Thursday, June 21, 2012

1006.5181 (A. A. Kirillov et al.)

Dark energy from the gas of wormholes    [PDF]

A. A. Kirillov, E. P. Savelova

1112.1901 (Y. Brihaye et al.)

Perfect Fluid Spherically-Symmetric Solutions in Massive Gravity    [PDF]

Y. Brihaye, Y. Verbin

1112.4713 (Stefano Bellucci et al.)

Action-angle variables for the particle near extreme Kerr throat    [PDF]

Stefano Bellucci, Armen Nersessian, Vahagn Yeghikyan

1206.4309 (Yi Wang et al.)

Scale-Invariant Fluctuations from Galilean Genesis    [PDF]

Yi Wang, Robert Brandenberger

1206.4316 (Smadar Naoz et al.)

Resonant Post-Newtonian Eccentricity Excitation in Hierarchical
Three-body Systems

Smadar Naoz, Bence Kocsis, Abraham Loeb, Nicolas Yunes

1206.4362 (Sofiane Faci)

From Weyl invariance to SO(2,4) invariance    [PDF]

Sofiane Faci

1206.4374 (S. D. P. Vitenti et al.)

Quantum Cosmological Perturbations of Generic Fluids in Quantum

S. D. P. Vitenti, F. T. Falciano, N. Pinto-Neto

1206.4388 (Michael Maziashvili)

Field propagation in a stochastic background space: The rate of light
incoherence in stellar interferometry

Michael Maziashvili

1206.4405 (Lukasz Nakonieczny et al.)

Can Dirac fermions Destroy Yang-Mills Black Hole?    [PDF]

Lukasz Nakonieczny, Marek Rogatko

1206.4463 (Andrea Zanzi)

Chameleonic dilaton and conformal transformations    [PDF]

Andrea Zanzi

1206.4479 (Enrico Pajer et al.)

A Hydrodynamical Approach to CMB mu-distortions    [PDF]

Enrico Pajer, Matias Zaldarriaga

1206.4553 (David P. B. Schroeren)

Decoherent Histories of Spin Networks    [PDF]

David P. B. Schroeren