Friday, February 10, 2012

0907.4851 (Anirudh Pradhan et al.)

A New Class of LRS Bianchi Type ${\rm VI}_{0}$ Universes with Free
Gravitational Field and Decaying Vacuum Energy Density

Anirudh Pradhan, Shyam Sundar Kumhar, Padmini Yadav, Kanti Jotania

1008.2650 (Sarbari Guha et al.)

Geodesic motions near a five-dimensional Reissner-Nordström Anti-de
Sitter black hole

Sarbari Guha, Pinaki Bhattacharya, Subenoy Chakraborty

1104.1733 (James Hartle et al.)

Arrows of Time in the Bouncing Universes of the No-boundary Quantum

James Hartle, Thomas Hertog

1107.1762 (Chih-Hung Wang et al.)

Quantum fluctuations in planar domain-wall space-times: A possible
origin of primordial preferred direction

Chih-Hung Wang, Yu-Huei Wu, Stephen D. H. Hsu

1107.3387 (Alexey Chopovsky et al.)

Weak-field limit of Kaluza-Klein models with spherical compactification:
problematic aspects

Alexey Chopovsky, Maxim Eingorn, Alexander Zhuk

1107.3388 (Alexey Chopovsky et al.)

Weak-field limit of Kaluza-Klein models with spherical compactification:
experimental constraints

Alexey Chopovsky, Maxim Eingorn, Alexander Zhuk

1112.1005 (Patrick L. Nash)

Spinor-Unit Field Representation of Electromagnetism Applied to a Model
Inflationary Cosmology

Patrick L. Nash

1112.6410 (Alexey S. Koshelev)

Modified non-local gravity    [PDF]

Alexey S. Koshelev

1202.2095 (G. G. L. Nashed)

On the Regularization of Kerr-NUT spacetime: I    [PDF]

G. G. L. Nashed

1202.1824 (Stephon Alexander et al.)

The Hidden Quantum Groups Symmetry of Super-renormalizable Gravity    [PDF]

Stephon Alexander, Antonino Marciano, Leonardo Modesto

1202.1846 (Alejandro Corichi et al.)

Effective constrained polymeric theories and their continuum limit    [PDF]

Alejandro Corichi, Tatjana Vukasinac

1202.1879 (Zahra Haghani et al.)

Weyl-Cartan-Weitzenböck gravity    [PDF]

Zahra Haghani, Tiberiu Harko, Hamid Reza Sepangi, Shahab Shahidi

1202.1905 (Gokhan Alkac et al.)

Covariant Symplectic Structure and Conserved Charges of New Massive

Gokhan Alkac, Deniz Olgu Devecioglu

1202.1977 (S. Komossa)

Recoiling black holes: electromagnetic signatures, candidates, and
astrophysical implications

S. Komossa

1202.1986 (Marco Crisostomi et al.)

Perturbations in Massive Gravity Cosmology    [PDF]

Marco Crisostomi, Denis Comelli, Luigi Pilo

1202.1993 (Igor I. Smolyaninov et al.)

Light propagation through random hyperbolic media: from a pile of sand
to large scale structure of present day universe

Igor I. Smolyaninov, Alexander V. Kildishev

1202.2102 (Piero Nicolini)

Nonlocal and generalized uncertainty principle black holes    [PDF]

Piero Nicolini

1202.2105 (Francesco Nitti et al.)

Scalar-tensor theories, trace anomalies and the QCD-frame    [PDF]

Francesco Nitti, Federico Piazza