Monday, January 14, 2013

0507068 (Sergiu I. Vacaru)

Riemann-Finsler and Lagrange Gerbes and the Aiyah--Singer Theorems    [PDF]

Sergiu I. Vacaru

1105.0938 (Henrique Gomes et al.)

The gravity/CFT correspondence    [PDF]

Henrique Gomes, Sean Gryb, Tim Koslowski, Flavio Mercati

1105.4007 (Kouji Nakamura)

Construction of gauge-invariant variables of linear metric perturbations
on an arbitrary background spacetime

Kouji Nakamura

1105.5905 (Ee Chang-Young et al.)

Brans-Dicke Gravity from Entropic Viewpoint    [PDF]

Ee Chang-Young, Kyoungtae Kimm, Daeho Lee

1209.6212 (F. Becattini et al.)

Nonequilibrium Thermodynamical Inequivalence of Quantum Stress-energy
and Spin Tensors

F. Becattini, L. Tinti

1301.2251 (Muhammad Sharif et al.)

Anisotropic Universe Models with Perfect Fluid and Scalar Field in
f(R,T) Gravity

Muhammad Sharif, Muhammad Zubair

1301.2334 (Prado Martin-Moruno et al.)

Is there vacuum when there is mass? Vacuum and non-vacuum solutions for
massive gravity

Prado Martin-Moruno, Matt Visser

1301.2370 (Yu-ichi Takamizu et al.)

Nonlinear superhorizon curvature perturbation in generic single-field

Yu-ichi Takamizu, Tsutomu Kobayashi

1301.2424 (L. Herrera et al.)

Axially symmetric static sources: A general framework and some
analytical solutions

L. Herrera, A. Di Prisco, J. Ibañez, J. Ospino

1301.2430 (Gonzalo J. Olmo et al.)

Nonsingular Black Holes in Palatini Extensions of General Relativity    [PDF]

Gonzalo J. Olmo, D. Rubiera-Garcia

1301.2433 (Łukasz Nakonieczny et al.)

Fate of Yang-Mills black hole in early Universe    [PDF]

Łukasz Nakonieczny, Marek Rogatko

1301.2442 (U. D. Jentschura)

Gravitationally Coupled Dirac Equation for Antimatter    [PDF]

U. D. Jentschura

1301.2452 (Yves Brihaye et al.)

Stability of charged solitons and formation of boson stars in
5-dimensional Anti-de Sitter space-time

Yves Brihaye, Betti Hartmann, Sardor Tojiev

1301.2492 (Alexey V. Bolsinov et al.)

Local normal forms for geodesically equivalent pseudo-Riemannian metrics    [PDF]

Alexey V. Bolsinov, Vladimir S. Matveev

1301.2501 (Jason D. Bates et al.)

Exact noise kernel for quantum fields in static de Sitter and
conformally-flat spacetimes

Jason D. Bates, Hing-Tong Cho, Paul R. Anderson, B. L. Hu

1301.2512 (F. Darabi)

Is flat rotation curve a sign of cosmic expansion?    [PDF]

F. Darabi

1301.2540 (G. Pinheiro et al.)

Radiating Gravitational Collapse with Shearing Motion and Bulk Viscosity

G. Pinheiro, R. Chan

1301.2562 (G. Alencar et al.)

Bosonic Fields in Crystal Manyfolds    [PDF]

G. Alencar, R. R. Landim, M. O. Tahim, R. N. Costa Filho

1301.2563 (Mairi Sakellariadou et al.)

Noncommutative spectral geometry and the deformed Hopf algebra structure
of quantum field theory

Mairi Sakellariadou, Antonio Stabile, Giuseppe Vitiello

1301.2570 (Dagoberto Escobar et al.)

Phase space analysis of quintessence fields trapped in a Randall-Sundrum
Braneworld: anisotropic Bianchi I brane with a negative dark radiation term

Dagoberto Escobar, Carlos R. Fadragas, Genly Leon, Yoelsy Leyva

1301.2571 (R Tharanath et al.)

Thermodynamics and Spectroscopy of Schwarzschild black hole surrounded
by Quintessence

R Tharanath, V C Kuriakose

1301.2578 (I. C. Jardim et al.)

Cosmologies of Multiple Spherical Brane-universe Model    [PDF]

I. C. Jardim, R. R. Landim, G. Alencar, R. N. Costa Filho

1301.2586 (Elias Okon et al.)

On the Consistency of the Consistent Histories Approach to Quantum

Elias Okon, Daniel Sudarsky