Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1008.4515 (Tatsu Takeuchi et al.)

Ratchet Model of Baryogenesis    [PDF]

Tatsu Takeuchi, Azusa Minamizaki, Akio Sugamoto

1010.5227 (Elena Magliaro et al.)

Local spin foams    [PDF]

Elena Magliaro, Claudio Perini

1301.1361 (Shinji Mukohyama et al.)

From configuration to dynamics -- Emergence of Lorentz signature in
classical field theory

Shinji Mukohyama, Jean-Philippe Uzan

1301.1396 (Amitai Y. Bin-Nun)

Method for detecting a boson star at Sgr A* through gravitational

Amitai Y. Bin-Nun

1301.1405 (Dao Vong Duc et al.)

Mass Creation From Extra Dimensions    [PDF]

Dao Vong Duc, Nguyen Mong Giao

1301.1411 (M. C. Kweyama et al.)

A fifth order differential equation for charged perfect fluids    [PDF]

M. C. Kweyama, K. S. Govinder, S. D. Maharaj

1301.1412 (M. C. Kweyama et al.)

First integrals for charged perfect fluid distributions    [PDF]

M. C. Kweyama, S. D. Maharaj, K. S. Govinder

1301.1417 (S. D. Maharaj et al.)

Radiating stars with generalised Vaidya atmospheres    [PDF]

S. D. Maharaj, G. Govender, M. Govender

1301.1418 (S. D. Maharaj et al.)

Regular models with quadratic equation of state    [PDF]

S. D. Maharaj, P. Mafa Takisa

1301.1440 (Songbai Chen et al.)

Gravitational field of phantom global monopole and energy extraction    [PDF]

Songbai Chen, Jiliang Jing

1301.1479 (A. M. Msomi et al.)

Applications of Lie Symmetries to Higher Dimensional Gravitating Fluid    [PDF]

A. M. Msomi, K. S Govinder, S. D. Maharaj

1301.1480 (Rahim Moradi et al.)

The spherical perfect fluid collapse in the cosmological background    [PDF]

Rahim Moradi, J. T. Firouzjaee, Reza Mansouri

1301.1485 (S. Thirukkanesh et al.)

Shearing radiative collapse with expansion and acceleration    [PDF]

S. Thirukkanesh, S. S. Rajah, S. D. Maharaj

1301.1509 (Miguel Zilhão)

New frontiers in Numerical Relativity    [PDF]

Miguel Zilhão

1301.1532 (Ivana Bochicchio et al.)

Intra--Galactic thin shell wormhole and its stability    [PDF]

Ivana Bochicchio, Ettore Laserra

1301.1538 (Sean Gryb et al.)

Right about time?    [PDF]

Sean Gryb, Flavio Mercati

1301.1548 (Stoytcho S. Yazadjiev)

Horizon area-angular momentum-charge-magnetic fluxes inequalities in 5D
Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity

Stoytcho S. Yazadjiev

1301.1559 (A. A. Shatskiy et al.)

The spectrum of the relativistic radiation of electric charges and
dipoles in their free falling into a black hole

A. A. Shatskiy, I. D. Novikov, L. N. Lipatova

1301.1561 (Anna Nakonieczna et al.)

Phantom collapse of electrically charged scalar field in dilaton gravity    [PDF]

Anna Nakonieczna, Marek Rogatko

1301.1588 (Richard J. Petti)

Derivation of Einstein-Cartan theory from general relativity    [PDF]

Richard J. Petti

1301.1591 (Enno Harms et al.)

Numerical solution of the 2+1 Teukolsky equation on a hyperboloidal and
horizon penetrating foliation of Kerr and application to late-time decays

Enno Harms, Sebastiano Bernuzzi, Bernd Bruegmann

1301.1631 (Derrick Kiley)

Reissner-Nordström Black Holes on a Codimension-2 Brane    [PDF]

Derrick Kiley

1301.1642 (Leonardo Castellani)

OSp(1|4) supergravity and its noncommutative extension    [PDF]

Leonardo Castellani

1301.1658 (A. Hees et al.)

Simulations of Solar System observations in alternative theories of

A. Hees, B. Lamine, S. Reynaud, M. -T. Jaekel, C. Le Poncin-Lafitte, V. Lainey, A. Füzfa, J. -M. Courty, V. Dehant, P. Wolf