Friday, February 1, 2013

1301.7419 (Genly Leon et al.)

Cosmological behavior in extended nonlinear massive gravity    [PDF]

Genly Leon, Joel Saavedra, Emmanuel N. Saridakis

1301.7423 (Javier E. Cuchí et al.)

Comparing results for a global metric from analytical perturbation
theory and a numerical code

Javier E. Cuchí, Alfred Molina, Eduardo Ruiz

1301.7466 (Jorge Pullin et al.)

Report on the session QG4 of the 13th Marcel Grossmann Meeting    [PDF]

Jorge Pullin, Parampreet Singh

1301.7527 (Tritos Ngampitipan et al.)

Bounding the greybody factors for the Reissner-Nordström black holes    [PDF]

Tritos Ngampitipan, Petarpa Boonserm

1301.7543 (S. Iso et al.)

On the Cancellation Mechanism of Radiation from the Unruh detector    [PDF]

S. Iso, K. Yamamoto, S. Zhang

1301.7560 (Andreas Wünsch et al.)

Circular orbits in the extreme Reissner-Nordstrøm dihole metric    [PDF]

Andreas Wünsch, Thomas Müller, Daniel Weiskopf, Günter Wunner

1301.7595 (M. A. Vronsky et al.)

Stationary Bound States of Dirac Particles in the Schwarzschild
Gravitational Field

M. A. Vronsky, M. V. Gorbatenko, N. S. Kolesnikov, V. P. Neznamov, E. Yu. Popov, I. I. Safronov

1301.7599 (M. V. Gorbatenko et al.)

Absence of the non-uniqueness problem of the Dirac theory in a curved
spacetime. Spin-rotation coupling is not physically relevant

M. V. Gorbatenko, V. P. Neznamov

1301.7609 (Ivan Arraut)

Relative locality and relative Co-locality as extensions of the
Generalized Uncertainty Principle

Ivan Arraut

1301.7646 (E. Huguet et al.)

Conformally invariant formalism for the electromagnetic field with
currents in Robertson-Walker spaces

E. Huguet, J. Renaud

1301.7652 (A. P. Kouretsis et al.)

Relativistic Finsler geometry    [PDF]

A. P. Kouretsis, M. Stathakopoulos, P. C. Stavrinos

1301.7671 (Alasdair Routh)

The Hamiltonian Form of Topologically Massive Supergravity    [PDF]

Alasdair Routh

1301.7688 (Henrique Gomes et al.)

Shape Dynamics and Gauge-Gravity Duality    [PDF]

Henrique Gomes, Tim Koslowski

1301.7711 (Rudinei C. de Souza et al.)

Analysis of the non-minimally coupled scalar field in the Palatini
formalism by the Noether symmetry approach

Rudinei C. de Souza, Raíla André, Gilberto M. Kremer

1301.7750 (Carlos Guedes et al.)

Quantization maps, algebra representation and non-commutative Fourier
transform for Lie groups

Carlos Guedes, Daniele Oriti, Matti Raasakka