Friday, June 1, 2012

1106.5212 (S. A. Paston et al.)

From the Embedding Theory to General Relativity in a result of inflation    [PDF]

S. A. Paston, A. A. Sheykin

1109.4119 (Philip D. Mannheim)

Cosmological Perturbations in Conformal Gravity    [PDF]

Philip D. Mannheim

1111.3232 (Emanuel Gallo)

Higher dimensional conformal metrics from PDEs and Null Surface
Formulation of GR

Emanuel Gallo

1205.6988 (A. E. Shalyt-Margolin)

Probable Entropic Nature of Gravity in Ultraviolet and Infrared Limits.
I.Ultraviolet Case

A. E. Shalyt-Margolin

1205.6795 (Mehedi Kalam et al.)

A relativistic model for Strange Quark Star    [PDF]

Mehedi Kalam, Anisul Ain Usmani, Farook Rahaman, Sk. Monowar Hossein, Indrani Karar, Ranjan Sharma

1205.6796 (Farook Rahaman et al.)

The (2+1)-dimensional charged gravastars    [PDF]

Farook Rahaman, A. A. Usmani, Saibal Ray, Safiqul Islam

1205.6801 (Felix Berkhahn et al.)

Brane Induced Gravity: From a No-Go to a No-Ghost Theorem    [PDF]

Felix Berkhahn, Stefan Hofmann, Florian Niedermann

1205.6814 (Matt Visser)

Area products for black hole horizons    [PDF]

Matt Visser

1205.6850 (Flavio S. Coelho et al.)

On the scalar graviton in n-DBI gravity    [PDF]

Flavio S. Coelho, Carlos Herdeiro, Shinji Hirano, Yuki Sato

1205.6870 (Jun Nishimura)

The origin of space-time as seen from matrix model simulations    [PDF]

Jun Nishimura

1205.6877 (Mohamad Shalaby)

Dynamics and Light Propagation in a Universe with Discrete Matter

Mohamad Shalaby

1205.6905 (Ivan Arraut)

The Planck length as a duality of the Cosmological Constant: S-dS and
S-AdS thermodynamics from a single expression

Ivan Arraut

1205.6914 (E. R. Bezerra de Mello et al.)

Casimir-Polder interaction between an atom and a conducting wall in
cosmic string spacetime

E. R. Bezerra de Mello, V. B. Bezerra, H. F. Mota, A. A. Saharian

1205.6915 (Jorge A. Rueda et al.)

Gravitational Waves versus Electromagnetic Emission in Gamma-Ray Bursts    [PDF]

Jorge A. Rueda, Remo Ruffini

1205.6954 (Christian Corda)

Radiation dominated era and the power of general relativity    [PDF]

Christian Corda

1205.6957 (Tahereh Azizi)

Wormhole Geometries In $f(R,T)$ Gravity    [PDF]

Tahereh Azizi

1205.6998 (Marco Astorino)

Charging axisymmetric space-times with cosmological constant    [PDF]

Marco Astorino

1205.7006 (A. Maselli et al.)

On the validity of the adiabatic approximation in compact binary

A. Maselli, L. Gualtieri, F. Pannarale, V. Ferrari

1205.7045 (Gianluca Delfino et al.)

Pure Connection Formalism for Gravity: Linearized Theory    [PDF]

Gianluca Delfino, Kirill Krasnov, Carlos Scarinci

1205.7063 (Henric Krawczynski)

Tests of General Relativity in the Strong Gravity Regime Based on X-Ray
Spectropolarimetric Observations of Black Holes in X-Ray Binaries

Henric Krawczynski

1205.7088 (Tomohiro Harada et al.)

Upper limits of particle emission from high-energy collision and
reaction near a maximally rotating Kerr black hole

Tomohiro Harada, Hiroya Nemoto, Umpei Miyamoto