Thursday, February 7, 2013

1007.4820 (Neil J. Cornish)

Fast Fisher Matrices and Lazy Likelihoods    [PDF]

Neil J. Cornish

1302.1193 (Alessandra Silvestri et al.)

A practical approach to cosmological perturbations in modified gravity    [PDF]

Alessandra Silvestri, Levon Pogosian, Roman V. Buniy

1302.1201 (Robert R. Caldwell et al.)

A Brief History of Curvature    [PDF]

Robert R. Caldwell, Steven S. Gubser

1302.1204 (Simin Mahmoodifar et al.)

Upper bounds on r-mode amplitudes from observations of LMXB neutron

Simin Mahmoodifar, Tod Strohmayer

1302.1206 (Bibhas Ranjan Majhi et al.)

Thermality and Heat Content of horizons from infinitesimal coordinate

Bibhas Ranjan Majhi, T. Padmanabhan

1302.1237 (Stephen McCormick)

The Phase Space for the Einstein-Yang-Mills Equations and the First Law
of Black Hole Thermodynamics

Stephen McCormick

1302.1245 (Xiao Liu et al.)

Dynamical behaviors of FRW Universe containing a positive/negative
potential scalar field in loop quantum cosmology

Xiao Liu, Kui Xiao, Jian-Yang Zhu

1302.1271 (Jinn-Ouk Gong et al.)

Squeezed primordial bispectrum from general vacuum state    [PDF]

Jinn-Ouk Gong, Misao Sasaki

1302.1288 (Sunandan Gangopadhyay)

Analytic study of properties of holographic superconductors away from
the probe limit

Sunandan Gangopadhyay

1302.1290 (Cosmin Crucean)

Fermion production by a dependent of time electric field in de Sitter

Cosmin Crucean

1302.1293 (Lee Altenberg)

Implications of the Reduction Principal for Cosmological Natural

Lee Altenberg

1302.1312 (Maximilian Demmel et al.)

Fixed Functionals in Asymptotically Safe Gravity    [PDF]

Maximilian Demmel, Frank Saueressig, Omar Zanusso

1302.1331 (Sumit Kumar et al.)

Cosmology With Axionic-quintessence Coupled with Dark Matter    [PDF]

Sumit Kumar, Sudhakar Panda, Anjan A Sen

1302.1341 (Baocheng Zhang et al.)

Towards experimentally testing the paradox of black hole information

Baocheng Zhang, Qing-yu Cai, Ming-sheng Zhan, Li You

1302.1347 (W. Zimdahl et al.)

Interacting dark energy and transient accelerated expansion    [PDF]

W. Zimdahl, C. Z. Vargas, W. S. HipĆ³lito-Ricaldi

1302.1354 (Bijan Saha)

Nonlinear Spinor Fields in Bianchi type-I spacetime reexamined    [PDF]

Bijan Saha

1302.1357 (J. Bellorin et al.)

A consistent Horava gravity without extra modes and equivalent to
general relativity at the linearized level

J. Bellorin, A. Restuccia, A. Sotomayor

1302.1399 (Sourav Bhattacharya)

Black holes and the positive cosmological constant    [PDF]

Sourav Bhattacharya

1302.1431 (Joe Swearngin et al.)

Linked Gravitational Radiation    [PDF]

Joe Swearngin, Amy Thompson, Alexander Wickes, Jan Willem Dalhuisen, Dirk Bouwmeester

1302.1469 (J. A. Nieto et al.)

Higher dimensional black holes as constrained systems    [PDF]

J. A. Nieto, E. A. Leon, V. M. Villanueva