Thursday, March 7, 2013

0907.1190 (Samuel L. Braunstein et al.)

Better Late than Never: Information Retrieval from Black Holes    [PDF]

Samuel L. Braunstein, Stefano Pirandola, Karol Życzkowski

1101.0471 (M. Hortacsu)

Heun Functions and their uses in Physics    [PDF]

M. Hortacsu

1101.3264 (Muxin Han et al.)

Spinfoam Fermions: PCT Symmetry, Dirac Determinant, and Correlation

Muxin Han, Carlo Rovelli

1211.3688 (Lorenzo Iorio)

Constraints on a MOND effect for isolated aspherical systems in deep
Newtonian regime from orbital motions

Lorenzo Iorio

1303.0755 (E. R. Bezerra de Mello et al.)

Fermionic vacuum polarization by a cosmic string in anti-de Sitter

E. R. Bezerra de Mello, E. R. Figueiredo Medeiros, A. A. Saharian

1303.1177 (Melinda Andrews et al.)

Massive gravity coupled to DBI Galileons is ghost free    [PDF]

Melinda Andrews, Garrett Goon, Kurt Hinterbichler, James Stokes, Mark Trodden

1303.1185 (Laura Sampson et al.)

Gravitational Wave Tests of Strong Field General Relativity with Binary
Inspirals: Realistic Injections and Optimal Model Selection

Laura Sampson, Neil Cornish, Nicolas Yunes

1303.1188 (Felipe Guzman Cervantes et al.)

Self-calibrating ultra-low noise, wide-bandwidth optomechanical

Felipe Guzman Cervantes, Lee Kumanchik, Jon Pratt, Jacob Taylor

1303.1254 (Teruaki Suyama et al.)

Statistics of general functions of a Gaussian field -- application to
non-Gaussianity from preheating

Teruaki Suyama, Shuichiro Yokoyama

1303.1256 (Subir Ghosh)

On The Question of Compatibility Between Generalized Uncertainty
Principle and Equivalence Principle

Subir Ghosh

1303.1260 (Spyros Alexakis et al.)

On the Geometry of Null Cones to Infinity Under Curvature Flux Bounds    [PDF]

Spyros Alexakis, Arick Shao

1303.1274 (R. Casadio)

Charged shells and elementary particles    [PDF]

R. Casadio

1303.1308 (T. P. Shestakova)

Hamiltonian dynamics in extended phase space for gravity and its
consistency with Lagrangian formalism: a generalized spherically symmetric
model as an example

T. P. Shestakova

1303.1311 (Salvatore Capozziello et al.)

Dark energy from entanglement entropy    [PDF]

Salvatore Capozziello, Orlando Luongo

1303.1348 (I. B. Khriplovich et al.)

Gravitational four-fermion interaction and dynamics of the early

I. B. Khriplovich, A. S. Rudenko

1303.1394 (Jean Alexandre et al.)

Galaxy Rotation Curves in Covariant Horava-Lifshitz Gravity    [PDF]

Jean Alexandre, Martyna Kostacinska

1303.1408 (José M. M. Senovilla)

Junction conditions for F(R)-gravity, and their consequences    [PDF]

José M. M. Senovilla

1303.1409 (Shinji Mukohyama)

Emergence of time in power-counting renormalizable Riemannian theory of

Shinji Mukohyama

1303.1428 (H. Quevedo et al.)

Representation invariant Geometrothermodynamics: applications to
ordinary thermodynamic systems

H. Quevedo, F. Nettel, C. S. Lopez-Monsalvo, A. Bravetti

1303.1430 (Raphael Flauger et al.)

On Squeezed Limits in Single-Field Inflation - Part I    [PDF]

Raphael Flauger, Daniel Green, Rafael A. Porto

1303.1440 (Aditya Aravind et al.)

Non-Gaussianity from Excited Initial Inflationary States    [PDF]

Aditya Aravind, Dustin Lorshbough, Sonia Paban