Tuesday, February 26, 2013

1212.6264 (Hai-Shan Liu et al.)

Charged Rotating AdS Black Hole and Its Thermodynamics in Conformal

Hai-Shan Liu, H. Lu

1302.5702 (Emanuele Berti)

Astrophysical black holes as natural laboratories for fundamental
physics and strong-field gravity

Emanuele Berti

1302.5750 (José P. Mimoso et al.)

Spherically symmetric models: separating expansion from contraction in
models with anisotropic pressures

José P. Mimoso, Morgan Le Delliou, Filipe C. Mena

1302.5782 (Bartolomé Coll)

Relativistic positioning systems: Perspectives and prospects    [PDF]

Bartolomé Coll

1302.5795 (U. Camara dS et al.)

Self-Duality from New Massive Gravity Holography    [PDF]

U. Camara dS, C. P. Constantinidis, A. L. Alves Lima, G. M. Sotkov

1302.5884 (S. Capozziello et al.)

Cosmological dark energy effects from entanglement    [PDF]

S. Capozziello, O. Luongo, S. Mancini

1302.5934 (Roman Pasechnik et al.)

On a possible compensation of the QCD vacuum contribution to the Dark

Roman Pasechnik, Vitaly Beylin, Grigory Vereshkov

1302.5950 (Sean T. McWilliams)

Reply to "Comment on `Black Holes are neither Particle Accelerators nor
Dark Matter Probes' "

Sean T. McWilliams

1302.5951 (Sergiu Klainerman et al.)

A fully anisotropic mechanism for formation of trapped surfaces in

Sergiu Klainerman, Jonathan Luk, Igor Rodnianski

1302.5989 (Valentina Baccetti et al.)

Inertial frames without the relativity principle: breaking Lorentz

Valentina Baccetti, Kyle Tate, Matt Visser

1302.6006 (Bum-Hoon Lee et al.)

Status report: black hole complementarity controversy    [PDF]

Bum-Hoon Lee, Dong-han Yeom

1302.6013 (Christophe Ringeval et al.)

Magneto-reheating constraints from curvature perturbations    [PDF]

Christophe Ringeval, Teruaki Suyama, Jun'ichi Yokoyama

1302.6017 (Anna V. Yaparova et al.)

Application of the Abel Equation of the 1st kind to an inflation
analysis of non-exactly solvable cosmological models

Anna V. Yaparova, Artyom V. Yurov, Valerian A. Yurov

1302.6033 (Paul D. Lasky et al.)

Stochastic gravitational wave background from hydrodynamic turbulence in
differentially rotating neutron stars

Paul D. Lasky, Mark F. Bennett, Andrew Melatos

1302.6049 (R. J. E. Smith et al.)

Studies of waveform requirements for intermediate mass-ratio coalescence
searches with advanced detectors

R. J. E. Smith, I. Mandel, A. Vechhio

1302.6075 (Cosimo Bambi et al.)

Rotating regular black holes    [PDF]

Cosimo Bambi, Leonardo Modesto

1302.6086 (Ram Brustein et al.)

Semiclassical black holes expose forbidden charges and censor divergent

Ram Brustein, A. J. M. Medved

1302.6089 (Spiros Cotsakis et al.)

Asymptotic states of generalized universes with higher derivatives    [PDF]

Spiros Cotsakis, Giorgos Kolionis, Antonios Tsokaros

1302.6111 (A. de la Cruz-Dombriz)

Towards degeneracy problem breaking by large scale structures methods    [PDF]

A. de la Cruz-Dombriz

1302.6162 (Alex Jourjine)

Scalar Supersymmetry in Bi-Spinor Gauge Theory    [PDF]

Alex Jourjine

1302.6168 (Alessandro Retino et al.)

Solar wind test of the de Broglie-Proca's massive photon with Cluster
multi-spacecraft data

Alessandro Retino, Alessandro D. A. M. Spallicci

1302.6174 (Cyril Pitrou et al.)

xPand: An algorithm for perturbing homogeneous cosmologies    [PDF]

Cyril Pitrou, Xavier Roy, Obinna Umeh

1302.6185 (B. Cuadros-Melgar et al.)

Quasinormal modes and thermodynamical aspects of the 3D Lifshitz black

B. Cuadros-Melgar, Jeferson de Oliveira, C. E. Pellicer

1302.6186 (José P. Mimoso et al.)

Spherically symmetric models: generalised local conditions separating
expansion from collapse in models with anisotropic pressures

José P. Mimoso, Morgan Le Delliou, Filipe C. Mena

1302.6198 (Kei-ichi Maeda et al.)

Anisotropic universes in the ghost-free bigravity    [PDF]

Kei-ichi Maeda, Mikhail S. Volkov

1302.6207 (David Garfinkle et al.)

Killing-Yano tensors in spaces admitting a hypersurface orthogonal
Killing vector

David Garfinkle, E. N. Glass

1302.6217 (E. Abdalla et al.)

The AdS/CFT relation, quasi-normal modes and applications    [PDF]

E. Abdalla, C. E. Pellicer, Jeferson de Oliveira