Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1105.5235 (Pedro G. Henriques et al.)

The rocket problem in general relativity    [PDF]

Pedro G. Henriques, Jose Natario

1112.6413 (Samir D. Mathur et al.)

Microstates at the boundary of AdS    [PDF]

Samir D. Mathur, David Turton

1201.2058 (Kenji Muneyuki et al.)

Unitarity versus Renormalizability of Higher Derivative Gravity in 3D    [PDF]

Kenji Muneyuki, Nobuyoshi Ohta

1204.3619 (J. R. Mureika)

Primordial Black Hole Evaporation in Lower Dimensions: New insights on
dark matter and quantum cosmology

J. R. Mureika

1204.3541 (Dario Benedetti et al.)

The local potential approximation in quantum gravity    [PDF]

Dario Benedetti, Francesco Caravelli

1204.3625 (Fabian Schmidt et al.)

Cosmic Rulers    [PDF]

Fabian Schmidt, Donghui Jeong

1204.3631 (Josue De-Santiago et al.)

Cosmological phase space analysis of the F (X) - V (phi) scalar field
and bouncing solutions

Josue De-Santiago, Jorge L. Cervantes-Cota, David Wands

1204.3654 (A. G. S. Landulfo et al.)

Burst of particles from the falling asleep of the vacuum (or Tachyonic
instability in relativistic stars)

A. G. S. Landulfo, W. C. C. Lima, G. E. A. Matsas, D. A. T. Vanzella

1204.3667 (Hideyoshi Arakida)

Effect of inhomogeneity of the Universe on a gravitationally bound local
system: A no-go result for explaining the secular increase in the
astronomical unit

Hideyoshi Arakida

1204.3669 (Dai G. Yamazaki et al.)

The Search for a Primordial Magnetic Field    [PDF]

Dai G. Yamazaki, Toshitaka Kajino, Grant J. Mathew, Kiyotomo Ichiki

1204.3671 (Edward Lee Green et al.)

The Value of the Cosmological Constant in a Unified Field Theory with
Enlarged Transformation Group

Edward Lee Green, Dave Pandres

1204.3672 (Friedrich W. Hehl)

Gauge Theory of Gravity and Spacetime    [PDF]

Friedrich W. Hehl

1204.3696 (Alexis Larranaga et al.)

Geometric Thermodynamics of Kerr-AdS black hole with a Cosmological
Constant as State Variable

Alexis Larranaga, Sindi Mojica

1204.3697 (Mankei Tsang)

Fundamental Quantum Limit to Waveform Detection    [PDF]

Mankei Tsang

1204.3706 (Yong-Wan Kim et al.)

Logarithmic quasinormal modes of a spin-3 field around the BTZ black

Yong-Wan Kim, Yun Soo Myung, Young-Jai Park

1204.3710 (Koki Nakajima et al.)

Deflection angle of light in an Ellis wormhole geometry    [PDF]

Koki Nakajima, Hideki Asada

1204.3780 (L. V. Bogdanov)

Dunajski-Tod equation and reductions of the generalized dispersionless
2DTL hierarchy

L. V. Bogdanov

1204.3781 (K. Glampedakis et al.)

Gravitational waves from color-magnetic `mountains' in neutron stars    [PDF]

K. Glampedakis, D. I. Jones, L. Samuelsson

1204.3798 (Valentin Bonzom et al.)

Coupling of hard dimers to dynamical lattices via random tensors    [PDF]

Valentin Bonzom, Harold Erbin

1204.3814 (Tahsin Cagri Sisman et al.)

Spectra, vacua and the unitarity of Lovelock gravity in D-dimensional
AdS spacetimes

Tahsin Cagri Sisman, Ibrahim Gullu, Bayram Tekin

1204.3845 (Malcolm Fairbairn)

Constraining the Equation of State of Dark Energy with Gamma Rays    [PDF]

Malcolm Fairbairn

1204.3858 (Joshua A. Faber et al.)

Binary Neutron Star Mergers    [PDF]

Joshua A. Faber, Frederic A. Rasio