Thursday, September 20, 2012

1104.5049 (Wei-Tou Ni)

Dark energy, co-evolution of massive black holes with galaxies, and

Wei-Tou Ni

1209.3768 (Paolo Creminelli et al.)

Subluminal Galilean Genesis    [PDF]

Paolo Creminelli, Kurt Hinterbichler, Justin Khoury, Alberto Nicolis, Enrico Trincherini

1209.4078 (Wessel Valkenburg et al.)

Testing the Copernican principle by constraining spatial homogeneity    [PDF]

Wessel Valkenburg, Valerio Marra, Chris Clarkson

1209.4085 (Roman Gold et al.)

Eccentric black hole mergers and zoom-whirl behavior from elliptic
inspirals to hyperbolic encounters

Roman Gold, Bernd Bruegmann

1209.4097 (Nicholas Stone et al.)

Pulsations in Short GRBs from Black Hole-Neutron Star Mergers    [PDF]

Nicholas Stone, Abraham Loeb, Edo Berger

1209.4099 (Gülçin Uluyazi)

An Investigation of Equivalence between the Bulk-based and the
Brane-based Approaches for Anisotropic Models

Gülçin Uluyazi

1209.4211 (Joao G. Rosa)

Boosted black string bombs    [PDF]

Joao G. Rosa

1209.4228 (J. B. Formiga)

Confinement of Fermions via the Spin Connection    [PDF]

J. B. Formiga

1209.4272 (Xian-Hui Ge et al.)

d-Wave holographic superconductors with backreaction in external
magnetic fields

Xian-Hui Ge, Shao Fei Tu, Bin Wang

1209.4320 (Masashi Fujitsuka et al.)

Maximal super Yang-Mills theories on curved background with off-shell

Masashi Fujitsuka, Masazumi Honda, Yutaka Yoshida

1209.4326 (Ido Ben-Dayan et al.)

The second-order luminosity-redshift relation in a generic inhomogeneous

Ido Ben-Dayan, Giovanni Marozzi, Fabien Nugier, Gabriele Veneziano