Monday, February 20, 2012

0710.1228 (Eiji Konishi)

Axion-Dilaton Quantum String Cosmology for Flux Compactification and its
Symmetry Breaking

Eiji Konishi

0904.2544 (Eyo Eyo Ita III)

General covariance for a proposal for 4-D gravity    [PDF]

Eyo Eyo Ita III

1006.2126 (Giovanni Amelino-Camelia et al.)

Taming nonlocality in theories with Planck-scale-deformed Lorentz

Giovanni Amelino-Camelia, Marco Matassa, Flavio Mercati, Giacomo Rosati

1102.4828 (U. D. Machado et al.)

Generalized Non-Commutative Inflation    [PDF]

U. D. Machado, R. Opher

1104.5527 (Robert Oeckl)

Affine holomorphic quantization    [PDF]

Robert Oeckl

1108.5086 (G. Jannes et al.)

The cosmological constant: a lesson from the Weyl superfluid 3He-A    [PDF]

G. Jannes, G. E. Volovik

1110.0481 (G. Alencar et al.)

Quantum Scalar Field in D-dimensional de Sitter Spacetimes    [PDF]

G. Alencar, I. Guedes, R. R. Landim, R. N. Costa Filho

1111.6738 (L. Herrera)

On the Meaning of General Covariance and the Relevance of Observers in
General Relativity

L. Herrera

1112.2695 (Marc Casals et al.)

The Branch Cut and Quasi-normal Modes at Large Imaginary Frequency in
Schwarzschild Space-time

Marc Casals, Adrian C. Ottewill

1202.3780 (Fotis Farakos et al.)

A New Class of Four-Dimensional N=1 Supergravity with Non-minimal
Derivative Couplings

Fotis Farakos, Cristiano Germani, Alex Kehagias, Emmanuel N. Saridakis

1202.3781 (Chen Xu et al.)

Phase-Space analysis of Teleparallel Dark Energy    [PDF]

Chen Xu, Emmanuel N. Saridakis, Genly Leon

1202.3635 (Gustavo E. Romero et al.)

New remarks on the Cosmological Argument    [PDF]

Gustavo E. Romero, Daniela Pérez

1202.3862 (Hassan Bourhrous et al.)

CMB Tensor Anisotropies in Metric f(R) Gravity    [PDF]

Hassan Bourhrous, Álvaro de la Cruz-Dombriz, Peter Dunsby

1202.3864 (Amare Abebe et al.)

Simultaneous expansion and rotation of shear-free universes in modified

Amare Abebe, Rituparno Goswami, Peter K. S. Dunsby

1202.3869 (Ricardo Gallego Torromé et al.)

On Fermat's principle for causal curves in time oriented Finsler

Ricardo Gallego Torromé, Paolo Piccione, Henrique Vitório

1202.3882 (P. Stavrinos)

Weak Gravitational Field in Finsler-Randers Space and Raychaudhuri

P. Stavrinos

1202.3924 (Seungjoon Hyun et al.)

On Classical Equivalence Between Noncritical and Einstein Gravity : The
AdS/CFT Perspectives

Seungjoon Hyun, Wooje Jang, Jaehoon Jeong, Sang-Heon Yi

1202.3944 (Miok Park et al.)

Deformations of Lifshitz Holography in $(n+1)$-dimensions    [PDF]

Miok Park, Robert B. Mann