Monday, January 28, 2013

1301.5900 (Christian Corda)

Cosmology and gravitational waves in the Nordstrom-Vlasov system, a
laboratory for Dark Energy

Christian Corda

1301.5924 (Tom Banks et al.)

Holographic Theory of Accelerated Observers, the S-matrix, and the
Emergence of Effective Field Theory

Tom Banks, Willy Fischler

1301.5926 (Brian P. Dolan et al.)

Thermodynamic Volumes and Isoperimetric Inequalities for de Sitter Black

Brian P. Dolan, David Kastor, David Kubiznak, Robert B. Mann, Jennie Traschen

1301.5929 (Aaron Hernley et al.)

Toy model studies of tuning and typicality with an eye toward cosmology    [PDF]

Aaron Hernley, Andreas Albrecht, Tevian Dray

1301.5971 (Kazunari Eda et al.)

A new probe of dark matter properties: gravitational waves from an
intermediate mass black hole embedded in a dark matter mini-spike

Kazunari Eda, Yousuke Itoh, Sachiko Kuroyanagi, Joseph Silk

1301.5977 (S. A. Alavi et al.)

Neutrino Spin Oscillations in a Black Hole Background in Noncommutative

S. A. Alavi, S. Nodeh

1301.5981 (Zehua Tian et al.)

Measurement-Induced-Nonlocality via the Unruh effect    [PDF]

Zehua Tian, Jiliang Jing

1301.5987 (Zehua Tian et al.)

Nonlocality and Entanglement via the Unruh effect    [PDF]

Zehua Tian, Jieci Wang, Jiliang Jing

1301.6001 (P. Sundell et al.)

Stability of non-homegeneous models and fine tuning of initial state    [PDF]

P. Sundell, I. Vilja

1301.6052 (Yosuke Mizuno)

The Role of the Equation of State in Resistive Relativistic

Yosuke Mizuno

1301.6055 (Igor I. Smolyaninov et al.)

Experimental demonstration of metamaterial multiverse in a ferrofluid    [PDF]

Igor I. Smolyaninov, Bradley Yost, Evan Bates, Vera N. Smolyaninova

1301.6060 (Igor I. Smolyaninov)

Extra-dimensional metamaterials: simple models of inflation and metric
signature transitions

Igor I. Smolyaninov

1301.6076 (Xin Gao et al.)

On Non-Gaussianities in Two-Field Poly-Instanton Inflation    [PDF]

Xin Gao, Pramod Shukla

1301.6101 (Claus Gerhardt)

A unified quantum theory II: gravity interacting with Yang-Mills and
spinor fields

Claus Gerhardt

1301.6133 (Ahmed Farag Ali et al.)

Effects of the Generalized Uncertainty Principle on Compact Stars    [PDF]

Ahmed Farag Ali, A. Tawfik

1301.6140 (Florencia A. Teppa Pannia et al.)

A Cosmographical Approach to the Redshift Drift in f(R) Theories    [PDF]

Florencia A. Teppa Pannia, Santiago E. Perez Bergliaffa