Friday, July 20, 2012

1109.1973 (Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga et al.)

The modification of the energy spectrum of charged particles by exotic
open 4-smoothness via superstring theory

Torsten Asselmeyer-Maluga, Paweł Gusin, Jerzy Król

1201.2071 (S. Capozziello et al.)

Cosmic relic abundance and f(R) gravity    [PDF]

S. Capozziello, M. De Laurentis, G. Lambiase

1207.4717 (Herman Telkamp)

A Relational Concept of Machian Relativity    [PDF]

Herman Telkamp

1207.4493 (Eleni-Alexandra Kontou et al.)

Multi-step Fermi normal coordinates    [PDF]

Eleni-Alexandra Kontou, Ken D. Olum

1207.4500 (Norman Gürlebeck)

Source integrals for multipole moments in static and axially symmetric

Norman Gürlebeck

1207.4503 (S. Carlip)

Spontaneous Dimensional Reduction?    [PDF]

S. Carlip

1207.4542 (Taeyoon Moon et al.)

Tricritical gravity waves in the four-dimensional generalized massive

Taeyoon Moon, Yun Soo Myung

1207.4594 (Matej Pavšič)

Wheeler-DeWitt Equation in Five Dimensions and Modified QED    [PDF]

Matej Pavšič

1207.4596 (Eugenio Bianchi et al.)

The Construction of Spin Foam Vertex Amplitudes    [PDF]

Eugenio Bianchi, Frank Hellmann

1207.4612 (Mustafa Özcan)

Scalar Casimir effect between two concentric D-dimensional spheres    [PDF]

Mustafa Özcan

1207.4651 (J. L. Blázquez-Salcedo et al.)

Phenomenological Relations for Axial Quasi-normal Modes of Neutron Stars
with Realistic Equations of State

J. L. Blázquez-Salcedo, L. M. González-Romero, F. Navarro-Lérida

1207.4657 (Jakub Mielczarek)

Signature change in loop quantum cosmology    [PDF]

Jakub Mielczarek

1207.4662 (Cesar Asensio et al.)

Exploring a simple sector of the Einstein-Maxwell landscape    [PDF]

Cesar Asensio, Antonio Segui

1207.4675 (Marija Dimitrijevic Voja Radovanovic et al.)

AdS-inspired noncommutative gravity on the Moyal plane    [PDF]

Marija Dimitrijevic Voja Radovanovic, Hrvoje Stefancic

1207.4689 (Christian Röken)

On the Nature of Black Holes in Loop Quantum Gravity    [PDF]

Christian Röken

1207.4702 (Carlos Kozameh et al.)

Smooth null hypersurfaces near the horizon in the presence of tails    [PDF]

Carlos Kozameh, Osvaldo Moreschi, Alejandro Perez

1207.4712 (Freddy Cachazo et al.)

Gravity in Twistor Space and its Grassmannian Formulation    [PDF]

Freddy Cachazo, Lionel Mason, David Skinner

1207.4730 (P. P. Avelino)

Eddington-inspired Born-Infeld gravity: nuclear physics constraints and
the validity of the continuous fluid approximation

P. P. Avelino

1207.4759 (Michele Vallisneri)

Testing general relativity with gravitational waves: a reality check    [PDF]

Michele Vallisneri

1207.4764 (Eugeny Babichev)

Plane waves in the generalized Galileon theory    [PDF]

Eugeny Babichev

1207.4767 (Fotis Farakos et al.)

Emerging Potentials in Higher-Derivative Gauged Chiral Models Coupled to
N=1 Supergravity

Fotis Farakos, Alex Kehagias