Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1011.0814 (Valentin D. Gladush et al.)

On the effective actions for the spherical charged dust shell in General

Valentin D. Gladush, Alexander I. Petrusenko

1305.0822 (Justin Khoury et al.)

On the Origin of Gravitational Lorentz Covariance    [PDF]

Justin Khoury, Godfrey E. J. Miller, Andrew J. Tolley

1305.1337 (J. C. Berengut et al.)

Limits on variations of the fine-structure constant with gravitational
potential from white-dwarf spectra

J. C. Berengut, V. V. Flambaum, A. Ong, J. K. Webb, John D. Barrow, M. A. Barstow, S. P. Preval, J. B. Holberg

1305.1416 (Petarpa Boonserm et al.)

Regge-Wheeler equation, stability, and greybody factors for dirty black

Petarpa Boonserm, Tritos Ngampitipan, Matt Visser

1305.1468 (T. S. Assimos et al.)

Dark gravity from a renormalizable gauge theory    [PDF]

T. S. Assimos, A. D. Pereira Jr, T. R. S. Santos, R. F. Sobreiro, A. A. Tomaz, V. J. Vasquez Otoya

1305.1484 (C. S. O. Mayor et al.)

Conformal and gauge invariant spin-2 field equations    [PDF]

C. S. O. Mayor, G. Otalora, J. G. Pereira

1305.1487 (Tim Koslowski)

Shape Dynamics and Effective Field Theory    [PDF]

Tim Koslowski

1305.1540 (Michael T Anderson)

Static vacuum Einstein metrics on bounded domains    [PDF]

Michael T Anderson

1305.1564 (Amos Ori)

Late-time tails in extremal Reissner-Nordstrom spacetime    [PDF]

Amos Ori

1305.1565 (Metin Gurses et al.)

AdS-Wave Solutions of f(Riemann) Theories    [PDF]

Metin Gurses, Tahsin Cagri Sisman, Bayram Tekin

1305.1599 (M. Evans et al.)

Realistic Filter Cavities for Advanced Gravitational Wave Detectors    [PDF]

M. Evans, L. Barsotti, J. Harms, P. Kwee, H. Miao

1305.1600 (Wei-Jia Li et al.)

Periodically Driven Holographic Superconductor    [PDF]

Wei-Jia Li, Yu Tian, Hongbao Zhang