Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1009.1509 (Zhe Chang et al.)

Constraints from Type IA Supernovae on λ-CDM Model in
Randers-Finsler Space

Zhe Chang, Ming-Hua Li, Xin Li

1111.5210 (Qasem Exirifard)

GravitoMagnetic Field in Tensor-Vector-Scalar Theory    [PDF]

Qasem Exirifard

1302.1180 (H. Mohseni Sadjadi)

Notes on teleparallel cosmology with nonminimally coupled scalar field    [PDF]

H. Mohseni Sadjadi

1303.0282 (David Garfinkle)

Matters of Gravity, The Newsletter of the Topical Group on Gravitation
of the American Physical Society, Volume 41, Winter 2013

David Garfinkle

1303.0060 (Henrique Gomes et al.)

Differences and similarities between Shape Dynamics and General

Henrique Gomes, Tim Koslowski

1303.0174 (Jean-Philippe Bruneton)

MG13 Proceedings: A lattice Universe as a toy-model for inhomogeneous

Jean-Philippe Bruneton

1303.0178 (M. Quandt et al.)

Quantum Stabilization of a Closed Nielsen-Olesen String    [PDF]

M. Quandt, N. Graham, H. Weigel

1303.0180 (Tommi Markkanen et al.)

A Simple Method for One-Loop Renormalization in Curved Space-Time    [PDF]

Tommi Markkanen, Anders Tranberg

1303.0196 (Francesco Cianfrani)

Inhomogeneous Universe in Loop Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Francesco Cianfrani

1303.0215 (Jiri Podolsky et al.)

Explicit algebraic classification of Kundt geometries in any dimension    [PDF]

Jiri Podolsky, Robert Svarc

1303.0232 (Francesco Biscani et al.)

A first-order secular theory for the post-Newtonian two-body problem
with spin -- I: The restricted case

Francesco Biscani, Sante Carloni

1303.0242 (Takeshi Kobayashi et al.)

Large Tensor-to-Scalar Ratio in Small-Field Inflation    [PDF]

Takeshi Kobayashi, Tomo Takahashi

1303.0269 (Samuel E Gralla)

Mass, Charge and Motion in Covariant Gravity Theories    [PDF]

Samuel E Gralla

1303.0399 (Judit X. Madarász et al.)

The Existence of Superluminal Particles is Consistent with Relativistic

Judit X. Madarász, Gergely Székely

1303.0430 (E. L. D. Perico et al.)

Black Hole Formation with an Interacting Vacuum Energy Density:
Curvature Effects

E. L. D. Perico, J. A. S. Lima, M. Campos

1303.0433 (Stan Gudder)

A Dynamics for Discrete Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Stan Gudder

1303.0491 (Edwin J. Son et al.)

Complementary role of the pressure in the black hole thermodynamics    [PDF]

Edwin J. Son, Wontae Kim

1303.0519 (Ruth Gregory et al.)

Rotating black hole hair    [PDF]

Ruth Gregory, David Kubiznak, Danielle Wills

1303.0531 (Donato Bini et al.)

On the modification of the cosmic microwave background anisotropy
spectrum from canonical quantum gravity

Donato Bini, Giampiero Esposito, Claus Kiefer, Manuel Kraemer, Francesco Pessina

1303.0624 (Cosimo Bambi)

Broad K$α$ iron line from accretion disks around traversable

Cosimo Bambi

1303.0666 (Johannes Hartung et al.)

Recent progress in spin calculations in the post-Newtonian framework and

Johannes Hartung, Jan Steinhoff, Gerhard Schäfer

1303.0684 (Cheng-Yi Sun et al.)

Stable Large-Scale Perturbations in Interacting Dark-Energy Model    [PDF]

Cheng-Yi Sun, Rui-Hong Yue

1303.0713 (S. C. Ulhoa et al.)

On the Energy-Momentum Flux in Gödel-type Models    [PDF]

S. C. Ulhoa, A. F. Santos, R. G. G. Amorim

1303.0746 (Valerio Faraoni et al.)

Absence of scalar hair in scalar-tensor gravity    [PDF]

Valerio Faraoni, Thomas P. Sotiriou

1303.0752 (Daniel Martín-de Blas et al.)

Inclusion of matter in inhomogeneous loop quantum cosmology    [PDF]

Daniel Martín-de Blas, Mercedes Martín-Benito, Guillermo A. Mena Marugán

1303.0759 (Alejandra Castro et al.)

Black Hole Monodromy and Conformal Field Theory    [PDF]

Alejandra Castro, Joshua M. Lapan, Alexander Maloney, Maria J. Rodriguez

1303.0762 (Emanuele Alesci)

A new perspective on early cosmology    [PDF]

Emanuele Alesci