Thursday, November 15, 2012

0711.4897 (Claudio Nassif)

Deformed special relativity with an invariant minimum speed and its
cosmological implications

Claudio Nassif

0903.3519 (Erasmo Caponio et al.)

Morse theory of causal geodesics in a stationary spacetime via Morse
theory of geodesics of a Finsler metric

Erasmo Caponio, Miguel Angel Javaloyes, Antonio Masiello

1105.4336 (Pankaj S. Joshi et al.)

Instability of black hole formation under small pressure perturbations    [PDF]

Pankaj S. Joshi, Daniele Malafarina

1111.5389 (Yusaku Ito et al.)

Stability of accelerating cosmology in two scalar-tensor theory: Little
Rip versus de Sitter

Yusaku Ito, Shin'ichi Nojiri, Sergei D. Odintsov

1211.3125 (N. Radicella et al.)

Dark energy as an elastic strain fluid    [PDF]

N. Radicella, M. Sereno, A. Tartaglia

1211.3138 (Scott M. Ransom)

Pulsars are cool. Seriously    [PDF]

Scott M. Ransom

1211.3154 (Cristian Stelea et al.)

Charged black holes on the Taub-Bolt instanton    [PDF]

Cristian Stelea, Ciprian Dariescu, Marina Aura Dariescu

1211.3202 (Shahar Hod)

Stationary Scalar Clouds Around Rotating Black Holes    [PDF]

Shahar Hod

1211.3249 (E. G. Patrick Bos et al.)

Less is more: How cosmic voids can shed light on dark energy    [PDF]

E. G. Patrick Bos, Rien van de Weygaert, Jarno Ruwen, Klaus Dolag, Valeria Pettorino

1211.3268 (Alexander N. Petrov et al.)

Covariantized Noether identities and conservation laws for perturbations
in metric theories of gravity

Alexander N. Petrov, Robert R. Lompay

1211.3286 (Q. Li et al.)

Lattice Boltzmann method for relativistic hydrodynamics: Issues on
conservation law of particle number and discontinuities

Q. Li, K. H. Luo, X. J. Li

1211.3289 (Ümit Ertem et al.)

Couplings of gravitational currents with Chern-Simons gravities    [PDF]

Ümit Ertem, Özgür Açık

1211.3309 (Jeroen van Dongen)

Mistaken Identity and Mirror Images: Albert and Carl Einstein, Leiden
and Berlin, Relativity and Revolution

Jeroen van Dongen

1211.3316 (Lindley Lentati et al.)

Variations in the Fundamental constants in the QSO Host J1148+5251 at z
= 6.4 and the BR1202-0725 System at z = 4.7

Lindley Lentati, C. Carilli, P. Alexander, R. Maiolino, R. Wang, P. Cox, D. Downs, R. Neri, R. McMahon, K. M. Menten, D. Riechers, J. Wagg, F. Walter, A. Wolfe

1211.3344 (Claudio Germanà)

Twin peak quasi-periodic oscillations and the kinematics of orbital
motion in a curved space-time

Claudio Germanà

1211.3381 (Paul Benioff)

Gauge theory extension to include number scaling by boson field: Effects
on some aspects of physics and geometry

Paul Benioff

1211.3390 (Elcio Abdalla et al.)

Scalar field propagation in higher dimensional black holes at a Lifshitz

Elcio Abdalla, Owen Pavel Fernández Piedra, Fidel Sosa Nuñez, Jeferson de Oliveira

1211.3410 (Ciaran Doolin et al.)

Cosmology of a FLRW 3-brane, late-time cosmic acceleration, and the
cosmic coincidence

Ciaran Doolin, Ishwaree P. Neupane