Thursday, March 1, 2012

1009.3846 (David Klein et al.)

Grand canonical ensembles in general relativity    [PDF]

David Klein, Wei-Shih Yang

1103.2416 (Seyen Kouwn et al.)

Asymptotically Static Universe    [PDF]

Seyen Kouwn, Joohan Lee, Tae Hoon Lee, Taeyoon Moon, Phillial Oh

1107.0961 (V. Emelyanov et al.)

Reconsidering a higher-spin-field solution to the main cosmological
constant problem

V. Emelyanov, F. R. Klinkhamer

1108.6265 (Edward Wilson-Ewing)

Holonomy Corrections in the Effective Equations for Scalar Mode
Perturbations in Loop Quantum Cosmology

Edward Wilson-Ewing

1110.4257 (B. Nazari et al.)

Electromagnetic Casimir effect and the spacetime index of refraction    [PDF]

B. Nazari, M. Nouri-Zonoz

1112.0803 (John R. Klauder)

Divergences in Scalar Quantum Field Theory: The Cause and the Cure    [PDF]

John R. Klauder

1201.0105 (Maciej Dunajski)

Abelian vortices from Sinh--Gordon and Tzitzeica equations    [PDF]

Maciej Dunajski

1202.6365 (Julian A. King)

Searching for variations in the fine-structure constant and the
proton-to-electron mass ratio using quasar absorption lines

Julian A. King

1202.6421 (Samir D. Mathur et al.)

Momentum-carrying waves on D1-D5 microstate geometries    [PDF]

Samir D. Mathur, David Turton

1202.6492 (W. G. Unruh et al.)

Hawking radiation from laser filaments?    [PDF]

W. G. Unruh, R. Schützhold

1202.6500 (Riccardo Belvedere et al.)

Neutron star equilibrium configurations within a fully relativistic
theory with strong, weak, electromagnetic, and gravitational interactions

Riccardo Belvedere, Daniela Pugliese, Jorge A. Rueda, Remo Ruffini, She-Sheng Xue

1202.6539 (Wen-Yu Wen et al.)

Dipole Coupling Effect of Holographic Fermion in Charged Dilatonic

Wen-Yu Wen, Shang-Yu Wu

1202.6561 (Gunther Caspar et al.)

Pseudo-Complex General Relativity: Schwarzschild, Reissner-Nordström
and Kerr Solutions

Gunther Caspar, Thomas Schönenbach, Peter Otto Hess, Mirko Schäfer, Walter Greiner

1202.6576 (N. V. Voronchev et al.)

Trade-off between quantum and thermal fluctuations in mirror coatings
yields improved sensitivity of gravitational-wave interferometers

N. V. Voronchev, S. L. Danilishin, F. Ya. Khalili

1202.6578 (Marco Mamone-Capria)

Simultaneity as an Invariant Equivalence relation    [PDF]

Marco Mamone-Capria

1202.6676 (Javier E. Cuchí et al.)

Comparison of metrics obtained with analytic perturbation theory and a
numerical code

Javier E. Cuchí, Alfred Molina, Eduardo Ruiz