Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1011.3495 (Philip D. Mannheim et al.)

Fitting galactic rotation curves with conformal gravity and a global
quadratic potential

Philip D. Mannheim, James G. O'Brien

1105.2555 (Manuel Hohmann)

Propagation of gravitational waves in multimetric gravity    [PDF]

Manuel Hohmann

1106.1428 (Kurt Hinterbichler et al.)

The Pseudo-Conformal Universe: Scale Invariance from Spontaneous
Breaking of Conformal Symmetry

Kurt Hinterbichler, Justin Khoury

1106.1460 (W. Westra et al.)

A local induced action for the noncritical string    [PDF]

W. Westra, S. Zohren

1107.2602 (Georgios Kofinas et al.)

A solution of the coincidence problem based on the recent galactic core
black hole energy density increase

Georgios Kofinas, Vasilios Zarikas

1108.3689 (Barun Kumar Pal et al.)

The Berry phase in inflationary cosmology    [PDF]

Barun Kumar Pal, Supratik Pal, B. Basu

1109.4537 (Maciej Dunajski et al.)

SU(2) solutions to self-duality equations in eight dimensions    [PDF]

Maciej Dunajski, Moritz Hoegner

1110.0956 (Gaveshna Gupta et al.)

GCG Parametrization for Growth Function and Current Constraints    [PDF]

Gaveshna Gupta, Somasri Sen, Anjan A. Sen

1110.1049 (Tiberiu Harko et al.)

Metric-Palatini gravity unifying local constraints and late-time cosmic

Tiberiu Harko, Tomi S. Koivisto, Francisco S. N. Lobo, Gonzalo J. Olmo

1201.1233 (Donald Marolf et al.)

Causality and the AdS Dirichlet problem    [PDF]

Donald Marolf, Mukund Rangamani

1201.4373 (Mahdi Godazgar et al.)

Peeling of the Weyl tensor and gravitational radiation in higher

Mahdi Godazgar, Harvey S. Reall

1204.4744 (Leonid Marochnik)

Birth of Dark Energy by Quantum Metric Fluctuations in Imaginary Time    [PDF]

Leonid Marochnik

1204.4786 (Maurice Kleman)

Some aspects of defect theory in spacetime    [PDF]

Maurice Kleman

1204.4806 (Spyros Basilakos et al.)

Generalizing the running vacuum energy model and comparing with the
entropic-force models

Spyros Basilakos, David Polarski, Joan Sola

1204.4907 (Ricardo E. Gamboa Saravi)

Higher-dimensional perfect fluids and empty singular boundaries    [PDF]

Ricardo E. Gamboa Saravi

1204.4911 (Ricardo E. Gamboa Saravi)

Empty singularities in higher-dimensional Gravity    [PDF]

Ricardo E. Gamboa Saravi

1204.4918 (Eduardo Martin-Martinez et al.)

Cosmological quantum entanglement    [PDF]

Eduardo Martin-Martinez, Nicolas C. Menicucci

1204.4924 (João Paulo M. Pitelli et al.)

Quantum Singularities in Horava-Lifshitz Cosmology    [PDF]

João Paulo M. Pitelli, Alberto Saa

1204.4926 (Gerard 't Hooft)

Relating the quantum mechanics of discrete systems to standard canonical
quantum mechanics

Gerard 't Hooft

1204.5018 (Antony Lewis)

The full squeezed CMB bispectrum from inflation    [PDF]

Antony Lewis

1204.5041 (Christophe Ringeval et al.)

All sky CMB map from cosmic strings integrated Sachs-Wolfe effect    [PDF]

Christophe Ringeval, Francois R. Bouchet

1204.5042 (David Langlois et al.)

Isocurvature modes in the CMB bispectrum    [PDF]

David Langlois, Bartjan van Tent

1204.5060 (M. Fathi et al.)

Radiation effects on particle's trajectory in the linear level    [PDF]

M. Fathi, M. Tanhayi-Ahari, M. R. Tanhayi, F. Tavakoli

1204.5085 (V. Emelyanov et al.)

Instability of de Sitter spacetime from a nonstandard vector field    [PDF]

V. Emelyanov, F. R. Klinkhamer

1204.5105 (M Banados et al.)

The action for higher spin black holes in three dimensions    [PDF]

M Banados, R. Canto, S. Theisen

1204.5122 (Eugenio Bianchi)

Entropy of Non-Extremal Black Holes from Loop Gravity    [PDF]

Eugenio Bianchi

1204.5133 (Carlos Batista)

Weyl Tensor Classification in Four-dimensional Manifolds of All

Carlos Batista

1204.5149 (Hari K. Kunduri et al.)

Extremal Sasakian horizons    [PDF]

Hari K. Kunduri, James Lucietti