Monday, October 29, 2012

1210.4719 (Yoshiaki Ohkuwa et al.)

Third quantization of $f(R)$-type gravity II - General $f(R)$ case -    [PDF]

Yoshiaki Ohkuwa, Yasuo Ezawa

1210.6984 (Bernhard Mueller et al.)

A New Multi-Dimensional General Relativistic Neutrino Hydrodynamics Code
of Core-Collapse Supernovae III. Gravitational Wave Signals from Supernova
Explosion Models

Bernhard Mueller, Hans-Thomas Janka, Andreas Marek

1210.6983 (Pau Amaro-Seoane et al.)

Fake plunges are very eccentric real EMRIs in disguise ... they dominate
the rates and are blissfully ignorant of angular momentum barriers

Pau Amaro-Seoane, Carlos Sopuerta, Patrick Brem

1210.6996 (Steven G. Avery et al.)

Unitarity and fuzzball complementarity: "Alice fuzzes but may not even
know it!"

Steven G. Avery, Borun D. Chowdhury, Andrea Puhm

1210.7007 (Juan C. Bueno Sánchez et al.)

On the fate of coupled flat directions during inflation    [PDF]

Juan C. Bueno Sánchez, Kari Enqvist

1210.7049 (Y. V. Stadnik et al.)

Resonant scattering of light in a near-black-hole metric    [PDF]

Y. V. Stadnik, G. H. Gossel, V. V. Flambaum, J. C. Berengut

1210.7088 (Kuantay Boshkayev et al.)

On the Maximum Mass of General Relativistic Uniformly Rotating White

Kuantay Boshkayev, Jorge Rueda, Remo Ruffini

1210.7115 (Valeri P. Frolov)

Black holes, hidden symmetry and complete integrability: Brief Review    [PDF]

Valeri P. Frolov

1210.7130 (Mauricio Mondragon)

Comment on "Dimension of the Moduli Space and Hamiltonian Analysis of BF
Field Theories"

Mauricio Mondragon

1210.7173 (Eric Chassande-Mottin et al.)

Data analysis challenges in transient gravitational-wave astronomy    [PDF]

Eric Chassande-Mottin, for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, for the Virgo Collaboration

1210.7204 (Alex Venditti et al.)

Choosing a vacuum state in a spherical spacetime with a conformal
Killing vector

Alex Venditti, Charles Dyer

1210.7207 (Edmundo Capelas de Oliveira et al.)

Does Elko Spinor Field Imply the Existence of an Axis of Locality?    [PDF]

Edmundo Capelas de Oliveira, Waldyr Alves Rodrigues Jr

1210.7222 (Jack Gegenberg et al.)

Solvable model for quantum gravity    [PDF]

Jack Gegenberg, Viqar Husain