Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1305.2029 (Hiroyuki Kitamoto et al.)

Soft gravitational effects in Kadanoff-Baym approach    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Kitamoto, Yoshihisa Kitazawa

1305.4631 (Ahmad T. Ali et al.)

Symmetry Group Analysis for perfect fluid Inhomogeneous Cosmological
Models in General Relativity

Ahmad T. Ali, Anil Kumar Yadav

1305.4582 (S. Jordan et al.)

Causal Dynamical Triangulations without Preferred Foliation    [PDF]

S. Jordan, R. Loll

1305.4636 (Jorge S. Diaz et al.)

Relativity violations and beta decay    [PDF]

Jorge S. Diaz, Alan Kostelecky, Ralf Lehnert

1305.4647 (R Aros et al.)

On Wald entropy of black holes: logarithmic corrections and trace

R Aros, D E Diaz, A Montecinos

1305.4664 (F. T. Falciano et al.)

Scalar Field Perturbations with Arbitrary Potentials in Quantum

F. T. Falciano, Nelson Pinto-Neto, Sandro Dias Pinto Vitenti

1305.4685 (Edward Anderson)

Machian Classical and Semiclassical Emergent Time    [PDF]

Edward Anderson

1305.4702 (T. G. Budd et al.)

Exploring Torus Universes in Causal Dynamical Triangulations    [PDF]

T. G. Budd, R. Loll

1305.4709 (Sudhaker Upadhyay)

Perturbative quantum gravity in Batalin-Vilkovisky formalism    [PDF]

Sudhaker Upadhyay

1305.4754 (Tomi S. Koivisto et al.)

Novel aspects of C-theories in Cosmology    [PDF]

Tomi S. Koivisto, David F. Mota, Marit Sandstad

1305.4790 (Cosimo Bambi et al.)

Quantum-gravity inspired collapse with far observable bounce    [PDF]

Cosimo Bambi, Daniele Malafarina, Leonardo Modesto

1305.4851 (Zacharias Roupas)

Gravitational-thermodynamic instabilities of isothermal spheres in dS
and AdS

Zacharias Roupas

1305.4866 (Eoin Condron et al.)

Collapse of a cylindrically symmetric, self-similar scalar field with
non-minimal coupling

Eoin Condron, Brien C. Nolan

1305.4884 (Donato Bini et al.)

Analytical determination of the two-body gravitational interaction
potential at the 4th post-Newtonian approximation

Donato Bini, Thibault Damour

1305.4919 (Jorge Casalderrey-Solana et al.)

From full stopping to transparency in a holographic model of heavy ion

Jorge Casalderrey-Solana, Michal P. Heller, David Mateos, Wilke van der Schee