Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1110.6535 (Yungui Gong et al.)

The effect of different observational data on the constraints of
cosmological parameters

Yungui Gong, Qing Gao, Zong-Hong Zhu

1302.1194 (Qasem Exirifard)

Physics in a general length space-time geometry: Call for experimental
revision of the light speed anisotropy

Qasem Exirifard

1302.0835 (Thomas Durt)

Estimate of the weight of empty space based on astronomical observations    [PDF]

Thomas Durt

1302.1173 (M. Sharif et al.)

Dynamics of Shearfree Dissipative Collapse in f(G) Gravity    [PDF]

M. Sharif, G. Abbas

1302.0697 (Michal P. Heller et al.)

On the character of hydrodynamic gradient expansion in gauge theory

Michal P. Heller, Romuald A. Janik, Przemyslaw Witaszczyk

1302.0847 (William Witczak-Krempa et al.)

Dispersing quasinormal modes in 2+1 dimensional conformal field theories    [PDF]

William Witczak-Krempa, Subir Sachdev

1302.0853 (Veronika E. Hubeny et al.)

Thermalization of Causal Holographic Information    [PDF]

Veronika E. Hubeny, Mukund Rangamani, Erik Tonni

1302.0900 (J. B. Formiga et al.)

An Extension of Teleparallelism and the Geometrization of the
Electromagnetic Field

J. B. Formiga, J. B. Fonseca--Neto, C. Romero

1302.0904 (De-Cheng Zou et al.)

The holographic charged fluid dual to third order Lovelock gravity    [PDF]

De-Cheng Zou, Shao-Jun Zhang, Bin Wang

1302.0947 (Gizem Şengör et al.)

A Five Dimensional Cosmological Model With A Fifth Dimension as
Fundamental as Time

Gizem Şengör, Metin Arık

1302.0953 (Patrick Peter et al.)

A Boltzmann treatment for the vorton excess problem    [PDF]

Patrick Peter, Christophe Ringeval

1302.0955 (Neven Bilic et al.)

"Warm" Tachyon Matter from Back-reaction on the Brane    [PDF]

Neven Bilic, Gary B. Tupper

1302.1014 (Xiao-Jun Yue et al.)

Loop Quantum Cosmology of Bianchi I Model in $\barμ$ and
$\barμ'$ Schemes with Higher Order Holonomy Corrections

Xiao-Jun Yue, Jian-Yang Zhu

1302.1016 (Shasvath J. Kapadia et al.)

Do floating orbits in extreme mass ratio binary black holes exist?    [PDF]

Shasvath J. Kapadia, Daniel Kennefick, Kostas Glampedakis

1302.1066 (Joan Josep Ferrando et al.)

A note on static metrics: the degenerate case    [PDF]

Joan Josep Ferrando, Juan Antonio Sáez

1302.1093 (Andrzej Görlich)

The transfer matrix in four-dimensional Causal Dynamical Triangulations    [PDF]

Andrzej Görlich

1302.1103 (H. F. Westman et al.)

Gravity from dynamical symmetry breaking    [PDF]

H. F. Westman, T. G. Zlosnik

1302.1150 (Robert Bluhm)

Observational Constraints on Local Lorentz Invariance    [PDF]

Robert Bluhm