Sunday, November 4, 2012

1007.4647 (Ion I. Cotaescu et al.)

The de Sitter QED in Coulomb gauge: first order transition amplitudes    [PDF]

Ion I. Cotaescu, Cosmin Crucean

1211.0011 (Thomas Haugg et al.)

Newtonian N-body simulations are compatible with cosmological
perturbation theory

Thomas Haugg, Stefan Hofmann, Michael Kopp

1211.0015 (Luisa Jaime et al.)

Cosmology in f(R) exponential gravity    [PDF]

Luisa Jaime, Marcelo Salgado, Leonardo Patino

1211.0021 (Keith Riles for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration et al.)

Searches for continuous gravitational waves with the LIGO and Virgo

Keith Riles for the LIGO Scientific Collaboration, Virgo Collaboration

1211.0030 (Ralph Blumenhagen et al.)

Non-geometric strings, symplectic gravity and differential geometry of
Lie algebroids

Ralph Blumenhagen, Andreas Deser, Erik Plauschinn, Felix Rennecke

1211.0037 (Yanyan Bu)

Holographic superconductors with $z=2$ Lifshitz scaling    [PDF]

Yanyan Bu

1211.0038 (Yannis Bardoux)

Black hole solutions of modified gravity theories    [PDF]

Yannis Bardoux

1211.0083 (Jerome Martin et al.)

Ultra Slow-Roll Inflation and the non-Gaussianity Consistency Relation    [PDF]

Jerome Martin, Hayato Motohashi, Teruaki Suyama

1211.0109 (Ram Brustein et al.)

Graviton multi-point functions at the AdS boundary    [PDF]

Ram Brustein, A. J. M. Medved

1211.0128 (Himanshu kumar et al.)

Surface tension with Normal Curvature in Curved Space-Time    [PDF]

Himanshu kumar, Sharf Alam, Suhail Ahmad

1211.0154 (Himanshu kumar et al.)

Dynamics of Dark Matter in Baryon-Radiation Plasma: Perspectives using
Meschersky equation

Himanshu kumar, Sharf Alam

1211.0161 (Andrea Dapor et al.)

Emergent Isotropy-Breaking in Quantum Cosmology    [PDF]

Andrea Dapor, Jerzy Lewandowski

1211.0184 (Yu Pan et al.)

Testing the interaction model with cosmological data and gamma-ray

Yu Pan, Shuo Cao, Yungui Gong, Kai Liao, Zong-Hong Zhu

1211.0188 (Philip D. Mannheim et al.)

Galactic rotation curves in conformal gravity    [PDF]

Philip D. Mannheim, James G. O'Brien

1211.0200 (Yu. F. Pirogov)

Unimodular bimode gravity, grand unification and the scalar-graviton
dark matter

Yu. F. Pirogov

1211.0206 (Pavle Midodashvili)

Localization of Matter Fields in the 6D Standing Wave Braneworld    [PDF]

Pavle Midodashvili

1211.0214 (Salvatore Capozziello et al.)

Bounces, turnarounds and singularities in bimetric gravity    [PDF]

Salvatore Capozziello, Prado Martin-Moruno

1211.0222 (J. B. Formiga)

On the accelerated observer's proper coordinates    [PDF]

J. B. Formiga

1211.0247 (Paul R. Anderson et al.)

Validity of the semiclassical approximation during the preheating phase
of chaotic inflation

Paul R. Anderson, Carmen Molina-Paris, Dillon H. Sanders