Thursday, March 8, 2012

1103.3452 (Michal P. Heller et al.)

The characteristics of thermalization of boost-invariant plasma from

Michal P. Heller, Romuald A. Janik, Przemyslaw Witaszczyk

1106.3999 (Marco Bruni et al.)

Disentangling non-Gaussianity, bias and GR effects in the galaxy

Marco Bruni, Robert Crittenden, Kazuya Koyama, Roy Maartens, Cyril Pitrou, David Wands

1107.1764 (Maurice H. P. M. van Putten)

Entropic force in black hole binaries and its Newtonian limits    [PDF]

Maurice H. P. M. van Putten

1107.3445 (Lorenzo Iorio)

Orbital effects of the time-dependent component of the Pioneer anomaly    [PDF]

Lorenzo Iorio

1109.1481 (Prabir Rudra et al.)

Dynamics of Modified Chaplygin Gas in Brane World Scenario: Phase Plane

Prabir Rudra, Ritabrata Biswas, Ujjal Debnath

1110.2157 (Valentin Bonzom et al.)

Lessons from Toy-Models for the Dynamics of Loop Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Valentin Bonzom, Alok Laddha

1111.0327 (Emanuel Gallo et al.)

Peculiar anisotropic stationary spherically symmetric solution of
Einstein equations

Emanuel Gallo, Osvaldo Moreschi

1112.2350 (Tian-Fu Fu et al.)

Holographic Ricci dark energy: Interacting model and cosmological

Tian-Fu Fu, Jing-Fei Zhang, Jin-Qian Chen, Xin Zhang

1112.5344 (Emanuel Gallo et al.)

New derivation for the equations of motion for particles in

Emanuel Gallo, Osvaldo M. Moreschi

1201.4302 (E. Elizalde et al.)

Cosmological models with Yang-Mills fields    [PDF]

E. Elizalde, A. J. Lopez-Revelles, S. D. Odintsov, S. Yu. Vernov

1203.1044 (Veronika E. Hubeny)

Extremal surfaces as bulk probes in AdS/CFT    [PDF]

Veronika E. Hubeny

1203.1361 (Yoshiaki Ohkuwa et al.)

Third quantization of $f(R)$-type gravity    [PDF]

Yoshiaki Ohkuwa, Yasuo Ezawa

1203.1367 (Yun Soo Myung)

Phase transitions for the Lifshitz black holes    [PDF]

Yun Soo Myung

1203.1442 (Rio Saitou et al.)

Stable phantom-divide crossing in two scalar models with matter    [PDF]

Rio Saitou, Shin'ichi Nojiri

1203.1454 (Ujjal Debnath et al.)

Nature of singularity formed by the gravitational collapse in Husain
space-time with electromagnetic field and scalar field

Ujjal Debnath, Prabir Rudra, Ritabrata Biswas

1203.1530 (Marcin Kisielowski et al.)

One vertex spin-foams with the Dipole Cosmology boundary    [PDF]

Marcin Kisielowski, Jerzy Lewandowski, Jacek Puchta

1203.1531 (Özcan Sert et al.)

The early inflation and the late-time speed-up of the Universe via the
Maxwell-$Y(R)$ gravity

Özcan Sert, Muzaffer Adak

1203.1544 (Tetsuji Kimura)

On Static Black Holes in Type IIA on a Nearly-Kahler Coset    [PDF]

Tetsuji Kimura

1203.1580 (H. Mohseni Sadjadi et al.)

Reheating in nonminimal derivative coupling model    [PDF]

H. Mohseni Sadjadi, Parviz Goodarzi