Monday, November 19, 2012

1201.3539 (D. S. Gorbunov et al.)

Free scalar dark matter candidates in R^2-inflation: the light, the
heavy and the superheavy

D. S. Gorbunov, A. G. Panin

1211.0010 (Stefan Janiszewski et al.)

String theory embeddings of non-relativistic field theories and their
holographic Horava gravity duals

Stefan Janiszewski, Andreas Karch

1211.3740 (Mubasher Jamil et al.)

Energy conditions in generalized teleparallel gravity models    [PDF]

Mubasher Jamil, D. Momeni, Ratbay Myrzakulov

1211.3679 (Taeyoon Moon et al.)

Rank-n LCFT in the BTZ black hole    [PDF]

Taeyoon Moon, Yun Soo Myung

1211.3751 (Sam R. Dolan et al.)

Scattering by a draining bathtub vortex    [PDF]

Sam R. Dolan, Ednilton S. Oliveira

1211.3795 (Muhammad Sharif et al.)

Cosmic Evolution in Self-Interacting Brans-Dicke Cosmology    [PDF]

Muhammad Sharif, Saira Waheed

1211.3816 (Jacob D. Bekenstein)

Is a tabletop search for Planck scale signals feasible    [PDF]

Jacob D. Bekenstein

1211.3837 (Luca Fabbri)

Weakly-Interacting Massive Particles in Torsionally-Gravitating Dirac

Luca Fabbri

1211.3878 (Hiroyuki Kitamoto et al.)

Scheme dependence of quantum gravity on de Sitter background    [PDF]

Hiroyuki Kitamoto, Yoshihisa Kitazawa

1211.3880 (Michael P. Reisenberger)

The symplectic 2-form for gravity in terms of free null initial data    [PDF]

Michael P. Reisenberger

1211.3889 (Peter Zimmerman et al.)

Self-force as a cosmic censor    [PDF]

Peter Zimmerman, Ian Vega, Eric Poisson, Roland Haas

1211.3964 (G. A. Alekseev et al.)

On the equilibrium state of two rotating charged masses in General

G. A. Alekseev, V. A. Belinski