Tuesday, July 31, 2012

1207.6653 (James B. Hartle. S. W. Hawking et al.)

Inflation with Negative Λ    [PDF]

James B. Hartle. S. W. Hawking, Thomas Hertog

1207.6658 (Massimo Giovannini)

The symmetries of inflationary magnetogenesis and the plasma initial

Massimo Giovannini

1207.6679 (Shuang Wang et al.)

Holographic dark energy in a Universe with spatial curvature and massive
neutrinos: a full Markov Chain Monte Carlo exploration

Shuang Wang, Yun-He Li, Xiao-Dong Li, Xin Zhang

1207.6691 (M. Sami et al.)

Cosmological dynamics of non-minimally coupled scalar field system and
its late time cosmic relevance

M. Sami, M. Shahalam, M. Skugoreva, A. Toporensky

1207.6697 (Matthias R. Gaberdiel et al.)

Minimal Model Holography    [PDF]

Matthias R. Gaberdiel, Rajesh Gopakumar

1207.6714 (Sanjeev S. Seahra et al.)

Primordial polymer perturbations    [PDF]

Sanjeev S. Seahra, Iain A. Brown, Golam Mortuza Hossain, Viqar Husain

1207.6734 (Sylvain Carrozza et al.)

Renormalization of Tensorial Group Field Theories: Abelian U(1) Models
in Four Dimensions

Sylvain Carrozza, Daniele Oriti, Vincent Rivasseau

1207.6755 (Mark Morris et al.)

Galactic Center Research: Manifestations of the Central Black Hole    [PDF]

Mark Morris, Leo Meyer, Andrea Ghez

1207.6761 (María E. Gabach Clement et al.)

Proof of the area-angular momentum-charge inequality for axisymmetric
black holes

María E. Gabach Clement, José Luis Jaramillo, Martín Reiris

1207.6775 (Eduardo Guendelman et al.)

Dynamical Couplings, Dynamical Vacuum Energy and
Confinement/Deconfinement from R^2-Gravity

Eduardo Guendelman, Alexander Kaganovich, Emil Nissimov, Svetlana Pacheva

1207.6791 (A. Lopez-Ortega)

On the quasinormal modes of the de Sitter spacetime    [PDF]

A. Lopez-Ortega

1207.6810 (Marcos A. Ramirez)

Splitting singular surfaces    [PDF]

Marcos A. Ramirez

1207.6833 (Chul-Moon Yoo)

Notes on Spinoptics in a Stationary Spacetime    [PDF]

Chul-Moon Yoo

1207.6846 (Yasusada Nambu)

Wave optics and image formation in gravitational lensing    [PDF]

Yasusada Nambu

1207.6852 (A. Alonso-Serrano et al.)

Interacting universes and the cosmological constant    [PDF]

A. Alonso-Serrano, C. Bastos, O. Bertolami, S. Robles-Perez

1207.6929 (Alfredo Iorio)

Using Weyl symmetry to make Graphene a real lab for fundamental physics    [PDF]

Alfredo Iorio

1207.6955 (Ivan Booth)

Spacetime near isolated and dynamical trapping horizons    [PDF]

Ivan Booth

1207.6961 (Manuel Tessmer et al.)

Aligned Spins: Orbital Elements, Decaying Orbits, and Last Stable
Circular Orbit to high post-Newtonian Orders

Manuel Tessmer, Johannes Hartung, Gerhard Schäfer

1207.6963 (Damien P. George et al.)

Effective action for the Abelian Higgs model in FLRW    [PDF]

Damien P. George, Sander Mooij, Marieke Postma

1207.6969 (L. Bonora et al.)

Gravitational Chern-Simons terms and black hole entropy. Global aspects    [PDF]

L. Bonora, M. Cvitan, P. Dominis Prester, S. Pallua, I. Smolic

1207.6979 (Ferran Gibert et al.)

State-space modelling for heater induced thermal effects on LISA
Pathfinder's Test Masses

Ferran Gibert, Miquel Nofrarias, Marc Diaz-Aguiló, Alberto Lobo, Nikolaos Karnesis, Ignacio Mateos, Josep Sanjuán, Ivan Lloro, Lluís Gesa, Víctor Martín

1207.7013 (Ricardo Estrada et al.)

Surface Vacuum Energy in Cutoff Models: Pressure Anomaly and
Distributional Gravitational Limit

Ricardo Estrada, Stephen A. Fulling, Fernando D. Mera

1207.7041 (F. T. Hioe et al.)

Characterization of all possible orbits in the Schwarzschild metric

F. T. Hioe, David Kuebel