Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4451 (Ruifeng Dong et al.)

Symmetron Inflation    [PDF]

Ruifeng Dong, William H. Kinney, Dejan Stojkovic

1307.4951 (Remo Ruffini et al.)

Einstein-Euler-Heisenberg Theory and Charged Black Holes    [PDF]

Remo Ruffini, Yuan-Bin Wu, She-Sheng Xue

1307.4751 (Lorenzo Iorio)

Constraints of the gravitational Local Position Invariance from Solar
System planetary precessions

Lorenzo Iorio

1307.4776 (S. Deser)

Stressless Schwarzschild    [PDF]

S. Deser

1307.4788 (Eric Bahuaud et al.)

Renormalized volume and the evolution of APEs    [PDF]

Eric Bahuaud, Rafe Mazzeo, Eric Woolgar

1307.4812 (Caio F. B. Macedo et al.)

Astrophysical signatures of boson stars: quasinormal modes and inspiral

Caio F. B. Macedo, Paolo Pani, Vitor Cardoso, Luís C. B. Crispino

1307.4826 (James M. Overduin et al.)

Constraints on violations of Lorentz symmetry from Gravity Probe B    [PDF]

James M. Overduin, Ryan D. Everett, Quentin G. Bailey

1307.4828 (Paul S. Wesson et al.)

The Scalar Field Source in Kaluza-Klein Theory    [PDF]

Paul S. Wesson, James M. Overduin

1307.4854 (R. Myrzakulov et al.)

Inhomogeneous viscous fluids in FRW universe    [PDF]

R. Myrzakulov, L. Sebastiani, S. Zerbini

1307.4911 (Ozgur Akarsu et al.)

Cosmology with hybrid expansion law: scalar field reconstruction of
cosmic history and observational constraints

Ozgur Akarsu, Suresh Kumar, R. Myrzakulov, M. Sami, Lixin Xu

1307.4920 (Rabin Banerjee et al.)

New Hamiltonian analysis of Regge Teitelboim minisuperspace cosmology    [PDF]

Rabin Banerjee, Pradip Mukherjee, Biswajit Paul

1307.4972 (Michael Gary)

Still No Rindler Firewalls    [PDF]

Michael Gary

1307.5005 (John D. Barrow et al.)

Geodesics at Sudden Singularities    [PDF]

John D. Barrow, S. Cotsakis

1307.5011 (Andrew M. Steane)

The fields and self-force of a constantly accelerating spherical shell    [PDF]

Andrew M. Steane

1307.5018 (Marc Mars et al.)

A spacetime characterization of the Kerr-NUT-(A)de Sitter and related

Marc Mars, José M. M. Senovilla

1307.5026 (Aristide Baratin et al.)

Melonic phase transition in group field theory    [PDF]

Aristide Baratin, Sylvain Carrozza, Daniele Oriti, James P. Ryan, Matteo Smerlak

1307.5029 (Norbert Bodendorfer)

Black hole entropy from loop quantum gravity in higher dimensions    [PDF]

Norbert Bodendorfer

1307.5043 (Tim Adamo et al.)

Conformal and Einstein gravity from twistor actions    [PDF]

Tim Adamo, Lionel Mason