Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1112.6054 (Neus Puchades et al.)

Relativistic positioning: four-dimensional numerical approach in
Minkowski space-time

Neus Puchades, Diego Sáez

1201.3164 (Chopin Soo et al.)

General Relativity without paradigm of space-time covariance: sensible
quantum gravity and resolution of the problem of time

Chopin Soo, Hoi-Lai Yu

1207.2144 (Jhumpa Bhadra et al.)

Dynamical Study of DBI-essence in Loop Quantum Cosmology and Braneworld    [PDF]

Jhumpa Bhadra, Ujjal Debnath

1207.2145 (Farook Rahaman et al.)

A new proposal for Galactic dark matter: Effect of f(T) gravity    [PDF]

Farook Rahaman, Ritabrata Biswas, Hafiza Ismat Fatima, Nasarul Islam

1207.2153 (Juan Barranco et al.)

Schwarzschild black holes can wear scalar wigs    [PDF]

Juan Barranco, Argelia Bernal, Juan Carlos Degollado, Alberto Diez-Tejedor, Miguel Megevand, Miguel Alcubierre, Darío Núñez, Olivier Sarbach

1207.2179 (Tommi Markkanen et al.)

Quantum Corrections to Inflaton and Curvaton Dynamics    [PDF]

Tommi Markkanen, Anders Tranberg

1207.2259 (L. Herrera et al.)

Vorticity and entropy production in tilted Szekeres spacetimes    [PDF]

L. Herrera, A. Di Prisco, J. Ibañez, J. Carot

1207.2302 (Farrukh Chishtie et al.)

Path Integral Quantization of the First Order Einstein-Hilbert Action
from its Canonical Structure

Farrukh Chishtie, D. G. C. McKeon

1207.2323 (Rakesh Tibrewala)

Modified constraint algebra in loop quantum gravity and spacetime

Rakesh Tibrewala

1207.2325 (Elias Kiritsis)

Lorentz violation, Gravity, Dissipation and Holography    [PDF]

Elias Kiritsis

1207.2333 (Arpan Bhattacharyya et al.)

On c-theorems in arbitrary dimensions    [PDF]

Arpan Bhattacharyya, Ling-Yan Hung, Kallol Sen, Aninda Sinha

1207.2365 (V. Q. Phong)

Dynamic of the accelerated expansion of the universe in the DGP model    [PDF]

V. Q. Phong

1207.2431 (Kenneth A. Dennison et al.)

Analytical Tendex and Vortex Fields for Perturbative Black Hole Initial

Kenneth A. Dennison, Thomas W. Baumgarte

1207.2442 (T. A. Wagner et al.)

Torsion-balance tests of the weak equivalence principle    [PDF]

T. A. Wagner, S. Schlamminger, J. H. Gundlach, E. G. Adelberger

1207.2460 (Uri Keshet et al.)

The missing asymptotic sector of rotating black-hole spectroscopy    [PDF]

Uri Keshet, Arnon Ben-Meir