Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1102.0954 (Frank Pfaeffle et al.)

The Holst Action by the Spectral Action Principle    [PDF]

Frank Pfaeffle, Christoph A. Stephan

1109.5793 (Hanno Sahlmann et al.)

Chern-Simons expectation values and quantum horizons from LQG and the
Duflo map

Hanno Sahlmann, Thomas Thiemann

1111.3443 (Enrique Álvarez)

A proposal for a vacuum wavefunctional in FRW spaces    [PDF]

Enrique Álvarez

1112.5253 (Prado Martin-Moruno et al.)

Generic thin-shell gravastars    [PDF]

Prado Martin-Moruno, Nadiezhda Montelongo Garcia, Francisco S. N. Lobo, Matt Visser

1203.5780 (Patrick Das Gupta)

Gravitational waves in the presence of a dynamical four-form    [PDF]

Patrick Das Gupta

1203.5781 (Lorenzo Iorio et al.)

Solar system constraints on f(T) gravity    [PDF]

Lorenzo Iorio, Emmanuel N. Saridakis

1203.5795 (Arjun Bagchi et al.)

BMS/GCA Redux: Towards Flatspace Holography from Non-Relativistic

Arjun Bagchi, Reza Fareghbal

1203.5867 (Wenting Zhou et al.)

Spontaneous excitation of a static multilevel atom coupled with
electromagnetic vacuum fluctuations in Schwarzschild spacetime

Wenting Zhou, Hongwei Yu

1203.5869 (Jiawei Hu et al.)

Geometric phase for an accelerated two-level atom and the Unruh effect    [PDF]

Jiawei Hu, Hongwei Yu

1203.5873 (Alexander Feinstein)

Self-Gravitating Bjorken Flow    [PDF]

Alexander Feinstein

1203.5875 (I. B. Khriplovich)

Big bounce from gravitational four-fermion interaction    [PDF]

I. B. Khriplovich

1203.5890 (Han Dong et al.)

Extended Birkhoff's Theorem in the f(T) Gravity    [PDF]

Han Dong, Ying-bin Wang, Xin-he Meng

1203.5895 (Dimitri Vey)

The notion of Observables in Multisymplectic Geometry    [PDF]

Dimitri Vey

1203.5898 (Frank Pfaeffle et al.)

Chiral Asymmetry and the Spectral Action    [PDF]

Frank Pfaeffle, Christoph A. Stephan

1203.5947 (Xiao-Xiong Zeng et al.)

Periodicity and area spectrum of black holes    [PDF]

Xiao-Xiong Zeng, Xian-Ming Liu, Wen-Biao Liu

1203.6029 (Cyril Pitrou et al.)

Weak lensing B-modes on all scales as a probe of local isotropy    [PDF]

Cyril Pitrou, Jean-Philippe Uzan, Thiago S. Pereira

1203.6032 (Bishop Mongwane et al.)

Cosmic Electromagnetic Fields due to Perturbations in the Gravitational

Bishop Mongwane, Peter K. S. Dunsby, Bob Osano

1203.6060 (D. Brown et al.)

Nonspinning searches for spinning binaries in ground-based detector
data: Amplitude and mismatch predictions in the constant precession cone

D. Brown, A. Lundgren, R. O'Shaughnessy