Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1304.7765 (Ranjan Sharma et al.)

Collapse of a relativistic self-gravitating star with radial heat flux:
Impact of anisotropic stresses

Ranjan Sharma, Shyam Das

1304.7766 (Gerald E. Marsh)

Space-Time-Matter    [PDF]

Gerald E. Marsh

1304.7773 (Jay Armas)

How Fluids Bend: the Elastic Expansion for Higher-Dimensional Black

Jay Armas

1304.7785 (M. Biagetti et al.)

Symmetries of Vector Perturbations during the de Sitter Epoch    [PDF]

M. Biagetti, A. Kehagias, E. Morgante, H. Perrier, A. Riotto

1304.7786 (Tim Johannsen et al.)

Systematic Study of Event Horizons and Pathologies of Parametrically
Deformed Kerr Spacetimes

Tim Johannsen, Dimitrios Psaltis

1304.7787 (C. Reisswig et al.)

Formation and Coalescence of Cosmological Supermassive Black Hole
Binaries in Supermassive Star Collapse

C. Reisswig, C. D. Ott, E. Abdikamalov, R. Haas, P. Moesta, E. Schnetter

1304.7791 (Pierre Fleury et al.)

Can all cosmological observations be accurately interpreted with a
unique geometry?

Pierre Fleury, Hélène Dupuy, Jean-Philippe Uzan

1304.7836 (Saeed Rastgoo)

A classical treatment of the vacuum and massive CGHS in new variables    [PDF]

Saeed Rastgoo

1304.7887 (Levi Lopes de Lima et al.)

A Penrose inequality for asymptotically locally hyperbolic graphs    [PDF]

Levi Lopes de Lima, Frederico Girão

1304.7894 (Petros A. Terzis)

Faithful representations of Lie algebras and Homogeneous Spaces    [PDF]

Petros A. Terzis

1304.7912 (I. Ruo Berchera et al.)

Testing Quantum Gravity by Quantum Light    [PDF]

I. Ruo Berchera, I. P. Degiovanni, S. Olivares, M. Genovese

1304.7924 (Seoktae Koh et al.)

Cosmological Perturbations of a Quartet of Scalar Fields with a
Spatially Constant Gradient

Seoktae Koh, Seyen Kouwn, O-Kab Kwon, Phillial Oh

1304.7949 (Fang-Fang Yuan et al.)

Entropic corrections and modified Friedmann equations in the emergence
of cosmic space

Fang-Fang Yuan, Yong-Chang Huang

1304.8042 (Ikjyot Singh Kohli et al.)

A Dynamical Systems Approach to a Bianchi Type I Viscous
Magnetohydrodynamic Model

Ikjyot Singh Kohli, Michael C. Haslam

1304.8079 (Pablo Bueno et al.)

Non-perturbative black holes in Type-IIA String Theory vs. the No-Hair

Pablo Bueno, C. S. Shahbazi

1304.8106 (Tim Johannsen)

Inner Accretion Disk Edges in a Kerr-Like Spacetime    [PDF]

Tim Johannsen

1304.8122 (Slava G. Turyshev et al.)

New perturbative method for solving the gravitational N-body problem in
general relativity

Slava G. Turyshev, Viktor T. Toth

1304.8124 (Jean Paul Mbelek)

Derivation of conditions for a Brans-Dicke coupling constant of order
unity be consistent with solar system bounds

Jean Paul Mbelek