Thursday, June 27, 2013

1212.6180 (Zhirayr Avetisyan et al.)

Explicit harmonic and spectral analysis in Bianchi I-VII type

Zhirayr Avetisyan, Rainer Verch

1306.5689 (Robert J. Downes et al.)

Spectral asymmetry of the massless Dirac operator on a 3-torus    [PDF]

Robert J. Downes, Michael Levitin, Dmitri Vassiliev

1306.6087 (Joe Keir)

Stability, Instability, Canonical Energy and Charged Black Holes    [PDF]

Joe Keir

1306.6091 (Rainer Verch)

Zeitreisen: Gravitation trifft Quantenphysik (Time Travel: Gravity Meets
Quantum Physics)

Rainer Verch

1306.6126 (Madhavan Varadarajan)

The generator of spatial diffeomorphisms in the Koslowski- Sahlmann

Madhavan Varadarajan

1306.6142 (David A. Craig et al.)

Consistent probabilities in loop quantum cosmology    [PDF]

David A. Craig, Parampreet Singh

1306.6172 (Leonid Marochnik et al.)

Macroscopic effect of quantum gravity: graviton, ghost and instanton
condensation on horizon scale of the Universe

Leonid Marochnik, Daniel Usikov, Grigory Vereshkov

1306.6186 (Jonathan White et al.)

Non-linear curvature perturbation in multi-field inflation models with
non-minimal coupling

Jonathan White, Masato Minamitsuji, Misao Sasaki

1306.6204 (Tim-Torben Paetz)

Conformally covariant systems of wave equations and their equivalence to
Einstein's field equations

Tim-Torben Paetz

1306.6216 (Adam Chudecki)

Null Killing vectors and geometry of null strings in Einstein spaces    [PDF]

Adam Chudecki

1306.6223 (Håkan Andréasson et al.)

Proof of the cosmic no-hair conjecture in the T^3-Gowdy symmetric
Einstein-Vlasov setting

Håkan Andréasson, Hans Ringström

1306.6227 (Alexandros P. Kouretsis et al.)

Gravito-electromagnetic resonances in Minkowski space    [PDF]

Alexandros P. Kouretsis, Christos G. Tsagas

1306.6233 (Rong-Gen Cai et al.)

P-V criticality in the extended phase space of Gauss-Bonnet black holes
in AdS space

Rong-Gen Cai, Li-Min Cao, Li Li, Run-Qiu Yang

1306.6292 (Anusar Farooqui et al.)

An Exact Expression for Photon Polarization in Kerr Geometry    [PDF]

Anusar Farooqui, Niky Kamran, Prakash Panangaden

1306.6299 (Alessandro Nagar)

Gravitational recoil in nonspinning black hole binaries: the span of
test-mass results

Alessandro Nagar