Wednesday, June 26, 2013

0611008 (P. Pedram et al.)

Optimized basis expansion as an extremely accurate technique for solving
time-independent Schrodinger equation

P. Pedram, M. Mirzaei, S. S. Gousheh

1101.1524 (Stephen G. Naculich et al.)

Eikonal methods applied to gravitational scattering amplitudes    [PDF]

Stephen G. Naculich, Howard J. Schnitzer

1305.2682 (Wu-zhong Guo et al.)

Note on Entanglement Temperature for Low Thermal Excited States in
Higher Derivative Gravity

Wu-zhong Guo, Song He, Jun Tao

1306.5739 (Ahmad T Ali et al.)

New Class of Magnetized Inhomogeneous Bianchi Type-I Cosmological Model
with Variable Magnetic Permeability in Lyra Geometry

Ahmad T Ali, F Rahaman

1306.6039 (H. B. Nielsen et al.)

Discussion on the Cosmological Vacuum Energy    [PDF]

H. B. Nielsen, C. Balazs

1306.5744 (Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota et al.)

Fluids in cosmology    [PDF]

Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota, Jaime Klapp

1306.5756 (Natacha Altamirano et al.)

Reentrant Phase Transitions in Rotating AdS Black Holes    [PDF]

Natacha Altamirano, David Kubiznak, Robert B. Mann

1306.5760 (Claude M. Warnick)

On quasinormal modes of asymptotically anti-de Sitter black holes    [PDF]

Claude M. Warnick

1306.5762 (Michael Sitwell et al.)

Quantization of Perturbations in an Inflating Elastic Solid    [PDF]

Michael Sitwell, Kris Sigurdson

1306.5784 (Alcides Garat)

The Monopole and the Coulomb field as duals within the unifying
Reissner-Nordstrom geometry

Alcides Garat

1306.5792 (Richard A. Davison)

Momentum relaxation in holographic massive gravity    [PDF]

Richard A. Davison

1306.5812 (Edward Anderson)

Quantum Cosmology will need to become a Numerical Subject    [PDF]

Edward Anderson

1306.5816 (Edward Anderson)

Problem of Time: Facets and Machian Strategy    [PDF]

Edward Anderson

1306.5820 (Sayan Chakrabarti et al.)

Effective action and linear response of compact objects in Newtonian

Sayan Chakrabarti, Térence Delsate, Jan Steinhoff

1306.5853 (Kourosh Nozari et al.)

Some Aspects of Tachyon Field Cosmology    [PDF]

Kourosh Nozari, Narges Rshidi

1306.5903 (Steven Duplij et al.)

Generalized interaction in multigravity    [PDF]

Steven Duplij, Albert Kotvytskiy

1306.5932 (Zhengxiang Li et al.)

Probing modified gravity theories with Sandage-Loeb test    [PDF]

Zhengxiang Li, Kai Liao, Puxun Wu, Hongwei Yu, Zong-Hong Zhu

1306.5936 (J. A. Rueda et al.)

A white dwarf merger as progenitor of the anomalous X-ray pulsar 4U

J. A. Rueda, K. Boshkayev, L. Izzo, R. Ruffini, P. Loren Aguilar, B. Kulebi, G. Aznar Siguan, E. Garcia Berro

1306.5966 (Domenico Giulini)

Einstein's "Prague field-equation" -- another perspective    [PDF]

Domenico Giulini

1306.5971 (Evgeny E. Bukzhalev et al.)

Asymptotic solutions in f(R)-gravity    [PDF]

Evgeny E. Bukzhalev, Mikhail M. Ivanov, Alexey V. Toporensky

1306.5974 (Ramon Becar et al.)

Dirac quasinormal modes of Chern-Simons and BTZ black holes with torsion    [PDF]

Ramon Becar, P. A. Gonzalez, Y. Vasquez

1306.5976 (Isabel Cordero-Carrión et al.)

An excision scheme for black holes in constrained evolution
formulations: spherically symmetric case

Isabel Cordero-Carrión, Nicolas Vasset, Jérôme Novak, José Luis Jaramillo

1306.6013 (Sandipan Sengupta)

Polymer Quantization With A Non-Degenerate Vacuum    [PDF]

Sandipan Sengupta

1306.6021 (Gabriela Depetri et al.)

Chaos in the Kepler problem with quadrupole perturbations    [PDF]

Gabriela Depetri, Alberto Saa

1306.6052 (David Radice et al.)

Beyond second-order convergence in simulations of binary neutron stars
in full general-relativity

David Radice, Luciano Rezzolla, Filippo Galeazzi

1306.6066 (A. V. Smilga)

Supersymmetric field theory with benign ghosts    [PDF]

A. V. Smilga