Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1103.1072 (Jason Hanson)

Orthogonal decomposition of Lorentz transformations    [PDF]

Jason Hanson

1108.1974 (Bianca Dittrich et al.)

Canonical simplicial gravity    [PDF]

Bianca Dittrich, Philipp A Hoehn

1111.5193 (Philipp A Hoehn et al.)

Effective relational dynamics of a nonintegrable cosmological model    [PDF]

Philipp A Hoehn, Emilia Kubalova, Artur Tsobanjan

1210.0396 (Supriya Pan et al.)

Interacting Holographic Dark Energy: Scalar Field Models    [PDF]

Supriya Pan, Subenoy Chakraborty

1211.5375 (A. Sesana)

Systematic investigation of the expected gravitational wave signal from
supermassive black hole binaries in the pulsar timing band

A. Sesana

1211.5601 (Patrick Brem et al.)

Blocking low-eccentricity EMRIs: A statistical direct-summation N-body
study of the Schwarzschild barrier

Patrick Brem, Pau Amaro-Seoane, Carlos F. Sopuerta

1211.5600 (Moshe Rozali et al.)

Holographic Stripes    [PDF]

Moshe Rozali, Darren Smyth, Evgeny Sorkin, Jared B. Stang

1211.5636 (Ashok K. Singal)

Comment on "Exact Expression for Radiation of an Accelerated Charge in
Classical Electrodynamics"

Ashok K. Singal

1211.5645 (S. Kalyana Rama)

Remarks on Black Hole Evolution a la Firewalls and Fuzzballs    [PDF]

S. Kalyana Rama

1211.5650 (Jun Tao et al.)

Homogeneous Field and WKB Approximation In Deformed Quantum Mechanics
with Minimal Length

Jun Tao, Peng Wang, Haitang Yang

1211.5714 (Daniele Oriti)

The quantum geometry of tensorial group field theories    [PDF]

Daniele Oriti

1211.5722 (Tower Wang)

Modified entropic gravity revisited    [PDF]

Tower Wang

1211.5878 (H. Gomes et al.)

Frequently asked questions about Shape Dynamics    [PDF]

H. Gomes, T. Koslowski

1211.5909 (Mustapha Azreg-Aïnou et al.)

Thermodynamical, geometrical and Poincaré methods for charged black
holes in presence of quintessence

Mustapha Azreg-Aïnou, Manuel E. Rodrigues

1211.5915 (Antonio Mariano et al.)

CMB Maximum Temperature Asymmetry Axis: Alignment with Other Cosmic

Antonio Mariano, Leandros Perivolaropoulos

1211.5930 (Isabel Cordero-Carrión et al.)

Partially implicit Runge-Kutta methods for wave-like equations in
spherical-type coordinates

Isabel Cordero-Carrión, Pablo Cerdá-Durán

1211.5939 (Zhenhua Zhou et al.)

Action principle for the connection dynamics of scalar-tensor theories    [PDF]

Zhenhua Zhou, Haibiao Guo, Yu Han, Yongge Ma

1211.5949 (Koji Hashimoto et al.)

A Landscape in Boundary String Field Theory: New Class of Solutions with
Massive State Condensation

Koji Hashimoto, Masaki Murata

1211.5957 (Harvey S. Reall et al.)

On algebraically special vacuum spacetimes in five dimensions    [PDF]

Harvey S. Reall, Alexander A. H. Graham, Carl P. Turner

1211.5963 (Hiroshi Takeuchi)

Spinning exact solutions with Sasakian structure in Gauss-Bonnet Maxwell

Hiroshi Takeuchi

1211.5976 (Yuki Sakakihara et al.)

On Cosmic No-hair in Bimetric Gravity and the Higuchi Bound    [PDF]

Yuki Sakakihara, Jiro Soda, Tomohiro Takahashi

1211.5985 (Idan Talshir)

Energy and momentum in multiple metric theories    [PDF]

Idan Talshir

1211.5993 (R. F. Sobreiro et al.)

Induced gravity from gauge theories    [PDF]

R. F. Sobreiro, A. A. Tomaz, V. J. Vasquez Otoya

1211.6021 (Alexander Burinskii)

String-like structures in the four-dimensional Kerr geometry:
Complexification as alternative to compactification

Alexander Burinskii

1211.6022 (José M. M. Senovilla)

Remarks on the stability operator for MOTS    [PDF]

José M. M. Senovilla

1211.6030 (A. H. Mujtaba et al.)

The Hoop Conjecture for Black Rings    [PDF]

A. H. Mujtaba, C. N. Pope

1211.6078 (J. G. Coelho et al.)

Magnetic dipole moment of SGRs and AXPs as white dwarf pulsars    [PDF]

J. G. Coelho, M. Malheiro

1211.6079 (Daniel A. Hemberger et al.)

Dynamical Excision Boundaries in Spectral Evolutions of Binary Black
Hole Spacetimes

Daniel A. Hemberger, Mark A. Scheel, Lawrence E. Kidder, Béla Szilágyi, Saul A. Teukolsky

1211.6095 (Walter D. Goldberger et al.)

Black hole mass dynamics and renormalization group evolution    [PDF]

Walter D. Goldberger, Andreas Ross, Ira Z. Rothstein