Monday, March 18, 2013

1111.1148 (Thomas L. Wilson)

A New Strategy For Solving Two Cosmological Problems in Hadron Physics    [PDF]

Thomas L. Wilson

1303.3801 (Yi Yang et al.)

The GL(4 R) Yang-Mills Theory of Gravity Predicts An Inflationary
Scenario For The Evolution of The Primordial Universe

Yi Yang, Wai Bong Yeung

1303.3436 (Sergio del Campo et al.)

Cosmology with Ricci dark energy    [PDF]

Sergio del Campo, Júlio. C. Fabris, Ramón Herrera, Winfried Zimdahl

1303.3582 (D. H. Delphenich)

A strain tensor that couples to the Madelung stress tensor    [PDF]

D. H. Delphenich

1303.3627 (L. Carbone et al.)

Generation of high-purity higher-order Laguerre-Gauss beams at high
laser power

L. Carbone, C. Bogan, P. Fulda, A. Freise, B. Willke

1303.3662 (Long Huang et al.)

The Gravitational Deflection of Light in F(R)-gravity    [PDF]

Long Huang, Feng He, Hai Huang, Min Yao

1303.3736 (Xiaoning Wu et al.)

Fluid/Gravity Correspondence For General Non-rotating Black Holes    [PDF]

Xiaoning Wu, Yi Ling, Yu Tian, Chengyong Zhang

1303.3787 (Jerome Martin et al.)

Encyclopaedia Inflationaris    [PDF]

Jerome Martin, Christophe Ringeval, Vincent Vennin

1303.3870 (Girish Chakravarty et al.)

Higgs Inflation in f(Φ,R) Theory    [PDF]

Girish Chakravarty, Subhendra Mohanty, Naveen K. Singh