Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1009.4192 (Laura G. Book et al.)

Astrometric Effects of a Stochastic Gravitational Wave Background    [PDF]

Laura G. Book, Éanna É. Flanagan

1211.4454 (H. Afshar et al.)

Semi-classical unitarity in 3-dimensional higher-spin gravity for
non-principal embeddings

H. Afshar, M. Gary, D. Grumiller, R. Rashkov, M. Riegler

1211.5691 (M. B. Sheftel et al.)

Anti-self-dual gravity from asymmetric heavenly equation standpoint    [PDF]

M. B. Sheftel, D. Yaz\icı

1211.6110 (Liang Dai et al.)

The Wigner-Eckart Theorem in Cosmology    [PDF]

Liang Dai, Donghui Jeong, Marc Kamionkowski

1211.6114 (Ulrich Sperhake et al.)

Universality, maximum radiation and absorption in high-energy collisions
of black holes with spin

Ulrich Sperhake, Emanuele Berti, Vitor Cardoso, Frans Pretorius

1211.6156 (Philip Threlfall et al.)

Conformal Structures Admitted by a Class of FRW Cosmologies    [PDF]

Philip Threlfall, Susan M Scott

1211.6157 (Philip Threlfall et al.)

The Monotonicity of the Gravitational Entropy Scalar within Quiescent

Philip Threlfall, Susan M Scott

1211.6184 (Duncan A. Brown et al.)

Template banks to search for low-mass binary black holes in advanced
gravitational-wave detectors

Duncan A. Brown, Prayush Kumar, Alexander H. Nitz

1211.6212 (Antonino Flachi et al.)

Quasinormal modes of regular black holes    [PDF]

Antonino Flachi, Jose' P. S. Lemos

1211.6269 (Edward Wilson-Ewing)

The Matter Bounce Scenario in Loop Quantum Cosmology    [PDF]

Edward Wilson-Ewing

1211.6272 (A. Yu. Kamenshchik et al.)

Reconstruction of Scalar Potentials in Modified Gravity Models    [PDF]

A. Yu. Kamenshchik, A. Tronconi, G. Venturi, S. Yu. Vernov

1211.6299 (George Pappas et al.)

Multipole Moments of numerical spacetimes    [PDF]

George Pappas, Theocharis A Apostolatos

1211.6317 (Jiang-Tao Liu et al.)

Group delay of electromagnetic pulses through multilayer dielectric
mirrors beyond special relativity

Jiang-Tao Liu, Wu Xin, Nian-Hua Liu, Jun Li, Fu-Hai Su

1211.6326 (Jesús Martín Romero et al.)

Induced Matter Theory of gravity from a Weitzenböck 5D vacuum and
pre-big bang collapse of the universe

Jesús Martín Romero, Mauricio Bellini

1211.6347 (Sebastian Fischetti et al.)

Conserved Charges in Asymptotically (Locally) AdS Spacetimes    [PDF]

Sebastian Fischetti, William Kelly, Donald Marolf

1211.6366 (Salvador J. Robles-Pérez)

Inter-universal entanglement    [PDF]

Salvador J. Robles-Pérez

1211.6369 (S. J. Robles-Pérez)

Third quantization: modeling the universe as a 'particle' in a quantum
field theory of the minisuperspace

S. J. Robles-Pérez

1211.6382 (M. Neagu et al.)

An anisotropic geometrical approach for non-relativistic extended

M. Neagu, A. Oana, V. M. Red'kov

1211.6420 (Ko Sanders et al.)

Electromagnetism, local covariance, the Aharonov-Bohm effect and Gauss'

Ko Sanders, Claudio Dappiaggi, Thomas-Paul Hack