Thursday, October 18, 2012

1208.0877 (Yi Pang)

One-Loop Divergences in 6D Conformal Gravity    [PDF]

Yi Pang

1210.4615 (Andrea Zanzi)

Dilaton stabilization and composite dark matter in the string frame of

Andrea Zanzi

1210.4544 (Qing-Quan Jiang)

A note on black hole spectroscopy in the tunneling mechanism    [PDF]

Qing-Quan Jiang

1210.4628 (Hiroki Okawara et al.)

Possible daily and seasonal variations in quantum interference induced
by Chern-Simons gravity

Hiroki Okawara, Kei Yamada, Hideki Asada

1210.4684 (Stoytcho S. Yazadjiev)

Area-angular momentum-charge inequality for stable marginally outer
trapped surfaces in 4D Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory

Stoytcho S. Yazadjiev

1210.4696 (S. Habib Mazharimousavi et al.)

Existence of Reissner-Nordstrom type black holes in f(R) gravity    [PDF]

S. Habib Mazharimousavi, M. Kerachian, M. Halilsoy

1210.4699 (S. Habib Mazharimousavi et al.)

Comment on "Static and spherically symmetric black holes in f(R)

S. Habib Mazharimousavi, M. Halilsoy

1210.4740 (I-Sheng Yang)

The Negative Mode for small CDL instantons    [PDF]

I-Sheng Yang