Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1002.0260 (Kevin Falls et al.)

Black holes and asymptotically safe gravity    [PDF]

Kevin Falls, Daniel F. Litim, Aarti Raghuraman

1006.2230 (Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga et al.)

On the geometrization of matter by exotic smoothness    [PDF]

Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga, Helge Rose

1011.1154 (J. L. Flores et al.)

Gromov, Cauchy and causal boundaries for Riemannian, Finslerian and
Lorentzian manifolds

J. L. Flores, J. Herrera, M. Sanchez

1012.5860 (Sarp Akcay)

A Fast Frequency-Domain Algorithm for Gravitational Self-Force: I,
Circular Orbits in Schwarzschild Spacetime

Sarp Akcay

1101.5552 (Sarah Folkerts et al.)

Asymptotic freedom of Yang-Mills theory with gravity    [PDF]

Sarah Folkerts, Daniel F. Litim, Jan M. Pawlowski

1104.2140 (Emilio Santos)

Neutron stars in generalized f(R) gravity    [PDF]

Emilio Santos

1107.4686 (Jakub Mielczarek et al.)

Evolution in bouncing quantum cosmology    [PDF]

Jakub Mielczarek, Wlodzimierz Piechocki

1108.1540 (Sang-Woo Kim et al.)

Expanding (3+1)-dimensional universe from a Lorentzian matrix model for
superstring theory in (9+1)-dimensions

Sang-Woo Kim, Jun Nishimura, Asato Tsuchiya

1109.6612 (Yu-Chung Chen)

The creation of radiation and the relic of inflaton potential    [PDF]

Yu-Chung Chen

1110.0530 (T. G. F. Li et al.)

Towards a generic test of the strong field dynamics of general
relativity using compact binary coalescence

T. G. F. Li, W. Del Pozzo, S. Vitale, C. Van Den Broeck, M. Agathos, J. Veitch, K. Grover, T. Sidery, R. Sturani, A. Vecchio

1110.1190 (C. N. Ragiadakos)

The gravitational content of lorentzian complex structures    [PDF]

C. N. Ragiadakos

1111.1465 (Andrei Linde et al.)

Supersymmetry Breaking due to Moduli Stabilization in String Theory    [PDF]

Andrei Linde, Yann Mambrini, Keith A. Olive

1112.4051 (David Beke et al.)

Pauli-Fierz mass term in modified Plebanski gravity    [PDF]

David Beke, Giovanni Palmisano, Simone Speziale

1112.4494 (Agustin Sabio Vera et al.)

Graviton emission in Einstein-Hilbert gravity    [PDF]

Agustin Sabio Vera, Eduardo Serna Campillo, Miguel A. Vazquez-Mozo

1203.0393 (Tsuyoshi Houri et al.)

Local metrics admitting a principal Killing-Yano tensor with torsion    [PDF]

Tsuyoshi Houri, David Kubiznak, Claude M. Warnick, Yukinori Yasui

1203.0582 (Alex Giacomini et al.)

Scalar field perturbations in asymptotically Lifshitz black holes    [PDF]

Alex Giacomini, Gaston Giribet, Mauricio Leston, Julio Oliva, Sourya Ray

1203.0589 (Mauricio Bellini)

Gravitational confinement of photons and matter from Induced Matter

Mauricio Bellini

1203.0612 (Sugumi Kanno et al.)

Destabilizing Tachyonic Vacua at or above the BF Bound    [PDF]

Sugumi Kanno, Misao Sasaki, Jiro Soda

1203.0655 (Andrzej Dragan et al.)

Localised projective measurement of a relativistic quantum field in
non-inertial frames

Andrzej Dragan, Jason Doukas, Eduardo Martin-Martinez, David Edward Bruschi

1203.0675 (Lorenzo Iorio)

Orbital consequences of a recently proposed topological modification of
the Newton's law implying a compactified spatial dimension and lower bounds
on its scale from solar system planetary motions

Lorenzo Iorio

1203.0691 (John R. Klauder)

Recent Results Regarding Affine Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

John R. Klauder

1203.0710 (Xue-Mei Deng)

Transformation between $τ$ and TCB for Deep Space Missions under IAU

Xue-Mei Deng

1203.0715 (C. Wiesendanger)

Asymptotic States and the Definition of the S-matrix in Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

C. Wiesendanger

1203.0748 (Leszek M. Sokolowski)

On the twin paradox in static spacetimes: I. Schwarzschild metric    [PDF]

Leszek M. Sokolowski

1203.0754 (Vitaliy V. Voytik)

About Lorentz-Møller-Nelson transformation to rigid noninertial frame
of reference

Vitaliy V. Voytik

1203.0755 (Michal P. Heller et al.)

A numerical relativity approach to the initial value problem in
asymptotically Anti-de Sitter spacetime for plasma thermalization - an ADM

Michal P. Heller, Romuald A. Janik, Przemyslaw Witaszczyk

1203.0805 (Sergei V. Ketov et al.)

Inflation and non-minimal scalar-curvature coupling in gravity and

Sergei V. Ketov, Alexei A. Starobinsky

1203.0878 (V. I. Dokuchaev)

Life inside black holes    [PDF]

V. I. Dokuchaev

1203.0881 (Nikolaos A. Batakis)

The 4-dimensional Taub string    [PDF]

Nikolaos A. Batakis

1203.0898 (Özcan Sert)

Gravity and Electromagnetism with $Y(R) F^2$-type Coupling and Magnetic
Monopole Solutions

Özcan Sert

1203.0917 (V. K. Shchigolev et al.)

Scalar Field Cosmology in Lyra's Geometry    [PDF]

V. K. Shchigolev, E. A. Semenova

1203.0952 (Brandon Carter)

Classical Anthropic Everett model: indeterminacy in a preordained

Brandon Carter

1203.0954 (Mordehai Milgrom)

Light and Dark in the Universe    [PDF]

Mordehai Milgrom

1203.0984 (Victor H. Cardenas et al.)

The role of curvature in the slowing down acceleration scenario    [PDF]

Victor H. Cardenas, Marco Rivera

1203.1010 (George Contopoulos et al.)

Periodic Orbits and Escapes in Dynamical Systems    [PDF]

George Contopoulos, Mirella Harsoula, Georgios Lukes-Gerakopoulos

1203.1026 (Tim Adamo et al.)

Einstein supergravity amplitudes from twistor-string theory    [PDF]

Tim Adamo, Lionel Mason