Wednesday, February 29, 2012

1102.1867 (Jörg Frauendiener et al.)

A note on the post-Newtonian limit of quasi-local energy expressions    [PDF]

Jörg Frauendiener, László B Szabados

1103.4841 (Stefano Finazzi et al.)

Cosmological Constant: A Lesson from Bose-Einstein Condensates    [PDF]

Stefano Finazzi, Stefano Liberati, Lorenzo Sindoni

1105.4025 (Yan-Gang Miao et al.)

The coordinate coherent states approach revisited    [PDF]

Yan-Gang Miao, Shao-Jun Zhang

1108.0874 (Paolo Creminelli)

Conformal invariance of scalar perturbations in inflation    [PDF]

Paolo Creminelli

1111.1743 (F. Saueressig et al.)

Higher Derivative Gravity from the Universal Renormalization Group

F. Saueressig, K. Groh, S. Rechenberger, O. Zanusso

1112.1404 (Carl L. Rodriguez et al.)

Verifying the no-hair property of massive compact objects with
intermediate-mass-ratio inspirals in advanced gravitational-wave detectors

Carl L. Rodriguez, Ilya Mandel, Jonathan R. Gair

1201.2485 (Jian-Pin Wu et al.)

Dynamic gap from holographic fermions in charged dilaton black branes    [PDF]

Jian-Pin Wu, Hua-Bi Zeng

1202.5978 (D. Bazeia et al.)

On the presence of twinlike models in cosmology    [PDF]

D. Bazeia, J. D. Dantas

1202.6063 (Constanze Roedig et al.)

Evolution of binary black holes in self gravitating discs: dissecting
the torques

Constanze Roedig, Alberto Sesana, Massimo Dotti, Jorge Cuadra, Pau Amaro-Seoane, Francesco Haardt

1202.6067 (E. G. Floratos et al.)

On Topological Modifications of Newton's Law    [PDF]

E. G. Floratos, G. K. Leontaris

1202.6069 (Tim Johannsen et al.)

Testing the No-Hair Theorem with Observations in the Electromagnetic
Spectrum. IV. Relativistically Broadened Iron Lines

Tim Johannsen, Dimitrios Psaltis

1202.6183 (Kirill Krasnov)

A Gauge Theoretic Approach to Gravity    [PDF]

Kirill Krasnov

1202.6189 (P. Castelo Ferreira)

Constraining an Expanding Locally Anisotropic metric from the Pioneer

P. Castelo Ferreira

1202.6204 (Kourosh Nozari et al.)

Cosmological braneworld solutions with bulk scalar field in DGP setup    [PDF]

Kourosh Nozari, M. Khamesian, N. Rashidi

1202.6213 (Chandra Kant Mishra)

Radial infall of two compact objects: 2.5PN linear momentum flux and
associated recoil

Chandra Kant Mishra

1202.6214 (Martin Cermak et al.)

Thin static charged dust Majumdar-Papapetrou shells with high symmetry
in D >= 4

Martin Cermak, Martin Zouhar

1202.6218 (Rituparno Goswami et al.)

Scalar field collapse and cosmic censorship    [PDF]

Rituparno Goswami, Pankaj S. Joshi, Daniele Malafarina

1202.6279 (Willie Wai-Yeung Wong)

A positive mass theorem for two spatial dimensions    [PDF]

Willie Wai-Yeung Wong

1202.6289 (P. Forgács et al.)

Comment on "Finite Size Corrections to the Radiation Reaction Force in
Classical Electrodynamics" [arXiv:1005.2617]

P. Forgács, T. Herpay, P. Kovács

1202.6298 (P. P. Avelino et al.)

Scaling laws for weakly interacting cosmic (super)string and p-brane

P. P. Avelino, L. Sousa

1202.6306 (Harold Steinacker)

Gravity and compactified branes in matrix models    [PDF]

Harold Steinacker

1202.6311 (Thibault Damour)

Theoretical Aspects of the Equivalence Principle    [PDF]

Thibault Damour

1202.6330 (Jerónimo Cortez et al.)

Criteria for the determination of time dependent scalings in the Fock
quantization of scalar fields

Jerónimo Cortez, Guillermo A. Mena Marugán, Javier Olmedo, José M. Velhinho

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

0911.0604 (Eyo Eyo Ita III)

CDJ formulation from the instanton representation of Plebanski gravity    [PDF]

Eyo Eyo Ita III

1004.0055 (Jorge Bellorin et al.)

On the consistency of the Horava Theory    [PDF]

Jorge Bellorin, Alvaro Restuccia

1006.0338 (H. Nikolic)

Closed timelike curves, superluminal signals, and "free will" in
universal quantum mechanics

H. Nikolic

1012.4156 (Huiquan Li)

Gravito-electromagnetism and decomposition of gravity    [PDF]

Huiquan Li

1102.5486 (C. Wiesendanger)

I - Conservation of Gravitational Energy-Momentum and Inner
Diffeomorphism Group Gauge Invariance

C. Wiesendanger

1102.5667 (Nikodem J. Poplawski)

Four-fermion interaction from torsion as dark energy    [PDF]

Nikodem J. Poplawski

1106.0999 (Stefano Bertini et al.)

Conformal structure of the Schwarzschild black hole    [PDF]

Stefano Bertini, Sergio L. Cacciatori, Dietmar Klemm

1107.3023 (Shao-Wen Wei et al.)

Equatorial and quasi-equatorial gravitational lensing by Kerr black hole
pierced by a cosmic string

Shao-Wen Wei, Yu-Xiao Liu

1107.3460 (Patrick Das Gupta)

S. Chandrasekhar: White Dwarfs, $H^-$ ion,.., Black holes, Gravitational

Patrick Das Gupta

1109.5274 (Fabio Grangeiro Rodrigues et al.)

Maxwell and Navier-Stokes Equations Equivalent to Einstein Equation    [PDF]

Fabio Grangeiro Rodrigues, Roldao da Rocha, Waldyr A. Rodrigues Jr

1109.6249 (Lorenzo Iorio)

Environmental fifth-force hypothesis for the OPERA superluminal neutrino
phenomenology: constraints from orbital motions around the Earth

Lorenzo Iorio

1110.2257 (E. T. Akhmedov)

IR divergences and kinetic equation in de Sitter space. (Poincare patch;
Principal series)

E. T. Akhmedov

1111.5090 (Antonio De Felice et al.)

Vainshtein mechanism in second-order scalar-tensor theories    [PDF]

Antonio De Felice, Ryotaro Kase, Shinji Tsujikawa

1112.1057 (Alan J. Weinstein et al.)

Astronomy and astrophysics with gravitational waves in the Advanced
Detector Era

Alan J. Weinstein, for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, for the Virgo Collaboration

1201.3504 (J. Navarro et al.)

Energy and electromagnetism of a differential k-form    [PDF]

J. Navarro, J. B. Sancho

1202.5669 (Prabir Rudra)

Possibility of cyclic Turnarounds In Brane-world Scenario: Phantom
Energy Accretion onto Black Holes and its consequences

Prabir Rudra

1202.5699 (S. Capozziello et al.)

The physical foundations for the geometric structure of relativistic
theories of gravitation. From General Relativity to Extended Theories of
Gravity through Ehlers-Pirani-Schild approach

S. Capozziello, M. De Laurentis, L. Fatibene, M. Francaviglia

1202.5708 (Brendan McMonigal et al.)

The Alcubierre Warp Drive: On the Matter of Matter    [PDF]

Brendan McMonigal, Geraint F. Lewis, Philip O'Byrne

1202.5716 (Giorgio Papini)

Zitterbewegung and gravitational Berry phase    [PDF]

Giorgio Papini

1202.5731 (A. D. Ernest)

The role of quantum expansion in cosmic evolution    [PDF]

A. D. Ernest

1202.5766 (Xavier Roy et al.)

Relativistic cosmological perturbation scheme on a general background:
scalar perturbations for irrotational dust

Xavier Roy, Thomas Buchert

1202.5789 (Ivan Booth)

Horizons in the near-equilibrium regime    [PDF]

Ivan Booth

1202.5800 (Katie E. Leonard et al.)

Graviton Corrections to Maxwell's Equations    [PDF]

Katie E. Leonard, R. P. Woodard

1202.5809 (Steven L. Liebling et al.)

Dynamical Boson Stars    [PDF]

Steven L. Liebling, Carlos Palenzuela

1202.5831 (Shouvik Datta et al.)

Higher spin fermions in the BTZ black hole    [PDF]

Shouvik Datta, Justin R. David

1202.5870 (E. Gerlach et al.)

Consistent modeling of the geodetic precession in Earth rotation    [PDF]

E. Gerlach, S. Klioner, M. Soffel

1202.5899 (J. Kluson)

Remark About Hamiltonian Formulation of Non-Linear Massive Gravity in
Stuckelberg Formalism

J. Kluson

1202.5911 (K. G. Arun)

Generic bounds on dipolar gravitational radiation from inspiralling
compact binaries

K. G. Arun

1202.5932 (Rutger van Haasteren et al.)

Understanding and analysing time-correlated stochastic signals in pulsar

Rutger van Haasteren, Yuri Levin

1202.5936 (Andrew Ulvestad et al.)

Creating universes with thick walls    [PDF]

Andrew Ulvestad, Andreas Albrecht

1202.5970 (Andrzej Krasiński et al.)

Apparent horizons in the quasi-spherical Szekeres models    [PDF]

Andrzej Krasiński, Krzysztof Bolejko

1202.5971 (C. G. Torre)

All homogeneous pure radiation spacetimes satisfy the Einstein-Maxwell

C. G. Torre

1202.5972 (Carlos N. Kozameh et al.)

Spin and Center of Mass in Axially Symmetric Einstein-Maxwell Spacetimes    [PDF]

Carlos N. Kozameh, Gonzalo Quiroga

1202.6015 (Stefano Finazzi et al.)

Hawking radiation in dispersive theories, the two regimes    [PDF]

Stefano Finazzi, Renaud Parentani

1202.6045 (Yuri N. Obukhov et al.)

Extended Einstein-Cartan theory a la Diakonov: the field equations    [PDF]

Yuri N. Obukhov, Friedrich W. Hehl

Monday, February 27, 2012

0908.3322 (Erik Curiel)

On Tensorial Concomitants and the Non-Existence of a Gravitational
Stress-Energy Tensor

Erik Curiel

1104.2590 (Mustapha Ishak et al.)

The growth of structure in the Szekeres inhomogeneous cosmological
models and the matter-dominated era

Mustapha Ishak, Austin Peel

1108.5561 (Paul Romatschke)

Relativistic (Lattice) Boltzmann Equation with Non-Ideal Equation of

Paul Romatschke

1110.2462 (Yuki Watanabe)

δN versus covariant perturbative approach to non-Gaussianity
outside the horizon in multifield inflation

Yuki Watanabe

1110.2865 (Atsushi Nishizawa et al.)

Cosmology with space-based gravitational-wave detectors --- dark energy
and primordial gravitational waves ---

Atsushi Nishizawa, Kent Yagi, Atsushi Taruya, Takahiro Tanaka

1111.3737 (Frank Ohme)

Analytical meets numerical relativity - status of complete gravitational
waveform models for binary black holes

Frank Ohme

1111.5764 (Enea Di Dio et al.)

Back Reaction from Walls    [PDF]

Enea Di Dio, Marc Vonlanthen, Ruth Durrer

1112.2714 (Térence Delsate et al.)

Localizing modes of massive fermions and a U(1) gauge field in the
inflating baby-skyrmion branes

Térence Delsate, Nobuyuki Sawado

1112.4793 (P. M. Zhang et al.)

Kohn's theorem and Newton-Hooke symmetry for Hill's equations    [PDF]

P. M. Zhang, G. W. Gibbons, P. A. Horvathy

1201.1591 (Handhika S. Ramadhan)

Higher-dimensional DBI Solitons    [PDF]

Handhika S. Ramadhan

1202.4895 (Peter C. Stichel et al.)

Darkon fluid - a model for the dark sector of the Universe?    [PDF]

Peter C. Stichel, Wojtek J. Zakrzewski

1202.5336 (Christopher Wegg)

Pseudo-Newtonian Potentials for Nearly Parabolic Orbits    [PDF]

Christopher Wegg

1202.5347 (William R. Kelly et al.)

Phase Spaces for asymptotically de Sitter Cosmologies    [PDF]

William R. Kelly, Donald Marolf

1202.5370 (Anirvan DasGupta et al.)

Geodesic flows in rotating black hole backgrounds    [PDF]

Anirvan DasGupta, Hemwati Nandan, Sayan Kar

1202.5373 (Reyes Luz Marina et al.)

On gravitational waves generated during inflation under the influence of
a dynamical cosmological "constant"

Reyes Luz Marina, Moreno Claudia, Madriz Aguilar Jose Edgar

1202.5375 (Yuta Toyozato et al.)

Scalar Domain Wall as the Universe    [PDF]

Yuta Toyozato, Kazuharu Bamba, Shin'ichi Nojiri

1202.5408 (Andrea Geralico et al.)

Neutrino oscillations in the field of a rotating deformed mass    [PDF]

Andrea Geralico, Orlando Luongo

1202.5448 (Ewa Czuchry et al.)

Dynamics of the non-diagonal Bianchi IX model near the cosmological

Ewa Czuchry, Wlodzimierz Piechocki

1202.5501 (Igor A. Bandos)

Multiple M0-brane equations in eleven dimensional pp-wave superspace and
BMN matrix model

Igor A. Bandos

Friday, February 24, 2012

1101.3326 (Gary T. Horowitz et al.)

A Holographic Josephson Junction    [PDF]

Gary T. Horowitz, Jorge E. Santos, Benson Way

1108.1856 (Pankaj Jain et al.)

Testing Unimodular Gravity    [PDF]

Pankaj Jain, Purnendu Karmakar, Subhadip Mitra, Sukanta Panda, Naveen K. Singh

1110.5106 (Tao Zhu et al.)

General covariant Horava-Lifshitz gravity without projectability
condition and its applications to cosmology

Tao Zhu, Fu-Wen Shu, Qiang Wu, Anzhong Wang

1111.4332 (Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica)

Analytic Reissner-Nordstrom Singularity    [PDF]

Ovidiu Cristinel Stoica

1111.4837 (Ovidiu-Cristinel Stoica)

Schwarzschild Singularity is Semi-Regularizable    [PDF]

Ovidiu-Cristinel Stoica

1112.6381 (Antonio Pasqua et al.)

Interacting Ricci Dark Energy with Logarithmic Correction    [PDF]

Antonio Pasqua, A. Khodam-Mohammadi, Mubasher Jamil, R. Myrzakulov

1202.4761 (Naoki Seto)

Relativistic Resonant Relations between Massive Black Hole Binary and
Extreme Mass Ratio Inspiral

Naoki Seto

1202.5037 (Matthew Kleban et al.)

Spatial Curvature Falsifies Eternal Inflation    [PDF]

Matthew Kleban, Marjorie Schillo

1202.5039 (Sergei Alexandrov)

Degenerate Plebanski Sector and its Spin Foam Quantization    [PDF]

Sergei Alexandrov

1202.5069 (Sebastian Fischetti et al.)

Flowing Funnels: Heat sources for field theories and the AdS_3 dual of
CFT_2 Hawking radiation

Sebastian Fischetti, Donald Marolf

1202.5097 (Harald Fritzsch et al.)

Matter Non-conservation in the Universe and Dynamical Dark Energy    [PDF]

Harald Fritzsch, Joan Sola

1202.5100 (Vladimir Dzhunushaliev)

Canonical conjugated Dirac equation in a curved space    [PDF]

Vladimir Dzhunushaliev

1202.5107 (Thomas-Paul Hack et al.)

On the Stress-Energy Tensor of Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetimes -
Comparison of Different Regularization Schemes and Symmetry of the
Hadamard/Seeley-DeWitt Coefficients

Thomas-Paul Hack, Valter Moretti

1202.5146 (Chong Oh Lee)

The holographic superconductors in higher-dimensional AdS soliton    [PDF]

Chong Oh Lee

1202.5157 (Włodzimierz Natorf)

Asymptotic stability of vacuum type II metrics    [PDF]

Włodzimierz Natorf

1202.5228 (Charalampos Markakis)

Constants of motion in stationary axisymmetric gravitational fields    [PDF]

Charalampos Markakis

1202.5255 (Avihay Kadosh et al.)

Slinky evolution of domain wall brane cosmology    [PDF]

Avihay Kadosh, Aharon Davidson, Elisabetta Pallante

1202.5271 (Moshe Rozali et al.)

Holographic Higgs Phases    [PDF]

Moshe Rozali, Darren Smyth, Evgeny Sorkin

1202.5273 (Ram Brustein et al.)

Wave function of the quantum black hole    [PDF]

Ram Brustein, Merav Hadad

Thursday, February 23, 2012

1108.0896 (Nitin Chandra et al.)

Thermodynamics of Ideal Gas in Doubly Special Relativity    [PDF]

Nitin Chandra, Sandeep Chatterjee

1109.3944 (Pedro D. Alvarez et al.)

Supersymmetry of a different kind    [PDF]

Pedro D. Alvarez, Mauricio Valenzuela, Jorge Zanelli

1112.2301 (Juan M. Romero et al.)

Principle action for particles faster than light    [PDF]

Juan M. Romero, Jose A. Santiago, O. Gonzalez-Gaxiola

1202.4758 (Julian A. King et al.)

Spatial variation in the fine-structure constant -- new results from

Julian A. King, John K. Webb, Michael T. Murphy, Victor V. Flambaum, Robert F. Carswell, Matthew B. Bainbridge, Michael R. Wilczynska, F. Elliot Koch

1202.4768 (Z. Nourinezhad et al.)

Some examples for different descriptions of energy-momentum density in
the context of Bianchi IX cosmological model

Z. Nourinezhad, H. Farajollahi, S. H. Mehdipour

1202.4773 (Maxim Eingorn et al.)

Significance of tension for gravitating masses in Kaluza-Klein models    [PDF]

Maxim Eingorn, Alexander Zhuk

1202.4807 (S. I. Kruglov)

Born-Infeld-like modified gravity    [PDF]

S. I. Kruglov

1202.4825 (A. S. Sefiedgar et al.)

Brane-$f(R)$ gravity and dark matter    [PDF]

A. S. Sefiedgar, Z. Haghani, H. R. Sepangi

1202.4859 (Takahisa Igata et al.)

Effect of a Weak Electromagnetic Field on Particle Acceleration by a
Rotating Black Hole

Takahisa Igata, Tomohiro Harada, Masashi Kimura

1202.4888 (Simone Calogero)

Cosmological models with fluid matter undergoing velocity diffusion    [PDF]

Simone Calogero

1202.4893 (Tsutomu Kobayashi et al.)

Black hole perturbation in the most general scalar-tensor theory with
second-order field equations I: the odd-parity sector

Tsutomu Kobayashi, Hayato Motohashi, Teruaki Suyama

1202.4922 (Weijian Wang et al.)

Entropy Bound with Generalized Uncertainty Principle in General

Weijian Wang, Da Huang

1202.4934 (Ralph Blumenhagen et al.)

Palatini-Lovelock-Cartan Gravity - Bianchi Identities for Stringy Fluxes    [PDF]

Ralph Blumenhagen, Andreas Deser, Erik Plauschinn, Felix Rennecke

1202.4936 (Xin-he Meng et al.)

Rip/singularity free cosmology models with bulk viscosity    [PDF]

Xin-he Meng, Zhi-yuan Ma

1202.4951 (Alexis Larranaga et al.)

Advance of Planetary Perihelion in Post-Newtonian Gravity    [PDF]

Alexis Larranaga, Luis Cabarique

1202.4973 (M. Mohsenzadeh et al.)

Cosmic Acceleration from Warped Space-time in Brane-world Scenario    [PDF]

M. Mohsenzadeh, E. Yusofi

1202.4975 (M. Mohsenzadeh et al.)

Spectrum of Gravitational Waves in Krein Space Quantization    [PDF]

M. Mohsenzadeh, A. Sojasi, E. Yusofi

1202.4991 (A. Sojasi et al.)

Trans-Planckian Scale and Krein Space Quantization    [PDF]

A. Sojasi, M. Mohsenzadeh

1202.4995 (J. W. Maluf et al.)

Gravitational pressure on event horizons and thermodynamics in the
teleparallel framework

J. W. Maluf, S. C. Ulhoa, J. F. da Rocha-Neto

1202.5009 (Ernesto F. Eiroa et al.)

Aspects of spherical shells in a D-dimensional background    [PDF]

Ernesto F. Eiroa, Claudio Simeone

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

0907.1034 (Claudio Dappiaggi et al.)

Rigorous construction and Hadamard property of the Unruh state in
Schwarzschild spacetime

Claudio Dappiaggi, Valter Moretti, Nicola Pinamonti

1101.2566 (Luca Fabbri)

Conformal Gravity with the most general ELKO Matter    [PDF]

Luca Fabbri

1104.0772 (Shih-Yuin Lin)

Instantaneous projective measurements spatially local in a relativistic
quantum field

Shih-Yuin Lin

1105.1216 (Jieci Wang et al.)

System-environment dynamics of X-type states in noninertial frames    [PDF]

Jieci Wang, Jiliang Jing

1109.0081 (David A. Nichols et al.)

Hybrid method for understanding black-hole mergers: Inspiralling case    [PDF]

David A. Nichols, Yanbei Chen

1109.5695 (Marco Baldi)

The CoDECS project: a publicly available suite of cosmological N-body
simulations for interacting dark energy models

Marco Baldi

1109.6109 (Ken-ji Hamada)

Background Free Quantum Gravity based on Conformal Gravity and Conformal
Field Theory on M^4

Ken-ji Hamada

1112.5443 (Ali Mozaffari)

Testing Different Formulations of MOND Using LISA Pathfinder    [PDF]

Ali Mozaffari

1112.6315 (Y. Brihaye et al.)

A scalar field instability of rotating and charged black holes in
(4+1)-dimensional Anti-de Sitter space-time

Y. Brihaye, B. Hartmann

1202.4458 (Yannis Bardoux et al.)

Shaping black holes with free fields    [PDF]

Yannis Bardoux, Marco M. Caldarelli, Christos Charmousis

1202.4487 (R J Slagter et al.)

Warped Self-Gravitating U(1) Gauge Cosmic Strings in 5D    [PDF]

R J Slagter, D Masselink

1202.4502 (F. Bastianelli et al.)

On the low energy limit of one loop photon-graviton amplitudes    [PDF]

F. Bastianelli, O. Corradini, J. M. Davila, C. Schubert

1202.4515 (M. Sharif et al.)

Anisotropic Universe Models in Brans-Dicke Theory    [PDF]

M. Sharif, Saira Waheed

1202.4538 (Ken-ji Hamada)

BRST Analysis of Physical Fields and States for 4D Quantum Gravity on R
x S^3

Ken-ji Hamada

1202.4575 (Naresh Dadhich et al.)

The Lovelock gravity in the critical spacetime dimension    [PDF]

Naresh Dadhich, Sanjay Jhingan

1202.4638 (Julio CĂŠsar Arce)

Unification of the conditional probability and semiclassical
interpretations for the problem of time in quantum theory

Julio CĂŠsar Arce

1202.4639 (Thomas W. Baumgarte)

An alternative approach to solving the Hamiltonian constraint    [PDF]

Thomas W. Baumgarte

1202.4682 (U. Camara dS et al.)

Domain Walls in Extended Lovelock Gravity    [PDF]

U. Camara dS, C. P. Constantinidis, A. L. Alves Lima, G. M. Sotkov

1202.4730 (Kostiantyn Ropotenko)

A diffusion equation approach to determine the quantum of area    [PDF]

Kostiantyn Ropotenko

1202.4734 (Oscar Castillo-Felisola et al.)

Localization of fermions in different domain wall models    [PDF]

Oscar Castillo-Felisola, Ivan Schmidt

1202.4750 (Andreas Ross)

Multipole expansion at the level of the action    [PDF]

Andreas Ross

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

0804.0793 (Eyo Eyo Ita III)

Quantum algebra of the Hamiltonian constraint in reduced
four-dimensional gravity

Eyo Eyo Ita III

1101.5370 (F. R. Klinkhamer)

Newton's gravitational coupling constant from a quantum of area    [PDF]

F. R. Klinkhamer

1107.3677 (Kengo Maeda et al.)

Inhomogeneous charged black hole solutions in asymptotically anti-de
Sitter spacetime

Kengo Maeda, Takashi Okamura, Jun-ichirou Koga

1107.5274 (Maité Dupuis et al.)

Holomorphic Lorentzian Simplicity Constraints    [PDF]

Maité Dupuis, Laurent Freidel, Etera R. Livine, Simone Speziale

1107.5539 (Andreas Weyhausen et al.)

Constraint damping for the Z4c formulation of general relativity    [PDF]

Andreas Weyhausen, Sebastiano Bernuzzi, David Hilditch

1107.5669 (J. C. Hidalgo et al.)

Unification models with reheating via primordial black holes    [PDF]

J. C. Hidalgo, L. Arturo Urena-Lopez, Andrew R. Liddle

1108.0119 (Adam R. Brown et al.)

Populating the Whole Landscape    [PDF]

Adam R. Brown, Alex Dahlen

1108.0422 (Adriano Contillo et al.)

Renormalisation group improvement of scalar field inflation    [PDF]

Adriano Contillo, Mark Hindmarsh, Christoph Rahmede

1108.1145 (Viqar Husain et al.)

Time and a physical Hamiltonian for quantum gravity    [PDF]

Viqar Husain, Tomasz Pawlowski

1108.3841 (Jianwei Mei)

Conformal Symmetries of the Einstein-Hilbert Action on Horizons of
Stationary and Axisymmetric Black Holes

Jianwei Mei

1109.0528 (M. Hamani Daouda et al.)

Static Anisotropic Solutions in f(T) Theory    [PDF]

M. Hamani Daouda, Manuel E. Rodrigues, M. J. S. Houndjo

1109.4142 (Alexander Wiegand et al.)

Inhomogeneity-induced variance of cosmological parameters    [PDF]

Alexander Wiegand, Dominik J. Schwarz

1110.5420 (Takayuki Suzuki)

Method of N-body simulation on the MOdified Gravity    [PDF]

Takayuki Suzuki

1111.2834 (H. S. Tan)

Aspects of Three-dimensional Spin-4 Gravity    [PDF]

H. S. Tan

1111.2875 (Mohamed M. Anber et al.)

On the running of the gravitational constant    [PDF]

Mohamed M. Anber, John F. Donoghue

1111.3174 (Timothy J. Hollowood et al.)

The Effect of Gravitational Tidal Forces on Renormalized Quantum Fields    [PDF]

Timothy J. Hollowood, Graham M. Shore

1111.5650 (Karl Wette)

Estimating the sensitivity of wide-parameter-space searches for
gravitational-wave pulsars

Karl Wette

1111.6070 (M. Montero et al.)

Convergence of fermionic field entanglement at infinite acceleration in
relativistic quantum information

M. Montero, E. Martin-Martinez

1112.0627 (Xian-Hui Ge et al.)

Holographic RG flows and transport coefficients in
Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet-Maxwell theory

Xian-Hui Ge, Yi Ling, Yu Tian, Xiao-Ning Wu

1112.5202 (Julio C. Fabris et al.)

Gravitational waves and stability of cosmological solutions in the
theory with anomaly-induced corrections

Julio C. Fabris, Ana M. Pelinson, Filipe de O. Salles, Ilya L. Shapiro

1202.4025 (David Garfinkle)

Matters of Gravity, The Newsletter of the Topical Group on Gravitation
of the American Physical Society, Volume 39, Winter 2012

David Garfinkle

1202.4031 (Alessandro Manzotti et al.)

Prospects for early localization of gravitational-wave signals from
compact binary coalescences with advanced detectors

Alessandro Manzotti, Alexander Dietz

1202.4057 (Kazuharu Bamba et al.)

Reconstruction of $f(T)$ gravity: Rip cosmology, finite-time future
singularities and thermodynamics

Kazuharu Bamba, Ratbay Myrzakulov, Shin'ichi Nojiri, Sergei D. Odintsov

1202.4059 (B. Chandrasekhar et al.)

A Comparative Note on Tunneling in AdS and in its Boundary Matrix Dual    [PDF]

B. Chandrasekhar, Sudipta Mukherji, Anurag Sahay, Swarnendu Sarkar

1202.4060 (Xiao-Dong Li et al.)

Dark Energy and Fate of the Universe    [PDF]

Xiao-Dong Li, Shuang Wang, Qing-Guo Huang, Xin Zhang, Miao Li

1202.4071 (Hong Li et al.)

Constraining dynamical dark energy with a divergence-free
parametrization in the presence of spatial curvature and massive neutrinos

Hong Li, Xin Zhang

1202.4097 (Khaled Saaidi)

Stability of Ghost Dark Energy in CBD Model of Gravity    [PDF]

Khaled Saaidi

1202.4154 (M. Malekjani et al.)

Statefinder diagnosis and the interacting ghost model of dark energy    [PDF]

M. Malekjani, A. Khodam-Mohammadi

1202.4156 (Jianwei Mei)

On the General Kerr/CFT Correspondence in Arbitrary Dimensions    [PDF]

Jianwei Mei

1202.4159 (Jie Yang et al.)

Particle collisions in the lower dimensional rotating black hole
space-time with the cosmological constant

Jie Yang, Yun-Liang Li, Yang Li, Shao-Wen Wei, Yu-Xiao Liu

1202.4186 (Edward Anderson)

Relational Quadrilateralland. I. Configuration Space Coordinates    [PDF]

Edward Anderson

1202.4187 (Edward Anderson)

Relational Quadrilateralland. II. Analogues of Isospin and Hypercharge    [PDF]

Edward Anderson

1202.4228 (Zhuo-Peng Huang et al.)

Holographic Dark Energy Characterized by the Total Comoving Horizon and
Insights to Cosmological Constant and Coincidence Problem

Zhuo-Peng Huang, Yue-Liang Wu

1202.4235 (Manuel Asorey et al.)

Vacuum stress-tensor in SSB theories    [PDF]

Manuel Asorey, Petr M. Lavrov, Baltazar J. Ribeiro, Ilya L. Shapiro

1202.4253 (Takayuki Suzuki)

Estimation of xi parameter on the Moffat Gravity    [PDF]

Takayuki Suzuki

1202.4296 (Hristu Culetu)

Time dependent embedding of spherically symmetric Rindler spacetime    [PDF]

Hristu Culetu

1202.4317 (Kazuharu Bamba)

Equation of State for Dark Energy in Modified Gravity Theories    [PDF]

Kazuharu Bamba

1202.4322 (Max R. Atkin et al.)

An Analytical Analysis of CDT Coupled to Dimer-like Matter    [PDF]

Max R. Atkin, Stefan Zohren

1202.4364 (P. E. Vielzeuf et al.)

Probing dark energy beyond $z=2$ with CODEX    [PDF]

P. E. Vielzeuf, C. J. A. P. Martins

1202.4422 (Jennie D'Ambroise et al.)

Parametric solution of certain nonlinear differential equations in

Jennie D'Ambroise, Floyd L. Williams

1202.4433 (Michael J. Longo)

An Anomaly in the Angular Distribution of Quasar Magnitudes: Evidence
for a Bubble Universe with a Mass ~10^21 M\odot

Michael J. Longo

1202.4435 (Jan Ambjorn et al.)

New multicritical matrix models and multicritical 2d CDT    [PDF]

Jan Ambjorn, Lisa Glaser, Andrzej Gorlich, Yuki Sato

Monday, February 20, 2012

0710.1228 (Eiji Konishi)

Axion-Dilaton Quantum String Cosmology for Flux Compactification and its
Symmetry Breaking

Eiji Konishi

0904.2544 (Eyo Eyo Ita III)

General covariance for a proposal for 4-D gravity    [PDF]

Eyo Eyo Ita III

1006.2126 (Giovanni Amelino-Camelia et al.)

Taming nonlocality in theories with Planck-scale-deformed Lorentz

Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, Marco Matassa, Flavio Mercati, Giacomo Rosati

1102.4828 (U. D. Machado et al.)

Generalized Non-Commutative Inflation    [PDF]

U. D. Machado, R. Opher

1104.5527 (Robert Oeckl)

Affine holomorphic quantization    [PDF]

Robert Oeckl

1108.5086 (G. Jannes et al.)

The cosmological constant: a lesson from the Weyl superfluid 3He-A    [PDF]

G. Jannes, G. E. Volovik

1110.0481 (G. Alencar et al.)

Quantum Scalar Field in D-dimensional de Sitter Spacetimes    [PDF]

G. Alencar, I. Guedes, R. R. Landim, R. N. Costa Filho

1111.6738 (L. Herrera)

On the Meaning of General Covariance and the Relevance of Observers in
General Relativity

L. Herrera

1112.2695 (Marc Casals et al.)

The Branch Cut and Quasi-normal Modes at Large Imaginary Frequency in
Schwarzschild Space-time

Marc Casals, Adrian C. Ottewill

1202.3780 (Fotis Farakos et al.)

A New Class of Four-Dimensional N=1 Supergravity with Non-minimal
Derivative Couplings

Fotis Farakos, Cristiano Germani, Alex Kehagias, Emmanuel N. Saridakis

1202.3781 (Chen Xu et al.)

Phase-Space analysis of Teleparallel Dark Energy    [PDF]

Chen Xu, Emmanuel N. Saridakis, Genly Leon

1202.3635 (Gustavo E. Romero et al.)

New remarks on the Cosmological Argument    [PDF]

Gustavo E. Romero, Daniela Pérez

1202.3862 (Hassan Bourhrous et al.)

CMB Tensor Anisotropies in Metric f(R) Gravity    [PDF]

Hassan Bourhrous, Álvaro de la Cruz-Dombriz, Peter Dunsby

1202.3864 (Amare Abebe et al.)

Simultaneous expansion and rotation of shear-free universes in modified

Amare Abebe, Rituparno Goswami, Peter K. S. Dunsby

1202.3869 (Ricardo Gallego Torromé et al.)

On Fermat's principle for causal curves in time oriented Finsler

Ricardo Gallego Torromé, Paolo Piccione, Henrique Vitório

1202.3882 (P. Stavrinos)

Weak Gravitational Field in Finsler-Randers Space and Raychaudhuri

P. Stavrinos

1202.3924 (Seungjoon Hyun et al.)

On Classical Equivalence Between Noncritical and Einstein Gravity : The
AdS/CFT Perspectives

Seungjoon Hyun, Wooje Jang, Jaehoon Jeong, Sang-Heon Yi

1202.3944 (Miok Park et al.)

Deformations of Lifshitz Holography in $(n+1)$-dimensions    [PDF]

Miok Park, Robert B. Mann

Friday, February 17, 2012

1109.0022 (Jessica L. Cook et al.)

Particle production during inflation and gravitational waves detectable
by ground-based interferometers

Jessica L. Cook, Lorenzo Sorbo

1109.3420 (A. Borowiec et al.)

Cosmic acceleration from modified gravity with Palatini formalism    [PDF]

A. Borowiec, M. Kamionka, A. Kurek, M. Szydlowski

1109.6936 (Sophie Zhang)

Isotropy in the two-point angular correlation function of the CMB    [PDF]

Sophie Zhang

1112.2146 (Amitabh Virmani)

Supertranslations and Holographic Stress Tensor    [PDF]

Amitabh Virmani

1201.0013 (Michael Gary et al.)

Towards non-AdS holography in 3-dimensional higher spin gravity    [PDF]

Michael Gary, Daniel Grumiller, Radoslav Rashkov

1201.4521 (P. A. González et al.)

Quasinormal modes and Stability Analysis for 4-dimensional Lifshitz
Black Hole

P. A. González, Joel Saavedra, Yerko Vásquez

1202.3644 (Anil Kumar Yadav)

Bianchi-V string cosmological model and late time acceleration    [PDF]

Anil Kumar Yadav

1202.3445 (C. M. Warnick)

The massive wave equation in asymptotically AdS spacetimes    [PDF]

C. M. Warnick

1202.3448 (Hans-Thomas Elze)

Four questions for quantum-classical hybrid theory    [PDF]

Hans-Thomas Elze

1202.3457 (O. A. Lemets et al.)

Interacting dark energy models in fractal cosmology    [PDF]

O. A. Lemets, D. A. Yerokhin

1202.3494 (Iacopo Carusotto et al.)

The Cerenkov effect revisited: from swimming ducks to zero modes in
gravitational analogs

Iacopo Carusotto, Germain Rousseaux

1202.3512 (Kent Yagi)

Gravitational wave observations of galactic intermediate-mass black hole
binaries with DECIGO Path Finder

Kent Yagi

1202.3517 (Zhuo-Peng Huang et al.)

Cosmological Constraint and Analysis on Holographic Dark Energy Model
Characterized by the Conformal-age-like Length

Zhuo-Peng Huang, Yue-Liang Wu

1202.3525 (Yen-Kheng Lim)

Warped branches of flux compactifications    [PDF]

Yen-Kheng Lim

1202.3550 (Karl Landsteiner)

The Sound of Strongly Coupled Field Theories: Quasinormal Modes In AdS    [PDF]

Karl Landsteiner

1202.3558 (Takashi Uchiyama et al.)

Reduction of thermal fluctuations in a cryogenic laser interferometric
gravitational wave detector

Takashi Uchiyama, Shinji Miyoki, Souichi Telada, Kazuhiro Yamamoto, Masatake Ohashi, Kazuhiro Agatsuma, Koji Arai, Masa-Katsu Fujimoto, Tomiyoshi Haruyama, Seiji Kawamura, Osamu Miyakawa, Naoko Ohishi, Takanori Saito, Takakazu Shintomi, Toshikazu Suzuki, Ryutaro Takahashi, Daisuke Tatsumi

1202.3565 (Donato Bini et al.)

Effective action approach to higher-order relativistic tidal
interactions in binary systems and their effective one body description

Donato Bini, Thibault Damour, Guillaume Faye

1202.3573 (Salvatore Capozziello et al.)

Running coupling in electroweak interactions of leptons from
f(R)-gravity with torsion

Salvatore Capozziello, Mariafelicia De Laurentis, Luca Fabbri, Stefano Vignolo

1202.3595 (Alf Tang et al.)

Detecting Cosmic Gravitational-wave Background from Super-heavy Cosmic
Strings with LISA

Alf Tang, Timothy J. Sumner

1202.3598 (Amine Benachour)

On the f(R) theories equivalent to general relativity, for spacetimes
with a constant Ricci scalar

Amine Benachour

1202.3629 (S. Mendoza et al.)

MOND as the weak-field limit of an extended metric theory of gravity    [PDF]

S. Mendoza, T. Bernal, J. C. Hidalgo, S. Capozziello

1202.3637 (Valentin Bonzom et al.)

Random tensor models in the large N limit: Uncoloring the colored tensor

Valentin Bonzom, Razvan Gurau, Vincent Rivasseau

1202.3688 (Julien Cortier)

Gluing construction of initial data with Kerr-de Sitter ends    [PDF]

Julien Cortier

Thursday, February 16, 2012

0902.0666 (S. Habib Mazharimousavi et al.)

Effect of the Born-Infeld Parameter in higher dimensional Hawking

S. Habib Mazharimousavi, I. Sakalli, M. Halilsoy

1104.2692 (Kazuharu Bamba et al.)

Screening of cosmological constant for De Sitter Universe in non-local
gravity, phantom-divide crossing and finite-time future singularities

Kazuharu Bamba, Shin'ichi Nojiri, Sergei D. Odintsov, Misao Sasaki

1108.5886 (Sungwook E. Hong et al.)

The Possibility of Inflation in Asymptotically Safe Gravity    [PDF]

Sungwook E. Hong, Young Jae Lee, Heeseung Zoe

1110.6731 (Takamitsu Tatsuoka et al.)

Extremal Charged Black Holes with a Twisted Extra Dimension    [PDF]

Takamitsu Tatsuoka, Hideki Ishihara, Masashi Kimura, Ken Matsuno

1112.5183 (Pablo Alejandro Sánchez et al.)

Dirac equation in a de Sitter expansion for massive neutrinos from
modern Kaluza-Klein theory

Pablo Alejandro Sánchez, Mariano Anabitarte, Mauricio Bellini

1202.3151 (Leonardo Modesto)

Super-renormalizable Multidimensional Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Leonardo Modesto

1202.3172 (Pontus Ahlqvist et al.)

Warped Vacuum Statistics    [PDF]

Pontus Ahlqvist, Brian Greene, David Kagan

1202.3175 (Catarina Bastos et al.)

Noncanonical Phase-Space Noncommutative Black Holes    [PDF]

Catarina Bastos, Orfeu Bertolami, Nuno Dias, João Prata

1202.3256 (J. Logue et al.)

Inferring Core-Collapse Supernova Physics with Gravitational Waves    [PDF]

J. Logue, C. D. Ott, I. S. Heng, P. Kalmus, J. Scargill

1202.3259 (I. Sakalli et al.)

Fading Hawking Radiation    [PDF]

I. Sakalli, M. Halilsoy, H. Pasaoglu

1202.3280 (Adam Balcerzak et al.)

Density preturbations in a finite scale factor singularity universe    [PDF]

Adam Balcerzak, Tomasz Denkiewicz

1202.3297 (I. Sakalli)

Quantization of Higher Dimensional Linear Dilaton Black Hole
Area/Entropy From Quasinormal Modes

I. Sakalli

1202.3324 (Matteo Smerlak)

On the inertia of heat    [PDF]

Matteo Smerlak

1202.3344 (Massimo Giovannini)

Weyl invariance and the conductivity of the protoinflationary plasma    [PDF]

Massimo Giovannini

1202.3373 (Lee Smolin)

A perspective on the landscape problem    [PDF]

Lee Smolin

1202.3376 (Ken D. Olum)

Is there any coherent measure for eternal inflation?    [PDF]

Ken D. Olum

1202.3388 (I-Sheng Yang)

The Strong Multifield Slowroll Condition and Spiral Inflation    [PDF]

I-Sheng Yang

1202.3402 (Jose Gaite)

Turbulence models of gravitational clustering    [PDF]

Jose Gaite

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

1012.0992 (J. Jeknic-Dugic et al.)

Quantum Structures of a Model-Universe: Questioning the Everett
Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

J. Jeknic-Dugic, M. Dugic, A. Francom

1106.6327 (Thomas-Paul Hack et al.)

A No-Go Theorem for the Consistent Quantization of Spin 3/2 Fields on
General Curved Spacetimes

Thomas-Paul Hack, Mathias Makedonski

1109.6086 (A. Bernui et al.)

Mapping the large-angle deviation from Gaussianity in simulated CMB maps    [PDF]

A. Bernui, M. J. Reboucas

1110.0545 (Stephen R. Green et al.)

Constraints on String Cosmology    [PDF]

Stephen R. Green, Emil J. Martinec, Callum Quigley, Savdeep Sethi

1110.4494 (Joao G. Rosa et al.)

Massive vector fields on the Schwarzschild spacetime: quasinormal modes
and bound states

Joao G. Rosa, Sam R. Dolan

1112.1666 (Phillip Helbig)

Is there a flatness problem in classical cosmology?    [PDF]

Phillip Helbig

1112.2338 (M. Reza Tanhayi et al.)

Unitarity of Weyl-Invariant New Massive Gravity and Generation of
Graviton Mass via Symmetry Breaking

M. Reza Tanhayi, Suat Dengiz, Bayram Tekin

1112.4112 (Julio Oliva et al.)

Conformal couplings of a scalar field to higher curvature terms    [PDF]

Julio Oliva, Sourya Ray

1112.5447 (Tomasz Denkiewicz)

Observational Constraints on Finite Scale Factor Singularities    [PDF]

Tomasz Denkiewicz

1112.6198 (Francisco Correa et al.)

Hairy black hole entropy and the role of solitons in three dimensions    [PDF]

Francisco Correa, Cristian Martinez, Ricardo Troncoso

1201.2040 (Michel Dubois-Violette et al.)

The Weil Algebra of a Hopf Algebra - I - A noncommutative framework    [PDF]

Michel Dubois-Violette, Giovanni Landi

1201.3769 (Hristu Culetu)

On the time dependent Schwarzschild - de Sitter spacetime    [PDF]

Hristu Culetu

1201.4056 (Artyom V. Astashenok et al.)

Phantom Cosmology without Big Rip Singularity    [PDF]

Artyom V. Astashenok, Shin'ichi Nojiri, Sergei D. Odintsov, Artyom V. Yurov

1202.3050 (Raj Bali et al.)

Bianchi Type V Viscous Fluid Cosmological Models in Presence of Decaying
Vacuum Energy

Raj Bali, Pratibha Singh, J. P. Singh

1202.2853 (Alan Cooney et al.)

Special and General Relativistic Effects in Galactic Rotation Curves    [PDF]

Alan Cooney, Dimitrios Psaltis, Dennis Zaritsky

1202.2864 (Alexander Tchekhovskoy et al.)

General Relativistic Modeling of Magnetized Jets from Accreting Black

Alexander Tchekhovskoy, Jonathan C. McKinney, Ramesh Narayan

1202.2893 (Alexandre Le Tiec)

Spacetime Symmetries and Kepler's Third Law    [PDF]

Alexandre Le Tiec

1202.2893 (Alexandre Le Tiec)

Spacetime Symmetries and Kepler's Third Law    [PDF]

Alexandre Le Tiec

1202.2938 (M. Cvetic et al.)

Graphene and the Zermelo Optical Metric of the BTZ Black Hole    [PDF]

M. Cvetic, G. W Gibbons

1202.2970 (Ariadna Montiel et al.)

Testing a DBI model for the unification of dark matter and dark energy
with Gamma-Ray Bursts

Ariadna Montiel, Nora Bretón

1202.2976 (Alf Tang et al.)

Removing the trend of drift induced from acceleration noise for LISA    [PDF]

Alf Tang, Timothy J. Sumner

1202.2991 (Kristina Giesel et al.)

Gravitational dynamics for all tensorial spacetimes carrying predictive,
interpretable and quantizable matter

Kristina Giesel, Frederic P. Schuller, Christof Witte, Mattias N. R. Wohlfarth

1202.3022 (Vittoria Demozzi et al.)

Reheating constraints in inflationary magnetogenesis    [PDF]

Vittoria Demozzi, Christophe Ringeval