Monday, April 23, 2012

1102.2626 (A. Tawfik)

The Hubble parameter in the early universe with viscous QCD matter and
finite cosmological constant

A. Tawfik

1105.0094 (Felipe Robledo-Padilla et al.)

Entangled spinning particles in charged and rotating black holes    [PDF]

Felipe Robledo-Padilla, Hugo Garcia-Compean

1110.5885 (Daniele Oriti et al.)

Coherent states in quantum gravity: a construction based on the flux
representation of LQG

Daniele Oriti, Roberto Pereira, Lorenzo Sindoni

1204.4314 (Stephen A. Appleby et al.)

Galileons on Trial    [PDF]

Stephen A. Appleby, Eric V. Linder

1204.4472 (Hideki Maeda)

Exact dynamical AdS black holes and wormholes with a Klein-Gordon field    [PDF]

Hideki Maeda

1204.4481 (Néstor Ortiz)

Initial data giving rise to naked singularities in spherically symmetric
dust collapse

Néstor Ortiz

1204.4499 (Néstor Ortiz et al.)

Conformal diagrams for the gravitational collapse of a spherically
symmetric dust cloud

Néstor Ortiz, Olivier Sarbach

1204.4506 (Stan Gudder)

An Einstein equation for discrete quantum gravity    [PDF]

Stan Gudder

1204.4510 (Leo Singer et al.)

Optimizing optical follow-up of gravitational-wave candidates    [PDF]

Leo Singer, Larry Price, Antony Speranza

1204.4524 (Kent Yagi)

A new constraint on scalar Gauss-Bonnet gravity and a possible
explanation for the excess of the orbital decay rate in a low-mass X-ray

Kent Yagi

1204.4530 (Stefan Hilbert et al.)

Measuring primordial non-Gaussianity with weak-lensing surveys    [PDF]

Stefan Hilbert, Laura Marian, Robert E. Smith, Vincent Desjacques

1204.4586 (Dai-Ning Cho et al.)

Lie Group Contractions and Relativity Symmetries    [PDF]

Dai-Ning Cho, Otto C. W. Kong

1204.4593 (Nicola Tamanini et al.)

Good and bad tetrads in f(T) gravity    [PDF]

Nicola Tamanini, Christian G. Boehmer

1204.4603 (E. R. Bezerra de Mello)

Induced self-interactions in the spacetime of a global monopole with
finite core

E. R. Bezerra de Mello

1204.4650 (S. Capozziello et al.)

New Spherically Symmetric Solutions in f(R)-gravity by Noether

S. Capozziello, N. Frusciante, D. Vernieri

1204.4651 (Francesc Fayos et al.)

On the causal characterization of singularities in spherically symmetric

Francesc Fayos, Ramon Torres

1204.4658 (Audrey Mithani et al.)

Did the universe have a beginning?    [PDF]

Audrey Mithani, Alexander Vilenkin

1204.4670 (F. Briscese et al.)

Planck-scale effects on Bose-Einstein condensates    [PDF]

F. Briscese, M. Grether, M. de Llano