Friday, August 31, 2012

0906.1420 (Ryuichi Fujita et al.)

Analytical solutions of bound timelike geodesic orbits in Kerr spacetime    [PDF]

Ryuichi Fujita, Wataru Hikida

1208.6042 (Fabrizio Canfora et al.)

Exact meron Black Holes in four dimensional SU(2) Einstein-Yang-Mills

Fabrizio Canfora, Francisco Correa, Alex Giacomini, Julio Oliva

1208.6065 (F. Elliott Koch et al.)

Can Effects of Dark Matter be Explained by the Turbulent Flow of

F. Elliott Koch, Angus H. Wright

1208.6129 (L. V. Bogdanov et al.)

Grassmannians Gr(N-1,N+1), closed differential N-1 forms and
N-dimensional integrable systems

L. V. Bogdanov, B. G. Konopelchenko

1208.6158 (Ernesto Nungesser)

Future non-linear stability for solutions of the Einstein-Vlasov system
of Bianchi types II and VI$_0$

Ernesto Nungesser

1208.6160 (Emma Jakobsson)

How trapped surfaces jump in 2+1 dimensions    [PDF]

Emma Jakobsson

1208.6216 (Valentin Bonzom)

Revisiting random tensor models at large N via the Schwinger-Dyson

Valentin Bonzom

1208.6217 (Mikel Fernández-Méndez et al.)

A complete hybrid quantization in inhomogeneous cosmology    [PDF]

Mikel Fernández-Méndez, Guillermo A. Mena Marugán, Javier Olmedo

1208.6241 (S. Mendoza et al.)

Gravitational lensing with $ f(χ)=χ^{3/2} $ gravity in accordance
with astrophysical observations

S. Mendoza, T. Bernal, X. Hernandez, J. C. Hidalgo, L. A. Torres

1208.6261 (Aharon Davidson et al.)

Quantum Structure of Flat Spacetime and Schwarzschild Mass Uncertainty    [PDF]

Aharon Davidson, Ben Yellin