Wednesday, June 20, 2012

1012.4244 (Sanjit Das et al.)

Bach flows of product manifolds    [PDF]

Sanjit Das, Sayan Kar

1104.4187 (Michael Maziashvili)

Minimum-length deformed quantization of a free field on de Sitter
background and corrections to the inflaton perturbations

Michael Maziashvili

1206.4055 (Antonio Mariano et al.)

Is there correlation between Fine Structure and Dark Energy Cosmic

Antonio Mariano, Leandros Perivolaropoulos

1206.4065 (Mario J. Neves et al.)

Path integral formalism in a Lorentz invariant noncommutative space    [PDF]

Mario J. Neves, Everton M. C. Abreu

1206.4096 (Paolo Aschieri et al.)

Extended gravity theories from dynamical noncommutativity    [PDF]

Paolo Aschieri, Leonardo Castellani

1206.4151 (E. J. Howell et al.)

A redshift -- observation-time relation for gamma-ray bursts: evidence
of a distinct sub-luminous population

E. J. Howell, D. M. Coward

1206.4153 (Joao L. Costa et al.)

The problem of a self-gravitating scalar field with positive
cosmological constant

Joao L. Costa, Artur Alho, Jose Natario

1206.4188 (Christian T. Byrnes et al.)

Primordial black holes as a tool for constraining non-Gaussianity    [PDF]

Christian T. Byrnes, Edmund J. Copeland, Anne M. Green

1206.4196 (Robert H. Brandenberger)

The Matter Bounce Alternative to Inflationary Cosmology    [PDF]

Robert H. Brandenberger

1206.4249 (Prashant Kumar et al.)

On Geodesic Flows and Their Deformations in Bertrand Space-times    [PDF]

Prashant Kumar, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Tapobrata Sarkar

1206.4250 (Domenico Giulini et al.)

The Schrödinger-Newton equation as non-relativistic limit of
self-gravitating Klein-Gordon and Dirac fields

Domenico Giulini, André Großardt

1206.4259 (Thomas Müller et al.)

Interactive visualization of a thin disc around a Schwarzschild black

Thomas Müller, Jörg Frauendiener