Thursday, May 10, 2012

1104.2125 (Alexander Y. Kamenshchik et al.)

Reconstruction of Scalar Potentials in Induced Gravity and Cosmology    [PDF]

Alexander Y. Kamenshchik, Alessandro Tronconi, Giovanni Venturi

1106.0261 (Pierre Martinetti et al.)

Minimal length in quantum space and integrations of the line element in
Noncommutative Geometry

Pierre Martinetti, Flavio Mercati, Luca Tomassini

1109.2513 (Michael Jasiulek)

Hyperboloidal slices for the wave equation of Kerr-Schild metrics and
numerical applications

Michael Jasiulek

1201.0601 (M. Cvetic et al.)

Conformal Symmetry of a Black Hole as a Scaling Limit: A Black Hole in
an Asymptotically Conical Box

M. Cvetic, G. W. Gibbons

1201.4037 (Tatsuya Narikawa et al.)

Testing gravity with halo density profiles observed through
gravitational lensing

Tatsuya Narikawa, Kazuhiro Yamamoto

1205.1709 (M. Cannoni et al.)

New gamma ray signal from gravitationally boosted neutralinos at the
galactic center

M. Cannoni, M. E. Gomez, M. A. Perez-Garcia, J. D. Vergados

1205.1818 (S. A. Fulling et al.)

Wedges, Cones, Cosmic Strings, and the Reality of Vacuum Energy    [PDF]

S. A. Fulling, C. S. Trendafilova, P. N. Truong, J. Wagner

1205.1841 (Esteban Calzetta)

Chaos, decoherence and quantum cosmology    [PDF]

Esteban Calzetta

1205.1872 (Shahar Hod)

On the instability regime of the rotating Kerr spacetime to massive
scalar perturbations

Shahar Hod

1205.1875 (S. Basilakos et al.)

Testing General Relativity Using the Evolution of Linear Bias    [PDF]

S. Basilakos, J. B. Dent, S. Dutta, L. Perivolaropoulos, M. Plionis

1205.1881 (Ellery Ames et al.)

Quasilinear hyperbolic Fuchsian systems and AVTD behavior in T2
symmetric vacuum spacetimes

Ellery Ames, Florian Beyer, James Isenberg, Philippe G. LeFloch

1205.1909 (S. -C. Leung et al.)

Equilibrium Structure and Radial Oscillations of Dark Matter Admixed
Neutron Stars

S. -C. Leung, M. -C. Chu, L. -M. Lin

1205.1917 (Mikel Fernández-Méndez et al.)

Hybrid quantization of an inflationary universe    [PDF]

Mikel Fernández-Méndez, Guillermo A. Mena Marugán, Javier Olmedo

1205.1974 (H. Mohseni Sadjadi)

On solutions of loop quantum cosmology and their thermodynamics

H. Mohseni Sadjadi

1205.2001 (Cecilia Chirenti et al.)

Non-radial oscillations of neutron stars and the detection of
gravitational waves

Cecilia Chirenti, Patrick R. Silveira, Odylio D. Aguiar

1205.2015 (D. G. Figueroa et al.)

The Effect of Local non-Gaussianity on the Matter Bispectrum at Small

D. G. Figueroa, E. Sefusatti, A. Riotto, F. Vernizzi

1205.2019 (Alejandro Perez)

The Spin Foam Approach to Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Alejandro Perez

1205.2042 (Sudipta Sarkar et al.)

Zeroth law for Killing horizons in Lanczos-Lovelock gravity    [PDF]

Sudipta Sarkar, Swastik Bhattacharya

1205.2061 (Lan-Hsuan Huang et al.)

The equality case of the Penrose inequality for asymptotically flat

Lan-Hsuan Huang, Damin Wu