Thursday, October 4, 2012

1210.0937 (H. Mohseni Sadjadi)

Generalized Noether symmetry in f(T) gravity    [PDF]

H. Mohseni Sadjadi

1210.0577 (Harbir Antil et al.)

Two-step greedy algorithm for reduced order quadratures    [PDF]

Harbir Antil, Scott E. Field, Frank Herrmann, Ricardo H. Nochetto, Manuel Tiglio

1210.0897 (Ujjal Debnath)

Thermodynamics in Higher Dimensional Vaidya Space-Time    [PDF]

Ujjal Debnath

1210.0913 (Patrick Hayden et al.)

Summoning Information in Spacetime, or Where and When Can a Qubit Be?    [PDF]

Patrick Hayden, Alex May

1210.0966 (Miao Li et al.)

A New Model of Holographic Dark Energy with Action Principle    [PDF]

Miao Li, Rong-Xin Miao

1210.0981 (Koyel Ganguly et al.)

Spherically symmetric scalar field collapse    [PDF]

Koyel Ganguly, Narayan Banerjee

1210.1005 (Romain Gicquaud et al.)

On the asymptotic behavior of Einstein manifolds with an integral bound
on the Weyl curvature

Romain Gicquaud, Dandan Ji, Yuguang Shi

1210.1010 (Yu-Huei Wu et al.)

Brans-Dicke theory of gravity with torsion: A possible solution of

Yu-Huei Wu, Chih-Hung Wang

1210.1041 (Naresh Dadhich)

Magnetic Penrose Process and Blanford-Zanejk mechanism: A clarification    [PDF]

Naresh Dadhich

1210.1050 (Kimitake Hayasaki et al.)

Tidal disruption flares from stars on eccentric orbits    [PDF]

Kimitake Hayasaki, Nicholas Stone, Abraham Loeb

1210.1098 (Salvatore Capozziello et al.)

Exact charged black-hole solutions in D-dimensional f(T) gravity:
torsion vs curvature analysis

Salvatore Capozziello, P. A. Gonzalez, Emmanuel N. Saridakis, Yerko Vasquez

1210.1109 (Naresh Dadhich et al.)

On universality of the pure Lovelock gravity for the generalized Nariai
and Bertotti-Robinson solutions

Naresh Dadhich, Josep M. Pons

1210.1115 (Alexander Schenkel)

Noncommutative Gravity and Quantum Field Theory on Noncommutative Curved

Alexander Schenkel

1210.1137 (Xavier Jaén et al.)

Rigid motions and generalized Newtonian gravitation. Lost in Translation    [PDF]

Xavier Jaén, Alfred Molina

1210.1146 (Luca Fabbri)

On a purely geometric approach to the Dirac matter field and its quantum

Luca Fabbri

1210.1155 (Ozgur Akarsu et al.)

The Dynamical Evolution of 3-Space in a Higher Dimensional Steady State

Ozgur Akarsu, Tekin Dereli

1210.1176 (Vladislav Terekhovich)

Probabilistic and Geometric Languages in the Context of the Principle of
Least Action

Vladislav Terekhovich

1210.1183 (J. D. Barrow et al.)

Do Intergalactic Magnetic Fields Imply An Open Universe?    [PDF]

J. D. Barrow, C. G. Tsagas, K. Yamamoto