Thursday, February 2, 2012

1105.1864 (Antonio Enea Romano)

Do recent accurate measurements of $H_0$ really rule out void models as
alternatives to dark energy?

Antonio Enea Romano

1106.0627 (P. G. Miedema)

Cosmological Perturbation Theory and the Evolution of Small-Scale

P. G. Miedema

1106.6042 (Wessel Valkenburg)

Perceiving the equation of state of Dark Energy while living in a Cold

Wessel Valkenburg

1107.2098 (Steven Detweiler)

Gravitational radiation reaction and second order perturbation theory    [PDF]

Steven Detweiler

1108.3090 (Pedro J. Montero et al.)

Relativistic collapse and explosion of rotating supermassive stars with
thermonuclear effects

Pedro J. Montero, Hans-Thomas Janka, Ewald Mueller

1108.4203 (Diego Chialva)

Signatures of very high energy physics in the squeezed limit of the
bispectrum from the field theoretical approach

Diego Chialva

1108.5161 (Stephen R. Taylor et al.)

Hubble without the Hubble: cosmology using advanced gravitational-wave
detectors alone

Stephen R. Taylor, Jonathan R. Gair, Ilya Mandel

1108.5486 (David A. Nichols et al.)

Visualizing Spacetime Curvature via Frame-Drag Vortexes and Tidal
Tendexes I. General Theory and Weak-Gravity Applications

David A. Nichols, Robert Owen, Fan Zhang, Aaron Zimmerman, Jeandrew Brink, Yanbei Chen, Jeffrey D. Kaplan, Geoffrey Lovelace, Keith D. Matthews, Mark A. Scheel, Kip S. Thorne

1109.3655 (S. Habib Mazharimousavi et al.)

Constant curvature f(R) gravity coupled with Yang-Mills field    [PDF]

S. Habib Mazharimousavi, M. Halilsoy, T. Tahamtan

1110.1539 (C. Wetterich)

Lattice diffeomorphism invariance    [PDF]

C. Wetterich

1110.2965 (Michael Boyle et al.)

A geometric approach to the precession of compact binaries    [PDF]

Michael Boyle, Robert Owen, Harald P. Pfeiffer

1110.5756 (Christian G. Boehmer et al.)

Wormhole geometries in modified teleparralel gravity and the energy

Christian G. Boehmer, Tiberiu Harko, Francisco S. N. Lobo

1111.2790 (Naoki Sasakura)

Canonical tensor models with local time    [PDF]

Naoki Sasakura

1111.5336 (Y. Kucukakca et al.)

Noether gauge symmetry for $f(R)$ gravity in Palatini formalism    [PDF]

Y. Kucukakca, U. Camci

1201.0017 (Plamen P. Fiziev et al.)

Solving systems of transcendental equations involving the Heun functions    [PDF]

Plamen P. Fiziev, Denitsa R. Staicova

1201.0750 (Jackson Levi Said et al.)

Cosmological Effects on Black Hole Formation    [PDF]

Jackson Levi Said, Kristian Zarb Adami

1201.0860 (Jackson Levi Said et al.)

Exact Static Cylindrical Solution to Conformal Weyl Gravity    [PDF]

Jackson Levi Said, Joseph Sultana, Kristian Zarb Adami

1201.4226 (I. B. Khriplovich)

Gravitational four-fermion interaction on the Planck scale    [PDF]

I. B. Khriplovich

1201.6372 (A. Aykutalp et al.)

Testing the Proposed Connection between Dark Energy and Black Holes    [PDF]

A. Aykutalp, M. Spaans