Thursday, March 15, 2012

1009.3974 (P. D. Nation et al.)

Non-equilibrium Landauer Transport Model for Hawking radiation from a
Black Hole

P. D. Nation, M. P. Blencowe, Franco Nori

1011.4871 (Alejandro Cabo et al.)

Dilaton stabilization by massive fermion matter    [PDF]

Alejandro Cabo, Matts Roos, Encieh Erfani

1012.2134 (V. V. Flambaum et al.)

Dense spectrum of resonances and particle capture in a near-black-hole

V. V. Flambaum, G. H. Gossel, G. F. Gribakin

1108.3003 (Panagiota Kanti et al.)

Wormholes in Dilatonic Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Theory    [PDF]

Panagiota Kanti, Burkhard Kleihaus, Jutta Kunz

1108.3106 (Mariano Anabitarte et al.)

Testing Extended General Relativity with galactic sizes and compact
gravitational sources

Mariano Anabitarte, Matías Reynoso, Pablo Alejandro Sánchez, Jesús Martín Romero, Mauricio Bellini

1108.5729 (Roman Sverdlov)

Can quantum lattice be generated through several classical ones
superimposed in spacetime continuum?

Roman Sverdlov

1109.4818 (Masato Minamitsuji et al.)

Warped de Sitter compactifications in the scalar-tensor theory    [PDF]

Masato Minamitsuji, Kunihito Uzawa

1110.6114 (Aleksandar Mikovic et al.)

Effective action for EPRL/FK spin foam models    [PDF]

Aleksandar Mikovic, Marko Vojinovic

1111.2795 (Jack Gegenberg et al.)

Quantum Mechanics of the Interior of Radiating 2-D Black Holes    [PDF]

Jack Gegenberg, Gabor Kunstatter, Timothy Taves

1111.5266 (Ivana Bochicchio et al.)

Cosmological expansion and local systems: a Lemaître-Tolman-Bondi

Ivana Bochicchio, Valerio Faraoni

1111.6702 (Tomas Liko)

Barbero-Immirzi parameter, manifold invariants and Euclidean path

Tomas Liko

1111.7185 (Kentaro Somiya et al.)

Detector configuration of KAGRA - the Japanese cryogenic
gravitational-wave detector

Kentaro Somiya, for the KAGRA Collaboration

1112.3301 (Jack Gegenberg et al.)

Local Hamiltonian for Spherically Symmetric Collapse: Geometrodynamics

Jack Gegenberg, G. Kunstatter

1112.4141 (Carlos E. M. Batista et al.)

Rastall Cosmology and the ΛCDM Model    [PDF]

Carlos E. M. Batista, Mahamadou H. Daouda, Júlio C. Fabris, Oliver F. Piattella, Davi C. Rodrigues

1112.5481 (Xuefeng Zhang et al.)

Lower-order ODEs to determine new twisting type N Einstein spaces via CR

Xuefeng Zhang, Daniel Finley

1201.2321 (S. Habib Mazharimousavi et al.)

'Square Root' of the Maxwell Lagrangian versus confinement in general

S. Habib Mazharimousavi, M. Halilsoy

1203.2618 (Odele Straub et al.)

Modelling the black hole silhouette in Sgr A* with ion tori    [PDF]

Odele Straub, Frederic H. Vincent, Marek A. Abramowicz, Eric Gourgoulhon, Thibaut Paumard

1203.2622 (Abraham Loeb)

The Optimal Cosmic Epoch for Precision Cosmology    [PDF]

Abraham Loeb

1203.2633 (Helen E. White et al.)

Gravity darkening and brightening in binaries    [PDF]

Helen E. White, Thomas W. Baumgarte, Stuart L. Shapiro

1203.2635 (David Seery et al.)

Inflationary perturbation theory is geometrical optics in phase space    [PDF]

David Seery, David J. Mulryne, Jonathan Frazer, Raquel H. Ribeiro

1203.2641 (Olaf Dreyer)

Internal Relativity    [PDF]

Olaf Dreyer

1203.2674 (The LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al.)

Sensitivity Achieved by the LIGO and Virgo Gravitational Wave Detectors
during LIGO's Sixth and Virgo's Second and Third Science Runs

The LIGO Scientific Collaboration, The Virgo Collaboration

1203.2679 (Christopher Estrada et al.)

Noncommutative Mixmaster Cosmologies    [PDF]

Christopher Estrada, Matilde Marcolli

1203.2681 (Jens Chluba et al.)

Probing the inflaton: Small-scale power spectrum constraints from
measurements of the CMB energy spectrum

Jens Chluba, Adrienne L. Erickcek, Ido Ben-Dayan

1203.2695 (Julio C. Fabris et al.)

Quantum corrections to gravity and their implications for cosmology and

Julio C. Fabris, Paulo L. C. de Oliveira, Davi C. Rodrigues, Ilya L. Shapiro, A. M. Velasquez-Toribio

1203.2707 (Nikos Kalogeropoulos)

Vanishing largest Lyapunov exponent and Tsallis entropy    [PDF]

Nikos Kalogeropoulos

1203.2733 (Kristina Giesel et al.)

From Classical To Quantum Gravity: Introduction to Loop Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Kristina Giesel, Hanno Sahlmann

1203.2743 (Alberto Enciso et al.)

Causality and the conformal boundary of AdS in real-time holography    [PDF]

Alberto Enciso, Niky Kamran

1203.2758 (Thomas E. Collett et al.)

Constraining the dark energy equation of state with double source plane
strong lenses

Thomas E. Collett, Matthew W. Auger, Vasily Belokurov, Philip J. Marshall, Alex C. Hall

1203.2779 (I. Sakalli)

Effect of the cosmological constant in the Hawking radiation of 3D
charged dilaton black hole

I. Sakalli

1203.2796 (Gerasimos Rigopoulos et al.)

A non-linear approximation for perturbations in ΛCDM    [PDF]

Gerasimos Rigopoulos, Wessel Valkenburg

1203.2807 (Ali Kaya)

Comments on the Canonical Measure in Cosmology    [PDF]

Ali Kaya

1203.2852 (Gernot Heißel)

Dynamics of locally rotationally symmetric Bianchi type VIII cosmologies
with anisotropic matter

Gernot Heißel

1203.2856 (M. Pitkin et al.)

A new code for parameter estimation in searches for gravitational waves
from known pulsars

M. Pitkin, C. Gill, J. Veitch, E. Macdonald, G. Woan

1203.2858 (Igor I. Smolyaninov)

"Planck-scale physics" of vacuum in a strong magnetic field    [PDF]

Igor I. Smolyaninov

1203.2872 (Marc Mars et al.)

On the Penrose inequality for dust null shells in the Minkowski
spacetime of arbitrary dimension

Marc Mars, Alberto Soria

1203.2891 (Martin Feix)

Revisiting metric perturbations in tensor-vector-scalar theory    [PDF]

Martin Feix

1203.2915 (Ernazar Abdikamalov et al.)

A New Monte Carlo Method for Time-Dependent Neutrino Radiation Transport    [PDF]

Ernazar Abdikamalov, Adam Burrows, Christian D. Ott, Frank Löffler, Evan O'Connor, Joshua C. Dolence, Erik Schnetter

1203.2920 (Emanuele Berti et al.)

Effects of post-Newtonian Spin Alignment on the Distribution of
Black-Hole Recoils

Emanuele Berti, Michael Kesden, Ulrich Sperhake

1203.2938 (Fabio Antonini et al.)

Secular evolution of compact binaries near massive black holes:
Gravitational wave sources and other exotica

Fabio Antonini, Hagai Perets

1203.2961 (Sergey N. Solodukhin)

Positive cosmological constant, non-local gravity and horizon entropy    [PDF]

Sergey N. Solodukhin

1203.2962 (Rafael A. Porto et al.)

Spin induced multipole moments for the gravitational wave amplitude from
binary inspirals to 2.5 Post-Newtonian order

Rafael A. Porto, Andreas Ross, Ira Z. Rothstein

1203.2984 (Tiberiu Harko et al.)

Cosmological evolution of finite temperature Bose-Einstein Condensate
dark matter

Tiberiu Harko, Gabriela Mocanu

1203.3018 (Germain Rousseaux)

The Basics of Water Waves Theory for Analogue Gravity    [PDF]

Germain Rousseaux

1203.3061 (Lucas G. Collodel et al.)

Cosmological models with interacting components and mass-varying

Lucas G. Collodel, Gilberto M. Kremer

1203.3090 (Bernard F. Schutz)

Thoughts about a conceptual framework for relativistic gravity    [PDF]

Bernard F. Schutz

1203.3109 (Yves Brihaye et al.)

Hairy charged Gauss-Bonnet solitons and black holes    [PDF]

Yves Brihaye, Betti Hartmann

1203.3122 (Yuri N. Obukhov et al.)

Relativistic Lagrangian model of a nematic liquid crystal    [PDF]

Yuri N. Obukhov, Tomas Ramos, Guillermo F. Rubilar

1203.3171 (Ahmed Youssef)

Do scale-invariant fluctuations imply the breaking of de Sitter

Ahmed Youssef

1203.3189 (Samuel E. Gralla)

Second Order Gravitational Self Force    [PDF]

Samuel E. Gralla