Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1109.1182 (Han Wang et al.)

Leading-order spin-orbit and spin(1)-spin(2) radiation-reaction

Han Wang, Jan Steinhoff, Jing Zeng, Gerhard Schäfer

1109.4254 (Mehmet Akyol et al.)

Topology and geometry of 6-dimensional (1,0) supergravity black hole

Mehmet Akyol, George Papadopoulos

1109.4923 (Mark Davidson)

The Lorentz-Dirac equation in complex space-time    [PDF]

Mark Davidson

1110.0094 (S. Habib Mazharimousavi et al.)

Colliding plane wave solution in F(R)=R^{N} gravity    [PDF]

S. Habib Mazharimousavi, M. Halilsoy, T. Tahamtan

1110.0410 (Lydia Bieri et al.)

The Electromagnetic Christodoulou Memory Effect and its Application to
Neutron Star Binary Mergers

Lydia Bieri, PoNing Chen, Shing-Tung Yau

1110.3872 (Yoshihiro Mitsuka et al.)

No more CKY two-forms in the NHEK    [PDF]

Yoshihiro Mitsuka, George Moutsopoulos

1111.0946 (Rodrigo Maier et al.)

Bouncing models with a cosmological constant    [PDF]

Rodrigo Maier, Stella Pereira, Nelson Pinto-Neto, Beatriz B. Siffert

1111.1223 (R. F. Aranha et al.)

Mass-Energy and Momentum Extraction by Gravitational Wave Emission in
the Merger of Two Colliding Black Holes: The Non-Head-On Case

R. F. Aranha, I. Damião Soares, E. V. Tonini

1111.1587 (M. I. Wanas et al.)

Cosmological applications in Kaluza-Klein theory    [PDF]

M. I. Wanas, Gamal G. L. Nashed, A. A. Nowaya

1111.2684 (Shunichiro Kinoshita et al.)

Hawking temperature for near-equilibrium black holes    [PDF]

Shunichiro Kinoshita, Norihiro Tanahashi

1111.6342 (Changjun Gao)

Introduction of the generalized Lorenz gauge condition into the
vector-tensor theory

Changjun Gao

1201.0983 (Pierre Binétruy et al.)

Cosmological Backgrounds of Gravitational Waves and eLISA/NGO: Phase
Transitions, Cosmic Strings and Other Sources

Pierre Binétruy, Alejandro Bohé, Chiara Caprini, Jean-François Dufaux

1201.2664 (E. A. Tagirov)

Unfinished History and Paradoxes of Quantum Potential. I.
Non-Relativistic Origin, History and Paradoxes

E. A. Tagirov

1201.6342 (Ana Achucarro et al.)

Effective theories of single field inflation when heavy fields matter    [PDF]

Ana Achucarro, Jinn-Ouk Gong, Sjoerd Hardeman, Gonzalo A. Palma, Subodh P. Patil

1201.6362 (Robert Poltis)

Gravity Waves Seeded by Turbulence and Magnetic Fields From a First
Order Phase Transition With Non-Renormalizable Electroweak Vacua

Robert Poltis

1201.6384 (Sveta Golod et al.)

Choptuik's Critical Phenomenon in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity    [PDF]

Sveta Golod, Tsvi Piran

1201.6386 (Liora Dori et al.)

Finite-mass correction to 2D Black-hole evaporation rate    [PDF]

Liora Dori, Amos Ori

1201.6392 (J. W. Maluf et al.)

Gravitational energy-momentum flow in binary systems    [PDF]

J. W. Maluf, S. C. Ulhoa, J. F. da Rocha-Neto

1201.6393 (F. Shankar et al.)

Black Holes in Pseudobulges: demography and models    [PDF]

F. Shankar, F. Marulli, S. Mathur, M. Bernardi, F. Bournaud

1201.6414 (B. E. Whale)

The dependence of the abstract boundary classification on a set of
curves II: How the classification changes when the bounded parameter property
satisfying set of curves changes

B. E. Whale

1201.6434 (Jiro Soda)

Statistical Anisotropy from Anisotropic Inflation    [PDF]

Jiro Soda

1201.6443 (Brett McInnes)

Fragile Black Holes and an Angular Momentum Cutoff in Peripheral Heavy
Ion Collisions

Brett McInnes

1201.6448 (Zahra Haghani et al.)

Cosmological dynamics of brane $f(\mc{R})$ gravity    [PDF]

Zahra Haghani, Hamid Reza Sepangi, Shahab Shahidi

1201.6504 (Ibrahim Gullu)

Massive Higher Derivative Gravity Theories    [PDF]

Ibrahim Gullu

1201.6505 (C. Wetterich)

Geometry and symmetries in lattice spinor gravity    [PDF]

C. Wetterich

1201.6520 (Sunandan Gangopadhyay et al.)

Analytic study of properties of holographic superconductors in
Born-Infeld electrodynamics

Sunandan Gangopadhyay, Dibakar Roychowdhury

1201.6587 (Crescenzo Tortora et al.)

Dark matter and alternative recipes for the missing mass    [PDF]

Crescenzo Tortora, Philippe Jetzer, Nicola R. Napolitano

1201.6606 (Oleg Evnin)

Quantum backreaction in string theory    [PDF]

Oleg Evnin

1201.6636 (Neil N. Katz et al.)

Three Quasi-Local Masses    [PDF]

Neil N. Katz, Marcus A. Khuri

1201.6661 (Tomasz Denkiewicz et al.)

Cosmological tests of sudden future singularities    [PDF]

Tomasz Denkiewicz, Mariusz P. Dcabrowski, Hoda Ghodsi, Martin A. Hendry

1201.6672 (A. Camacho et al.)

Ultra--cold gases and the detection of the Earth's rotation: Bogoliubov
space and gravitomagnetism

A. Camacho, E. Castellanos