Thursday, March 21, 2013

1108.0312 (Duncan M. Macleod et al.)

Reducing the effect of seismic noise in LIGO searches by targeted veto

Duncan M. Macleod, Stephen Fairhurst, Brennan Hughey, Andrew P. Lundgren, Larne Pekowsky, Jameson Rollins, Joshua R. Smith

1303.4752 (Norbert Bodendorfer et al.)

Imaginary action, spinfoam asymptotics and the 'transplanckian' regime
of loop quantum gravity

Norbert Bodendorfer, Yasha Neiman

1303.4783 (David Hilditch et al.)

Hyperbolicity of Physical Theories with Application to General

David Hilditch, Ronny Richter

1303.4791 (Keith Copsey)

The instability of orientifolds and the end of the (string) landscape as
we know it

Keith Copsey

1303.4829 (Abhishek Majhi)

Thermodynamics of Quantum Isolated Horizon in Canonical Ensemble    [PDF]

Abhishek Majhi

1303.4832 (Abhishek Majhi)

A Model Hamiltonian for Quantum Isolated Horizon    [PDF]

Abhishek Majhi

1303.4901 (Anton Galajinsky et al.)

Superintegrable models related to near horizon extremal Myers-Perry
black hole in arbitrary dimension

Anton Galajinsky, Armen Nersessian, Armen Saghatelian

1303.4989 (Abhay Ashtekar)

Loop Quantum Gravity and the The Planck Regime of Cosmology    [PDF]

Abhay Ashtekar

1303.4990 (Stefano Finazzi et al.)

Spontaneous quantum emission from analog white holes in a nonlinear
optical medium

Stefano Finazzi, Iacopo Carusotto

1303.4992 (Jan Zschoche)

The Chaplygin Gas Equation of State for the Quantized Free Scalar Field
on Cosmological Spacetimes

Jan Zschoche

1303.5015 (Matteo Fasiello)

Trispectrum from Co-dimension 2(n) Galileons    [PDF]

Matteo Fasiello

1303.5033 (Mehedi Kalam et al.)

Galactic rotation curves and strange quark matter with observational

Mehedi Kalam, Farook Rahaman, Sk. Monowar Hossein, Jayanta Naskar