Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1105.5074 (Filipe Moura)

Scattering of spherically symmetric d-dimensional alpha'-corrected black
holes in string theory

Filipe Moura

1111.6507 (Carlos Scarinci et al.)

The Universal Phase Space of AdS3 Gravity    [PDF]

Carlos Scarinci, Kirill Krasnov

1112.4412 (Jonathan Engle et al.)

Isolated horizons in classical and quantum gravity    [PDF]

Jonathan Engle, Tomas Liko

1211.6835 (Brett McInnes)

Shearing Black Holes and Scans of the Quark Matter Phase Diagram    [PDF]

Brett McInnes

1302.0242 (A. L. Garcia-Perciante et al.)

Benedicks effect in a relativistic simple fluid    [PDF]

A. L. Garcia-Perciante, A. Sandoval-Villalbazo, L. S. Garcia-Colin

1302.0030 (Moulay-Hicham Belkacemi et al.)

The holographic Ricci dark energy and its possible doomsdays    [PDF]

Moulay-Hicham Belkacemi, Mariam Bouhmadi-Lopez, Ahmed Errahmani, Taoufiq Ouali

1302.0040 (Peter L. Biermann et al.)

A Comprehensive Model of Dark Energy, Inflation AND Black Holes    [PDF]

Peter L. Biermann, Benjamin C. Harms

1302.0043 (Florian Beyer et al.)

Linearized gravitational waves near space-like and null infinity    [PDF]

Florian Beyer, Georgios Doulis, Jörg Frauendiener, Ben Whale

1302.0093 (Salvatore Capozziello et al.)

Gauss-Bonnet dark energy by Lagrange multipliers    [PDF]

Salvatore Capozziello, Andrey N. Makarenko, Sergei D. Odintsov

1302.0130 (A. Kehagias et al.)

Symmetries and Consistency Relations in the Large Scale Structure of the

A. Kehagias, A. Riotto

1302.0138 (G. Nelemans)

Galactic binaries with eLISA    [PDF]

G. Nelemans

1302.0139 (Rodrigo Maier)

Nonlinear Resonance in Hořava-Lifshitz Bouncing Cosmologies    [PDF]

Rodrigo Maier

1302.0168 (Xiao-Min Zhang et al.)

Warm inflation in loop quantum cosmology: a model with a general
dissipative coefficient

Xiao-Min Zhang, Jian-Yang Zhu

1302.0220 (Mariafelicia De Laurentis et al.)

Testing f(R)-theories using the first time derivative of the orbital
period of the binary pulsars

Mariafelicia De Laurentis, Ivan De Martino

1302.0223 (Marco Peloso et al.)

Galilean invariance and the consistency relation for the nonlinear
squeezed bispectrum of large scale structure

Marco Peloso, Massimo Pietroni

1302.0254 (Ivan Agullo et al.)

The pre-inflationary dynamics of loop quantum cosmology: Confronting
quantum gravity with observations

Ivan Agullo, Abhay Ashtekar, William Nelson

1302.0280 (D. Grumiller et al.)

Holographic applications of logarithmic conformal field theories    [PDF]

D. Grumiller, W. Riedler, J. Rosseel, T. Zojer

1302.0291 (Takahisa Igata et al.)

Stable Bound Orbits of Massless Particles around a Black Ring    [PDF]

Takahisa Igata, Hideki Ishihara, Yohsuke Takamori

1302.0353 (Chikun Ding)

Hawking radiation and total entropy change as tunneling    [PDF]

Chikun Ding

1302.0375 (Silke Weinfurtner et al.)

Classical aspects of Hawking radiation verified in analogue gravity

Silke Weinfurtner, Edmund W. Tedford, Matthew C. J. Penrice, William G. Unruh, Gregory A. Lawrenc

1302.0451 (Stephen D. H. Hsu)

Macroscopic superpositions and black hole unitarity    [PDF]

Stephen D. H. Hsu

1302.0466 (K. Atazadeh et al.)

Energy conditions in $f(R,G)$ gravity    [PDF]

K. Atazadeh, F. Darabi

1302.0467 (B. Knispel et al.)

Einstein@Home Discovery of 24 Pulsars in the Parkes Multi-beam Pulsar

B. Knispel, R. P. Eatough, H. Kim, E. F. Keane, B. Allen, D. Anderson, C. Aulbert, O. Bock, F. Crawford, H. -B. Eggenstein, H. Fehrmann, D. Hammer, M. Kramer, A. G. Lyne, B. Machenschalk, R. B. Miller, M. A. Papa, D. Rastawicki, J. Sarkissian, X. Siemens, B. W. Stappers

1302.0501 (Alexey Chopovsky et al.)

Many-body problem in Kaluza-Klein models with toroidal compactification    [PDF]

Alexey Chopovsky, Maxim Eingorn, Alexander Zhuk

1302.0509 (Andrzej Pisarski et al.)

Banks of templates for all-sky narrow-band searches of gravitational
waves from spinning neutron stars

Andrzej Pisarski, Piotr Jaranowski

1302.0512 (C. N. Ragiadakos)

A Renormalisable Cosmodynamic Model    [PDF]

C. N. Ragiadakos

1302.0529 (Cesar Damian et al.)

Slow-Roll Inflation in Non-geometric Flux Compactification    [PDF]

Cesar Damian, Oscar Loaiza-Brito, Luis Rey, Miguel Sabido

1302.0532 (Tirthabir Biswas et al.)

Nonlocal theories of gravity: the flat space propagator    [PDF]

Tirthabir Biswas, Tomi Koivisto, Anupam Mazumdar

1302.0549 (Lasha Berezhiani et al.)

Restricted Galileons    [PDF]

Lasha Berezhiani, Giga Chkareuli, Gregory Gabadadze

1302.0565 (Cosimo Bambi et al.)

Testing the existence of regions of stable orbits at small radii around
black hole candidates

Cosimo Bambi, Georgios Lukes-Gerakopoulos

1302.0568 (Audrey T. Mithani et al.)

Inflation with negative potentials and the signature reversal symmetry    [PDF]

Audrey T. Mithani, Alex Vilenkin

1302.0573 (Gernot Neugebauer et al.)

Stationary black-hole binaries: A non-existence proof    [PDF]

Gernot Neugebauer, Jörg Hennig

1302.0643 (Hao Wei et al.)

Cosmological Constraints on Variable Warm Dark Matter    [PDF]

Hao Wei, Zu-Cheng Chen, Jing Liu

1302.0687 (Alexey Golovnev)

ADM analysis and massive gravity    [PDF]

Alexey Golovnev

1302.0724 (Hal M. Haggard et al.)

Death and resurrection of the zeroth principle of thermodynamics    [PDF]

Hal M. Haggard, Carlo Rovelli

1302.0740 (I. Ben-Dayan et al.)

Average and dispersion of the luminosity-redshift relation in the
concordance model

I. Ben-Dayan, M. Gasperini, G. Marozzi, F. Nugier, G. Veneziano

1302.0800 (H-O. Kreiss et al.)

Geometric Boundary Data for the Gravitational Field    [PDF]

H-O. Kreiss, J. Winicour

1302.0804 (Warner A. Miller et al.)

Simplicial Ricci Flow    [PDF]

Warner A. Miller, Jonathan R. McDonald, Paul M. Alsing, David Gu, Shing-Tung Yau