr-AdS spacetimes    [PDF]

Gustav Holzegel, Jacques Smulevici

1303.5506 (Kiyoshi Kamimura et al.)

Contractions of AdS brane algebra and superGalileon Lagrangians    [PDF]

Kiyoshi Kamimura, Seiji Onda

1303.5779 (Sergio del Campo et al.)

Thawing models in the presence of a Generalized Chaplygin Gas    [PDF]

Sergio del Campo, Carlos R. Fadragas, Ramon Herrera, Carlos Leiva, Genly Leon, Joel Saavedra

1303.5781 (Hai-Shan Liu et al.)

Not Conformally-Einstein Metrics in Conformal Gravity    [PDF]

Hai-Shan Liu, H. Lu, C. N. Pope, J. Vazquez-Poritz

1303.5813 (Fei-Quan Tu et al.)

Emergence of spaces and the dynamic equations of FRW universes in the
$f(R)$ theory and deformed Hořava-Lifshitz theory

Fei-Quan Tu, Yi-Xin Chen

1303.5828 (Sante Carloni et al.)

The dynamics of Bianchi I universes in $R^n$ cosmologies with torsion    [PDF]

Sante Carloni, Stefano Vignolo, Luca Fabbri

1303.5843 (Enrico Borriello et al.)

A stringent constraint on neutrino Lorentz invariance violation from the
two IceCube PeV neutrinos

Enrico Borriello, Sovan Chakraborty, Alessandro Mirizzi, Pasquale Dario Serpico

1303.5868 (Umananda Dev Goswami et al.)

Cosmological dynamics of $f(R)$ gravity scalar degree of freedom in
Einstein frame

Umananda Dev Goswami, Kabita Deka

1303.5893 (Taeyoon Moon et al.)

Stability of massive graviton around BTZ black hole in three dimensional
massive gravities

Taeyoon Moon, Yun Soo Myung

1303.5944 (Gustav Holzegel et al.)

Quasimodes and a Lower Bound on the Uniform Energy Decay Rate for
Kerr-AdS Spacetimes

Gustav Holzegel, Jacques Smulevici

1303.5967 (M. Petev et al.)

The interaction of light with an effective moving dispersive medium    [PDF]

M. Petev, N. Westerberg, D. Moss, E. Rubino, C. Rimoldi, S. L. Cacciatori, F. Belgiorno, D. Faccio

1303.5981 (Craig Hogan)

Quantum Geometry in the Lab    [PDF]

Craig Hogan

1303.6026 (Srivatsan Rajagopal et al.)

Ostrogradsky instability and Born-Infeld modified cosmology in Palatini

Srivatsan Rajagopal, Ajit Kumar

1303.6050 (Yuri N. Obukhov et al.)

Conservation laws in gravitational theories with general nonminimal

Yuri N. Obukhov, Dirk Puetzfeld

1303.6056 (Tetsuya Shiromizu et al.)

Static spacetimes with/without black holes in dynamical Chern-Simons

Tetsuya Shiromizu, Kentaro Tanabe

1303.6058 (Zhe Chang et al.)

Inflation and primordial power spectra at anisotropic spacetime inspired
by Planck's constraints on isotropy of CMB

Zhe Chang, Sai Wang

1303.6111 (Ian G. Moss)

Geometrical terms in the effective Hamiltonian for rotor molecules    [PDF]

Ian G. Moss

1303.6157 (Yaser Tavakoli et al.)

Loop quantum dynamics of the gravitational collapse    [PDF]

Yaser Tavakoli, Joao Marto, Andrea Dapor

1303.6193 (Thomas Buchert et al.)

Lagrangian theory of structure formation in relativistic cosmology II:
average properties of a generic evolution model

Thomas Buchert, Charly Nayet, Alexander Wiegand

1303.6213 (Jose D. Edelstein)

Lovelock theory, black holes and holography    [PDF]

Jose D. Edelstein

1303.6222 (Xian O. Camanho)

Phase transitions in general gravity theories    [PDF]

Xian O. Camanho

1303.6229 (Peng Huang et al.)

$f(T)$ theories from holographic dark energy models    [PDF]

Peng Huang, Yong-chang Huang

1303.6250 (Daniela Pugliese et al.)

Neutral test particle orbits in the Kerr--Newman spacetime    [PDF]

Daniela Pugliese, Hernando Quevedo, Remo Ruffini

1303.6253 (Djuna Croon et al.)

Wess-Zumino Inflation in Light of Planck    [PDF]

Djuna Croon, John Ellis, Nick E. Mavromatos

Monday, March 25, 2013

1106.1176 (Alberto Diez-Tejedor et al.)

The collapse of the wave function in the joint metric-matter
quantization for inflation

Alberto Diez-Tejedor, Gabriel León, Daniel Sudarsky

1303.4519 (Laila Alabidi et al.)

Observable induced gravitational waves from an early matter phase    [PDF]

Laila Alabidi, Kazunori Kohri, Misao Sasaki, Yuuiti Sendouda

1303.5191 (Yuki Watanabe et al.)

Gravitational modulated reheating and non-Gaussianity in Supergravity
$R^2$ inflation

Yuki Watanabe, Jun'ichi Yokoyama

1303.5236 (Mengyao Wang et al.)

A realistic polarizing Sagnac topology with DC readout for the Einstein

Mengyao Wang, Charlotte Bond, Daniel Brown, Frank Brueckner, Ludovico Carbone, Rebecca Palmer, Andreas Freise

1303.5453 (M. A. Abramowicz et al.)

The perihelion of Mercury advance and the light bending calculated in
(enhanced) Newton's theory

M. A. Abramowicz, G. F. R. Ellis J. Horak, M. Wielgus

1303.5459 (Ali Kaya)

Exact RG Flow in Expanding Universe and Screening of Cosmological

Ali Kaya

1303.5478 (Mir Faizal)

Noether's Charge in the Super-Group Field Cosmology    [PDF]

Mir Faizal

1303.5484 (L. Cosmai et al.)

Discriminating different models of luminosity-redshift distribution    [PDF]

L. Cosmai, G. Fanizza, M. Gasperini, L. Tedesco

1303.5514 (Myungseok Eune et al.)

Superradiance and statistical entropy of hairy black hole in three

Myungseok Eune, Yongwan Gim, Wontae Kim

1303.5520 (Ken-ichiro Kanai et al.)

Viewing Black Holes by Waves    [PDF]

Ken-ichiro Kanai, Yasusada Nambu

1303.5566 (Remo Garattini et al.)

Gravity's Rainbow induces Topology Change    [PDF]

Remo Garattini, Francisco S. N. Lobo

1303.5593 (Rabin Banerjee)

Exact results in two dimensional chiral hydrodynamics with
diffeomorphism and conformal anomalies

Rabin Banerjee

1303.5602 (Supriya Pan et al.)

Will there be again a transition from acceleration to deceleration in
course of the dark energy evolution of the universe?

Supriya Pan, Subenoy Chakraborty

1303.5612 (Timothy Clifton et al.)

A Gravitational Entropy Proposal    [PDF]

Timothy Clifton, George F R Ellis, Reza Tavakol

1303.5641 (Hajime Sotani et al.)

Gravitationally Driven Electromagnetic Perturbations of Neutron Stars
and Black Holes

Hajime Sotani, Kostas D. Kokkotas, Pablo Laguna, Carlos F. Sopuerta

1303.5645 (Edward Anderson et al.)

Relational Quadrilateralland. II. The Quantum Theory    [PDF]

Edward Anderson, Sophie Kneller

1303.5669 (I. Brevik et al.)

Quasi-Rip universe induced by the fluid with inhomogeneous equation of

I. Brevik, V. Obukhov, A. Timoshkin

1303.5695 (Roberto Onofrio)

Gravitational vacuum polarization phenomena due to the Higgs field    [PDF]

Roberto Onofrio

Friday, March 22, 2013

1303.4885 (Li-Bang Wang et al.)

Proton radius puzzle and large extra dimensions    [PDF]

Li-Bang Wang, Wei-Tou Ni

1303.4964 (Jiaxin Wang et al.)

The Effects of Temperature Related Viscosity on Cosmological Evolution    [PDF]

Jiaxin Wang, Xinhe Meng

1303.5158 (Martín G. Richarte)

Cylindrical wormholes in DGP gravity    [PDF]

Martín G. Richarte

1303.5167 (Arturo Avelino et al.)

Bulk Viscous Matter-dominated Universes: Asymptotic Properties    [PDF]

Arturo Avelino, Ricardo Garcia-Salcedo, Tame Gonzalez, Ulises Nucamendi, Israel Quiros

1303.5282 (Sunandan Gangopadhyay)

Voros product and noncommutative inspired black holes    [PDF]

Sunandan Gangopadhyay

1303.5336 (Dhiraj Kumar Hazra et al.)

Cosmological parameter estimation with free-form primordial power

Dhiraj Kumar Hazra, Arman Shafieloo, Tarun Souradeep

1303.5374 (Teruaki Suyama et al.)

Implications of Planck results for models with local type

Teruaki Suyama, Tomo Takahashi, Masahide Yamaguchi, Shuichiro Yokoyama

1303.5376 (Carl Kent et al.)

Scalar field Hadamard renormalisation in $AdS_{n}$    [PDF]

Carl Kent, Elizabeth Winstanley

Thursday, March 21, 2013

1108.0312 (Duncan M. Macleod et al.)

Reducing the effect of seismic noise in LIGO searches by targeted veto

Duncan M. Macleod, Stephen Fairhurst, Brennan Hughey, Andrew P. Lundgren, Larne Pekowsky, Jameson Rollins, Joshua R. Smith

1303.4752 (Norbert Bodendorfer et al.)

Imaginary action, spinfoam asymptotics and the 'transplanckian' regime
of loop quantum gravity

Norbert Bodendorfer, Yasha Neiman

1303.4783 (David Hilditch et al.)

Hyperbolicity of Physical Theories with Application to General

David Hilditch, Ronny Richter

1303.4791 (Keith Copsey)

The instability of orientifolds and the end of the (string) landscape as
we know it

Keith Copsey

1303.4829 (Abhishek Majhi)

Thermodynamics of Quantum Isolated Horizon in Canonical Ensemble    [PDF]

Abhishek Majhi

1303.4832 (Abhishek Majhi)

A Model Hamiltonian for Quantum Isolated Horizon    [PDF]

Abhishek Majhi

1303.4901 (Anton Galajinsky et al.)

Superintegrable models related to near horizon extremal Myers-Perry
black hole in arbitrary dimension

Anton Galajinsky, Armen Nersessian, Armen Saghatelian

1303.4989 (Abhay Ashtekar)

Loop Quantum Gravity and the The Planck Regime of Cosmology    [PDF]

Abhay Ashtekar

1303.4990 (Stefano Finazzi et al.)

Spontaneous quantum emission from analog white holes in a nonlinear
optical medium

Stefano Finazzi, Iacopo Carusotto

1303.4992 (Jan Zschoche)

The Chaplygin Gas Equation of State for the Quantized Free Scalar Field
on Cosmological Spacetimes

Jan Zschoche

1303.5015 (Matteo Fasiello)

Trispectrum from Co-dimension 2(n) Galileons    [PDF]

Matteo Fasiello

1303.5033 (Mehedi Kalam et al.)

Galactic rotation curves and strange quark matter with observational

Mehedi Kalam, Farook Rahaman, Sk. Monowar Hossein, Jayanta Naskar

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.3892 (Carlos Contreras et al.)

Exact black hole solution for scale dependent gravitational couplings
and the corresponding coupling flow

Carlos Contreras, Benjamin Koch, Paola Rioseco

1303.3895 (Massimo Giovannini)

Bootstrapping from inflationary magnetogenesis to CMB initial conditions    [PDF]

Massimo Giovannini

1303.3897 (J. W. Maluf)

The teleparallel equivalent of general relativity    [PDF]

J. W. Maluf

1303.3999 (F. D. Lora-Clavijo et al.)

Exact solution of the 1D Riemann problem in Newtonian and relativistic

F. D. Lora-Clavijo, J. P. Cruz-Perez, F. S. Guzman, J. A. Gonzalez

1303.4004 (P. Bielewicz et al.)

Constraints on the topology of the Universe derived from the 7-year WMAP
CMB data and prospects of constraining the topology using CMB polarisation

P. Bielewicz, A. J. Banday, K. M. Gorski

1303.4014 (J. Alberto Vazquez et al.)

Constraints on the Tensor-to-Scalar ratio for non-power-law models    [PDF]

J. Alberto Vazquez, M. Bridges, Yin-Zhe Ma, M. P. Hobson

1303.4067 (Jiro Matsumoto)

The Casimir effect as a candidate of dark energy    [PDF]

Jiro Matsumoto

1303.4070 (I. Hawke et al.)

The nonlinear development of the relativistic two-stream instability    [PDF]

I. Hawke, G. L. Comer, N. Andersson

1303.4083 (Mehedi Kalam et al.)

Geodesic study of a charged black hole    [PDF]

Mehedi Kalam, Nur Farhad, Sk. Monowar Hossein

1303.4129 (Roseanne M. Cheng et al.)

Relativistic effects in the tidal interaction between a white dwarf and
a massive black hole in Fermi normal coordinates

Roseanne M. Cheng, Charles R. Evans

1303.4154 (Antonio De Felice et al.)

Nonlinear stability of cosmological solutions in massive gravity    [PDF]

Antonio De Felice, A. Emir Gumrukcuoglu, Chunshan Lin, Shinji Mukohyama

1303.4294 (Bianca Dittrich et al.)

Constraint analysis for variational discrete systems    [PDF]

Bianca Dittrich, Philipp A Hoehn

1303.4337 (V. S. Manko)

On the Properties of Exact Solutions Endowed with Negative Mass    [PDF]

V. S. Manko

1303.4344 (Abhishek K. Singh et al.)

Discrete torsion, de Sitter tunneling vacua and AdS brane: U(1) gauge
theory on D4-brane and an effective curvature

Abhishek K. Singh, K. Priyabrat Pandey, Sunita Singh, Supriya Kar

1303.4350 (E. Goulart et al.)

Disformal invariance of Maxwell's field equations    [PDF]

E. Goulart, F. T. Falciano

1303.4377 (Lars Andersson et al.)

Hertz potentials and asymptotic properties of massless fields    [PDF]

Lars Andersson, Thomas Bäckdahl, Jérémie Joudioux

1303.4391 (Eyal A. Kazin et al.)

The Clustering of Galaxies in the SDSS-III Baryon Oscillation
Spectroscopic Survey: Measuring H(z) and D_A(z) at z = 0.57 with Clustering

Eyal A. Kazin, Ariel G. Sanchez, Antonio J. Cuesta, Florian Beutler, Chia-Hsun Chuang, Daniel J. Eisenstein, Marc Manera, Nikhil Padmanabhan, Will J. Percival, Francisco Prada, Ashley J. Ross, Hee-Jong Seo, Jeremy Tinker, Rita Tojeiro, Xiaoying Xu, J. Brinkmann, Brownstein Joel, Robert C. Nichol, David J Schlegel, Donald P. Schneider, Daniel Thomas

1303.4433 (Ronny Richter et al.)

Hyperbolicity of Hamiltonian formulations in General Relativity    [PDF]

Ronny Richter, David Hilditch

1303.4435 (Andrei Linde)

Chaotic inflation in supergravity and cosmic string production    [PDF]

Andrei Linde

1303.4444 (Boudewijn F. Roukema et al.)

Virialization-induced curvature as a physical explanation for dark

Boudewijn F. Roukema, Jan J. Ostrowski, Thomas Buchert

1303.4462 (Hiromi Saida)

Nontriviality in Black Hole Thermodynamics: towards physically and
mathematically rigorous foundation as phenomenology

Hiromi Saida

1303.4470 (David Polarski)

Past and future of some universes    [PDF]

David Polarski

1303.4497 (Cheng Cheng et al.)

Constraints on single-field inflation with WMAP, SPT and ACT data -- A
last-minute stand before Planck

Cheng Cheng, Qing-Guo Huang, Yin-Zhe Ma

1303.4516 (Claes Uggla et al.)

Asymptotic analysis of perturbed dust cosmologies to second order    [PDF]

Claes Uggla, John Wainwright

1303.4526 (Qing-Guo Huang et al.)

Large Local Non-Gaussianity from General Single-field Inflation    [PDF]

Qing-Guo Huang, Yi Wang

1303.4543 (Minos Axenides et al.)

Gravothermal instability with a cosmological constant in the canonical

Minos Axenides, George Georgiou, Zacharias Roupas

1303.4575 (Marc Mars)

Constraint equations for general hypersurfaces and applications to

Marc Mars

1303.4576 (Michael Bradley et al.)

Perturbations of Kantowski-Sachs models    [PDF]

Michael Bradley, Mats Forsberg, Zoltán Keresztes, László Á. Gergely, Peter K. S. Dunsby

1303.4635 (Badri Krishnan)

Quasi-local black hole horizons    [PDF]

Badri Krishnan

1303.4636 (Jonathan Engle)

Spin foams    [PDF]

Jonathan Engle

1303.4651 (Michael Buser et al.)

Visualization of the Gödel universe    [PDF]

Michael Buser, Endre Kajari, Wolfgang P. Schleich

1303.4707 (Roman Plyatsko et al.)

Highly relativistic circular orbits of spinning particle in the Kerr

Roman Plyatsko, Mykola Fenyk

Monday, March 18, 2013

1111.1148 (Thomas L. Wilson)

A New Strategy For Solving Two Cosmological Problems in Hadron Physics    [PDF]

Thomas L. Wilson

1303.3801 (Yi Yang et al.)

The GL(4 R) Yang-Mills Theory of Gravity Predicts An Inflationary
Scenario For The Evolution of The Primordial Universe

Yi Yang, Wai Bong Yeung

1303.3436 (Sergio del Campo et al.)

Cosmology with Ricci dark energy    [PDF]

Sergio del Campo, Júlio. C. Fabris, Ramón Herrera, Winfried Zimdahl

1303.3582 (D. H. Delphenich)

A strain tensor that couples to the Madelung stress tensor    [PDF]

D. H. Delphenich

1303.3627 (L. Carbone et al.)

Generation of high-purity higher-order Laguerre-Gauss beams at high
laser power

L. Carbone, C. Bogan, P. Fulda, A. Freise, B. Willke

1303.3662 (Long Huang et al.)

The Gravitational Deflection of Light in F(R)-gravity    [PDF]

Long Huang, Feng He, Hai Huang, Min Yao

1303.3736 (Xiaoning Wu et al.)

Fluid/Gravity Correspondence For General Non-rotating Black Holes    [PDF]

Xiaoning Wu, Yi Ling, Yu Tian, Chengyong Zhang

1303.3787 (Jerome Martin et al.)

Encyclopaedia Inflationaris    [PDF]

Jerome Martin, Christophe Ringeval, Vincent Vennin

1303.3870 (Girish Chakravarty et al.)

Higgs Inflation in f(Φ,R) Theory    [PDF]

Girish Chakravarty, Subhendra Mohanty, Naveen K. Singh

Friday, March 15, 2013

1302.5713 (Ofek Birnholtz et al.)

Gravitational Wave Memory from Gamma Ray Bursts' Jets    [PDF]

Ofek Birnholtz, Tsvi Piran

1302.6586 (Gary T. Horowitz et al.)

General Relativity and the Cuprates    [PDF]

Gary T. Horowitz, Jorge E. Santos

1303.3515 (Sergiu I. Vacaru)

Wormholes and Off-Diagonal Solutions in f(R,T), Einstein and Finsler
Gravity Theories

Sergiu I. Vacaru

1303.3356 (Luis P. Chimento et al.)

Dark radiation and dark matter coupled to holographic Ricci dark energy    [PDF]

Luis P. Chimento, Martín G. Richarte

1303.3379 (M. V. Gorbatenko et al.)

Quantum non-equivalence of metrics of centrally symmetric uncharged
gravitational field

M. V. Gorbatenko, V. P. Neznamov

1303.3407 (Hristu Culetu)

Anisotropic fluid in a time dependent conformally flat spacetime    [PDF]

Hristu Culetu

1303.3431 (F. Becattini et al.)

Relativistic distribution function for particles with spin at local
thermodynamical equilibrium

F. Becattini, V. Chandra, L. Del Zanna, E. Grossi

1303.3508 (Sam Bartrum et al.)

Warming up for Planck    [PDF]

Sam Bartrum, Arjun Berera, Joao G. Rosa

1303.3545 (Simon Brendle et al.)

Large outlying stable constant mean curvature spheres in initial data

Simon Brendle, Michael Eichmair

1303.3563 (Roberto Emparan et al.)

Effective hydrodynamics of black D3-branes    [PDF]

Roberto Emparan, Veronika E Hubeny, Mukund Rangamani

1303.3568 (Glenn Barnich et al.)

A 2D field theory equivalent to 3D gravity with no cosmological constant    [PDF]

Glenn Barnich, Andrés Gomberoff, Hernán A. González

1303.3576 (Steffen Gielen et al.)

Cosmology from Group Field Theory    [PDF]

Steffen Gielen, Daniele Oriti, Lorenzo Sindoni

Thursday, March 14, 2013

1303.2613 (Eric Thrane et al.)

Correlated magnetic noise in global networks of gravitational-wave
interferometers: observations and implications

Eric Thrane, Nelson Christensen, Robert Schofield

1303.2618 (Sébastien Renaux-Petel)

DBI Galileon in the Effective Field Theory of Inflation: Orthogonal
non-Gaussianities and constraints from the Trispectrum

Sébastien Renaux-Petel

1303.2964 (Felix Finster et al.)

On the Initial Value Problem for Causal Variational Principles    [PDF]

Felix Finster, Andreas Grotz

1303.3004 (Ramesh Narayan et al.)

Energy Extraction from Spinning Black Holes via Relativistic Jets    [PDF]

Ramesh Narayan, Jeffrey E. McClintock, Alexander Tchekhovskoy

1303.3012 (Benjamin Lenoir et al.)

Experimental demonstration of bias rejection from electrostatic
accelerometer measurements

Benjamin Lenoir, Bruno Christophe, Serge Reynaud

1303.3042 (H. Degueldre et al.)

One Loop Field Strengths of Charges and Dipoles on a Locally de Sitter

H. Degueldre, R. P. Woodard

1303.3074 (Juan Carlos Hidalgo et al.)

The Poisson equation at second order in relativistic cosmology    [PDF]

Juan Carlos Hidalgo, Adam J. Christopherson, Karim A. Malik

1303.3080 (Angel Ballesteros et al.)

Drinfel'd doubles for (2+1)-gravity    [PDF]

Angel Ballesteros, Francisco J. Herranz, Catherine Meusburger

1303.3119 (Dietmar Klemm et al.)

Supersymmetry of the C-metric and the general Plebanski-Demianski

Dietmar Klemm, Masato Nozawa

1303.3121 (Valerio Marra et al.)

Cosmic variance and the measurement of the local Hubble parameter    [PDF]

Valerio Marra, Luca Amendola, Ignacy Sawicki, Wessel Valkenburg

1303.3143 (S. C. Ulhoa)

On Quasinormal Modes for Gravitational Perturbations of Regular Black

S. C. Ulhoa

1303.3144 (S. C. Ulhoa et al.)

On the Gravitational Energy-Momentum Vector in f(T) Theories    [PDF]

S. C. Ulhoa, E. P. Spaniol

1303.3150 (G. L. Alberghi et al.)

Charged Black Hole Remnants at the LHC    [PDF]

G. L. Alberghi, L. Bellagamba, X. Calmet, R. Casadio, O. Micu

1303.3185 (Valentina Baccetti et al.)

Clausius entropy for arbitrary bifurcate null surfaces    [PDF]

Valentina Baccetti, Matt Visser

1303.3186 (Maciej Maliborski et al.)

Time-periodic solutions in Einstein AdS - massless scalar field system    [PDF]

Maciej Maliborski, Andrzej Rostworowski

1303.3215 (Orfeu Bertolami et al.)

Cosmological perturbations in theories with non-minimal coupling between
curvature and matter

Orfeu Bertolami, Pedro Frazão, Jorge Páramos

1303.3225 (Piotr Jaranowski et al.)

Dimensional regularization of local singularities in the 4th
post-Newtonian two-point-mass Hamiltonian

Piotr Jaranowski, Gerhard Schäfer

1303.3238 (Matthew Hewitt et al.)

Vacuum polarisation on the brane for a higher dimensional black hole

Matthew Hewitt, Elizabeth Winstanley

1303.3241 (Nicola Pinamonti et al.)

Scale-Invariant Curvature Fluctuations from an Extended Semiclassical

Nicola Pinamonti, Daniel Siemssen

1303.3259 (Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel)

Gravitational wave constraints on the shape of neutron stars    [PDF]

Nathan K. Johnson-McDaniel

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1010.4337 (Latham Boyle et al.)

Pulsar timing arrays as imaging gravitational wave telescopes: angular
resolution and source (de)confusion

Latham Boyle, Ue-Li Pen

1303.2125 (Kazuya Koyama et al.)

Orthogonal non-Gaussianity in DBI Galileon: constraints from WMAP9 and
prospects for Planck

Kazuya Koyama, Guido Walter Pettinari, Shuntaro Mizuno, Christian Fidler

1303.2658 (Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota et al.)

Probing two approaches to Unified Dark Dynamics    [PDF]

Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota, Alejandro Aviles, Josue De-Santiago

1303.2660 (Geoffrey Compère et al.)

Chiral Liouville Gravity    [PDF]

Geoffrey Compère, Wei Song, Andrew Strominger

1303.2662 (Geoffrey Compère et al.)

New Boundary Conditions for AdS3    [PDF]

Geoffrey Compère, Wei Song, Andrew Strominger

1303.2665 (Mehrdad Mirbabayi et al.)

Black hole discharge in massive electrodynamics and black hole
disappearance in massive gravity

Mehrdad Mirbabayi, Andrei Gruzinov

1303.2747 (M. A. Hohensee et al.)

Limits on violations of Lorentz symmetry and the Einstein equivalence
principle using radio-frequency spectroscopy of atomic dysprosium

M. A. Hohensee, N. Leefer, D. Budker, C. Harabati, V. A. Dzuba, V. V. Flambaum

1303.2748 (Naonori S. Sugiyama et al.)

Relation between standard perturbation theory and regularized
multi-point propagator method

Naonori S. Sugiyama, Toshifumi Futamase

1303.2773 (J. Manuel Garcia-Islas)

BTZ Black Hole Entropy in Loop Quantum Gravity and in Spin Foam Models    [PDF]

J. Manuel Garcia-Islas

1303.2788 (Jose Beltran Jimenez et al.)

Exact Mapping between Tensor and Most General Scalar Power Spectra    [PDF]

Jose Beltran Jimenez, Marcello Musso, Christophe Ringeval

1303.2843 (Zahra Haghani et al.)

Cosmological perturbations of Quasi-Dilaton non-linear massive gravity    [PDF]

Zahra Haghani, Hamid Reza Sepangi, Shahab Shahidi

1303.2899 (Olivier Sarbach et al.)

Relativistic Kinetic Theory: An Introduction    [PDF]

Olivier Sarbach, Thomas Zannias

1303.2905 (Sebastian Garcia-Saenz)

Behavior of perturbations on spherically symmetric backgrounds in
multi-galileon theory

Sebastian Garcia-Saenz

1303.2993 (Kirill A. Bronnikov et al.)

Rotating cylindrical wormholes    [PDF]

Kirill A. Bronnikov, Vladimir G. Krechet, José P. S. Lemos

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1107.2605 (Edward Lee Green)

Unified Field Theory from Enlarged Transformation Group: Spherically
Symmetric Solutions

Edward Lee Green

1303.2109 (M. Sharif et al.)

Cosmic Acceleration and Brans-Dicke Theory    [PDF]

M. Sharif, Saira Waheed

1303.2120 (Jerome Martin et al.)

K-inflationary Power Spectra at Second Order    [PDF]

Jerome Martin, Christophe Ringeval, Vincent Vennin

1303.2174 (Lindy Blackburn et al.)

Techniques for targeted Fermi-GBM follow-up of gravitational-wave events    [PDF]

Lindy Blackburn, Michael S. Briggs, Jordan Camp, Nelson Christensen, Valerie Connaughton, Peter Jenke, John Veitch

1303.2190 (Burkhard Kleihaus et al.)

$d\geq 5$ magnetized static, balanced black holes with $S^2\times
S^{d-4}$ event horizon topology

Burkhard Kleihaus, Jutta Kunz, Eugen Radu

1303.2234 (Spiros Cotsakis et al.)

Asymptotic vacua with higher derivatives    [PDF]

Spiros Cotsakis, Georgios Kolionis, Antonios Tsokaros

1303.2243 (D. Bazeia et al.)

Black holes in realistic branes: black string-like objects?    [PDF]

D. Bazeia, J. M. Hoff da SIlva, Roldao da Rocha

1303.2336 (Hoavo Hova)

$Λ$CDM and Power-Law Expansion in Lyra's Geometry    [PDF]

Hoavo Hova

1303.2372 (Taotao Qiu et al.)

Towards Anisotropy-Free and Non-Singular Bounce Cosmology with
Scale-invariant Perturbations

Taotao Qiu, Xian Gao, Emmanuel N. Saridakis

1303.2381 (Orfeu Bertolami)

Zen and the Art of Space-Time Manufacturing    [PDF]

Orfeu Bertolami

1303.2392 (Juan Carlos Degollado et al.)

Stationary scalar configurations around extremal charged black holes    [PDF]

Juan Carlos Degollado, Carlos A. R. Herdeiro

1303.2406 (Igor Khavkine)

Topology, rigid cosymmetries and linearization instability in higher
gauge theories

Igor Khavkine

1303.2410 (Galaxia Miranda et al.)

Kerr-Like Phantom Wormhole    [PDF]

Galaxia Miranda, Tonatiuh Matos, Nadiezhda Motelongo García

1303.2434 (Nikos Kalogeropoulos)

Nilpotence and the generalized uncertainty principle(s)    [PDF]

Nikos Kalogeropoulos

1303.2436 (Özcan Sert)

Electromagnetic Duality and New Solutions of the Non-minimally Coupled
Y(R)-Maxwell Gravity

Özcan Sert

1303.2469 (Mikjel Thorsrud)

Quintessence with Kaluza-Klein type couplings to matter and an
isotropy-violating vector field

Mikjel Thorsrud

1303.2471 (Miroslav Shaltev et al.)

Fully coherent follow-up of continuous gravitational-wave candidates    [PDF]

Miroslav Shaltev, Reinhard Prix

1303.2512 (Ashmita Das et al.)

126 GeV Higgs and ATLAS bound on the lightest graviton mass in
Randall-Sundrum model

Ashmita Das, Soumitra SenGupta

1303.2548 (Christian Röken)

SL(2, C) and SU(2) Connection Variable Formulations of Kerr Isolated
Horizon Geometries for Loop Quantum Gravity

Christian Röken

1303.2575 (Xiao-Mei Kuang et al.)

Building a Holographic Superconductor with Higher-derivative Couplings    [PDF]

Xiao-Mei Kuang, Eleftherios Papantonopoulos, George Siopsis, Bin Wang

1303.2583 (Jeremiah Birrell et al.)

Fugacity and Reheating of Primordial Neutrinos    [PDF]

Jeremiah Birrell, Cheng-Tao Yang, Pisin Chen, Johann Rafelski

Monday, March 11, 2013

1102.0306 (Ruben Manvelyan et al.)

On Nonlinear Higher Spin Curvature    [PDF]

Ruben Manvelyan, Karapet Mkrtchyan, Werner Rühl, Murad Tovmasyan

1108.0248 (Umpei Miyamoto et al.)

Weak cosmic censorship in gravitational collapse with astrophysical
parameter values

Umpei Miyamoto, Sanjay Jhingan, Tomohiro Harada

1303.1816 (Valeri P. Frolov et al.)

Self-energy anomaly of an electric pointlike dipole in three-dimensional
static spacetimes

Valeri P. Frolov, Andrey A. Shoom, Andrei Zelnikov

1303.1826 (Giovanni Amelino-Camelia et al.)

Possible relevance of quantum spacetime for neutrino-telescope data

Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, Dafne Guetta, Tsvi Piran

1303.1863 (Simon Brendle et al.)

A Gibbons-Penrose inequality for surfaces in Schwarzschild spacetime    [PDF]

Simon Brendle, Mu-Tao Wang

1303.1881 (Mingzhe Li et al.)

New Constraints on Anisotropic Rotation of CMB Polarization    [PDF]

Mingzhe Li, Bo Yu

1303.1884 (Arpan Bhattacharyya et al.)

Entanglement entropy from the holographic stress tensor    [PDF]

Arpan Bhattacharyya, Aninda Sinha

1303.1885 (William Donnelly et al.)

Unitarity of Maxwell theory on curved spacetimes in the covariant

William Donnelly, Aron C. Wall

1303.1914 (Roberto Casadio)

Lorentz invariance without trans-Planckian physics?    [PDF]

Roberto Casadio

1303.1919 (Jeandrew Brink et al.)

Avenues for Analytic exploration in Axisymmetric Spacetimes. Foundations
and the Triad Formalism

Jeandrew Brink, Aaron Zimmerman, Tanja Hinderer

1303.1982 (Gaston Giribet)

The large D limit of dimensionally continued gravity    [PDF]

Gaston Giribet

1303.1995 (Roberto Emparan et al.)

Large D gravity and low D strings    [PDF]

Roberto Emparan, Daniel Grumiller, Kentaro Tanabe

1303.2005 (Drew Keppel)

The balancing act of template bank construction: inspiral waveform
template banks for gravitational-wave detectors and optimizations at fixed
computational cost

Drew Keppel

1303.2008 (Michal Kamionka)

Constraining Palatini cosmological models using GRB data    [PDF]

Michal Kamionka

1303.2014 (Adel Awad)

Fixed points and FLRW cosmologies: Flat case    [PDF]

Adel Awad

1303.2061 (Michelle Knights et al.)

Towards the Future of Supernova Cosmology    [PDF]

Michelle Knights, Bruce A. Bassett, Melvin Varughese, Renée Hlozek, Martin Kunz, Mat Smith, James Newling

1303.2075 (L. L. Graef et al.)

On the equivalence of Lambda(t) and gravitationally induced particle
production cosmologies

L. L. Graef, F. E. M. Costa, J. A. S. Lima

1303.2077 (Alessandro Bravetti et al.)

Geometrothermodynamics of Myers-Perry black holes    [PDF]

Alessandro Bravetti, Davood Momeni, Ratbay Myrzakulov, Aziza Altaibayeva

Friday, March 8, 2013

1303.1301 (Ryuichi Takahashi et al.)

Observational Upper Bound on the Cosmic Abundances of Negative-mass
Compact Objects and Ellis Wormholes from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Quasar
Lens Search

Ryuichi Takahashi, Hideki Asada

1303.1523 (Yi Wang)

Inflation, Cosmic Perturbations and Non-Gaussianities    [PDF]

Yi Wang

1303.1528 (Kent Yagi et al.)

I-Love-Q Relations in Neutron Stars and their Applications to
Astrophysics, Gravitational Waves and Fundamental Physics

Kent Yagi, Nicolas Yunes

1303.1535 (Krishnamohan Parattu et al.)

The Structure of the Gravitational Action and its relation with Horizon
Thermodynamics and Emergent Gravity Paradigm

Krishnamohan Parattu, Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, T. Padmanabhan

1303.1540 (William E. East et al.)

Simulating extreme-mass-ratio systems in full general relativity    [PDF]

William E. East, Frans Pretorius

1303.1544 (Manuel Kraemer)

Can one observe quantum-gravitational effects in the cosmic microwave

Manuel Kraemer

1303.1556 (Alexander D. Dolgov et al.)

Resonant high energy graviton to photon conversion at post recombination

Alexander D. Dolgov, Damian Ejlli

1303.1574 (Nora Bretón et al.)

Observational constraints from SNe Ia and Gamma-Ray Bursts on a clumpy

Nora Bretón, Ariadna Montiel

1303.1596 (Zhe Cahng et al.)

Finsler geometric perspective on the bulk flow in the universe    [PDF]

Zhe Cahng, Ming-Hua Li, Sai Wang

1303.1620 (Zhong-Xu Zhai et al.)

Reconstruction and constraint of the jerk parameter from OHD and SNe Ia

Zhong-Xu Zhai, Ming-Jian Zhang, Zhi-Song Zhang, Xian-Ming Liu, Tong-Jie Zhang

1303.1669 (Norman Gürlebeck)

Source Integrals for Multipole Moments in Static Spacetimes    [PDF]

Norman Gürlebeck

1303.1687 (Jean Pierre Gazeau et al.)

Quantum states of the bouncing universe    [PDF]

Jean Pierre Gazeau, Jakub Mielczarek, Wlodzimierz Piechocki

1303.1705 (Alikram N. Aliev et al.)

Hidden Symmetries and Geodesics of Kerr spacetime in Kaluza-Klein Theory    [PDF]

Alikram N. Aliev, Goksel Daylan Esmer

1303.1756 (Laura Andrianopoli et al.)

Extremal Limits of Rotating Black Holes    [PDF]

Laura Andrianopoli, Riccardo D'Auria, Antonio Gallerati, Mario Trigiante

1303.1762 (Jason D. Bates)

Stochastic Force Due to a Quantum Scalar Field in Minkowski Spacetime    [PDF]

Jason D. Bates

1303.1773 (Carsten van de Bruck et al.)

Constraints on Disformal Couplings from the CMB Temperature Evolution    [PDF]

Carsten van de Bruck, Jack Morrice, Susan Vu

1303.1807 (Ezra T. Newman)

On Integrating the Left-Flat Vacuum Einstein Equations    [PDF]

Ezra T. Newman

Thursday, March 7, 2013

0907.1190 (Samuel L. Braunstein et al.)

Better Late than Never: Information Retrieval from Black Holes    [PDF]

Samuel L. Braunstein, Stefano Pirandola, Karol Życzkowski

1101.0471 (M. Hortacsu)

Heun Functions and their uses in Physics    [PDF]

M. Hortacsu

1101.3264 (Muxin Han et al.)

Spinfoam Fermions: PCT Symmetry, Dirac Determinant, and Correlation

Muxin Han, Carlo Rovelli

1211.3688 (Lorenzo Iorio)

Constraints on a MOND effect for isolated aspherical systems in deep
Newtonian regime from orbital motions

Lorenzo Iorio

1303.0755 (E. R. Bezerra de Mello et al.)

Fermionic vacuum polarization by a cosmic string in anti-de Sitter

E. R. Bezerra de Mello, E. R. Figueiredo Medeiros, A. A. Saharian

1303.1177 (Melinda Andrews et al.)

Massive gravity coupled to DBI Galileons is ghost free    [PDF]

Melinda Andrews, Garrett Goon, Kurt Hinterbichler, James Stokes, Mark Trodden

1303.1185 (Laura Sampson et al.)

Gravitational Wave Tests of Strong Field General Relativity with Binary
Inspirals: Realistic Injections and Optimal Model Selection

Laura Sampson, Neil Cornish, Nicolas Yunes

1303.1188 (Felipe Guzman Cervantes et al.)

Self-calibrating ultra-low noise, wide-bandwidth optomechanical

Felipe Guzman Cervantes, Lee Kumanchik, Jon Pratt, Jacob Taylor

1303.1254 (Teruaki Suyama et al.)

Statistics of general functions of a Gaussian field -- application to
non-Gaussianity from preheating

Teruaki Suyama, Shuichiro Yokoyama

1303.1256 (Subir Ghosh)

On The Question of Compatibility Between Generalized Uncertainty
Principle and Equivalence Principle

Subir Ghosh

1303.1260 (Spyros Alexakis et al.)

On the Geometry of Null Cones to Infinity Under Curvature Flux Bounds    [PDF]

Spyros Alexakis, Arick Shao

1303.1274 (R. Casadio)

Charged shells and elementary particles    [PDF]

R. Casadio

1303.1308 (T. P. Shestakova)

Hamiltonian dynamics in extended phase space for gravity and its
consistency with Lagrangian formalism: a generalized spherically symmetric
model as an example

T. P. Shestakova

1303.1311 (Salvatore Capozziello et al.)

Dark energy from entanglement entropy    [PDF]

Salvatore Capozziello, Orlando Luongo

1303.1348 (I. B. Khriplovich et al.)

Gravitational four-fermion interaction and dynamics of the early

I. B. Khriplovich, A. S. Rudenko

1303.1394 (Jean Alexandre et al.)

Galaxy Rotation Curves in Covariant Horava-Lifshitz Gravity    [PDF]

Jean Alexandre, Martyna Kostacinska