Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1002.1550 (Shao-Wen Wei et al.)

Thermodynamic Geometry of black hole in the deformed Horava-Lifshitz

Shao-Wen Wei, Yu-Xiao Liu, Yong-Qiang Wang, Heng Guo

1106.4695 (Luca Fabbri)

A Discussion on Dirac Field Theory, No-Go Theorems and Renormalizability    [PDF]

Luca Fabbri

1112.3414 (J. Strohaber)

Frame dragging with optical vortices    [PDF]

J. Strohaber

1112.3878 (P. P. Avelino et al.)

Assessing the viability of successful reconstruction of the dynamics of
dark energy using varying fundamental couplings

P. P. Avelino, L. Losano, R. Menezes, J. C. R. E. Oliveira

1209.1251 (Suat Dengiz et al.)

Weyl-gauging of Topologically Massive Gravity    [PDF]

Suat Dengiz, Ercan Kilicarslan, Bayram Tekin

1210.3617 (Tiberiu Harko et al.)

Irreversible thermodynamic description of interacting dark energy - dark
matter cosmological models

Tiberiu Harko, Francisco S. N. Lobo

1210.3627 (Gianmassimo Tasinato et al.)

Vector instabilities and self-acceleration in the decoupling limit of
massive gravity

Gianmassimo Tasinato, Kazuya Koyama, Gustavo Niz

1210.3629 (S. H. Hendi et al.)

Eguchi-Hanson like space-times in F(R) gravity    [PDF]

S. H. Hendi, R. B. Mann, N. Riazi, B. Eslam Panah

1210.3698 (Alexander A. Andrianov et al.)

Localization of scalar fields on self-gravitating thick branes    [PDF]

Alexander A. Andrianov, Vladimir A. Andrianov, Oleg O. Novikov

1210.3731 (José M. M. Senovilla)

On the stability operator for MOTS and the 'core' of Black Holes    [PDF]

José M. M. Senovilla

1210.3760 (Yong-Wan Kim et al.)

Quasinormal frequencies using the hidden conformal symmetry of the
Schwarzschild black hole

Yong-Wan Kim, Yun Soo Myung, Young-Jai Park

1210.3775 (Milutin Blagojević et al.)

Gauge Theories of Gravitation    [PDF]

Milutin Blagojević, Friedrich W. Hehl

1210.3804 (Deborah A. Konkowski et al.)

Quantum singularities in conformally static spacetimes    [PDF]

Deborah A. Konkowski, Thomas M. Helliwell

1210.3808 (David McNutt)

Spacetimes with all scalar curvature invariants in terms of the
Cosmological Constant

David McNutt

1210.3824 (Neven Bilic et al.)

Trapped surfaces in a hadronic fluid    [PDF]

Neven Bilic, Dijana Tolic

1210.3854 (V. Ravi et al.)

Does a 'stochastic' background of gravitational waves exist in the
pulsar timing band?

V. Ravi, J. S. B. Wyithe, G. Hobbs, R. M. Shannon, R. N. Manchester, D. R. B. Yardley, M. J. Keith

1210.3859 (Takeshi Chiba et al.)

Observational Constraints on Quintessence: Thawing, Tracker, and Scaling

Takeshi Chiba, Antonio De Felice, Shinji Tsujikawa

1210.3860 (C. Chicone et al.)

Linearized Gravitational Waves in Nonlocal General Relativity    [PDF]

C. Chicone, B. Mashhoon

1210.3878 (Muhammad Sharif et al.)

Energy Conditions Constraints and Stability of Power Law Solutions in
f(R,T) Gravity

Muhammad Sharif, Muhammad Zubair

1210.3903 (Alireza Hojjati)

Degeneracies in parametrized modified gravity models    [PDF]

Alireza Hojjati

1210.3960 (Adam Henderson et al.)

Constraint algebra in LQG reloaded : Toy model of an Abelian gauge
theory - II Spatial Diffeomorphisms

Adam Henderson, Alok Laddha, casey Tomlin

1210.4002 (Qing-Quan Jiang et al.)

On black hole spectroscopy via adiabatic invariance    [PDF]

Qing-Quan Jiang, Yan Han

1210.4012 (Qing-Quan Jiang)

Revisit emission spectrum and entropy quantum of the
Reissner-Nordström black hole

Qing-Quan Jiang

1210.4026 (Antonio Padilla et al.)

Covariant multi-galileons and their generalisation    [PDF]

Antonio Padilla, Vishagan Sivanesan

1210.4031 (Jochen Zahn)

The renormalized locally covariant Dirac field    [PDF]

Jochen Zahn

1210.4035 (Loriano Bonora et al.)

Stationary rotating black holes in theories with gravitational
Chern-Simons Lagrangian term

Loriano Bonora, Maro Cvitan, Predrag Dominis Prester, Silvio Pallua, Ivica Smolić

1210.4047 (Laura Andrianopoli et al.)

Rotating black holes, global symmetry and first order formalism    [PDF]

Laura Andrianopoli, Riccardo D'Auria, Paolo Giaccone, Mario Trigiante

1210.4054 (Kei-ichi Maeda et al.)

Inflationary Dynamics with a Non-Abelian Gauge Field    [PDF]

Kei-ichi Maeda, Kei Yamamoto

1210.4063 (Lisa Glaser)

Coupling Dimers to CDT    [PDF]

Lisa Glaser

1210.4106 (Luc Blanchet et al.)

Non-Gaussianity in the Cosmic Microwave Background Induced by Dipolar
Dark Matter

Luc Blanchet, David Langlois, Alexandre Le Tiec, Sylvain Marsat

1210.4108 (Mattias N. R. Wohlfarth et al.)

Local spacetime effects on gyroscope systems    [PDF]

Mattias N. R. Wohlfarth, Christian Pfeifer

1210.4123 (Julio Oliva)

All the solutions of the form M2(warped)xΣ(d-2) for Lovelock
gravity in vacuum in the Chern-Simons case

Julio Oliva

1210.4143 (Sylvain Marsat et al.)

Next-to-next-to-leading order spin-orbit effects in the equations of
motion of compact binary systems

Sylvain Marsat, Alejandro Bohe, Guillaume Faye, Luc Blanchet

1210.4149 (E. Rubín de Celis et al.)

Probing global aspects of a geometry by the self-force on a charge;
cylindical thin-shell wormholes

E. Rubín de Celis, O. P. Santillán, C. Simeone